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Why I am voting Reform and so should you

By Tom Winnifrith | Tuesday 2 July 2024


This website has published advocates for Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories during this election campaign. Now for the other major party: Reform. Having voted Tory in 2019 I am now backing Nigel Farage. And here is why.

In this seat of Wrexham the last time before 2019 that Labour lost was in 1935. Our Tory MP Sarah Atherton is a wretched careerist from Chester and will be sent packing on Thursday. Labour will win by a country mile. The only question is whether Atherton can hold off Reform to come second. I hope that she does not. Across the UK, Labour will triumph in most seats and will have an enormous majority. It makes no odds whether that majority is 80 or 280. There is no such thing as a “Super Majority” an American term, that is Tory scaremongering. A desperate lie from a desperate party.

The only way that Labour can be checked is not by commons votes but by having an effective opposition speaking up on the big issues. The Lib Dems want more wokery and more spending than Labour so are not going to be an opposition even if they are the opposition, they will be willing accomplices. And the Tories? Routed at the polls they will spend two or three years battling to see if they are the party of Badenoch and Patel or of those dripping wet centrists who opposed Brexit and have done nothing to fight for traditional values in the culture wars. My guess is that it is the latter camp that will win by persuading the party that it was too right wing in this election. Struth.

The Tories betrayed my vote in 2019. I wanted a real Brexit, lower taxes, a slashing of rainbow lanyard wearing public sector waste, welfare reform, controlled migration, an end to net zero lunacy and much more. I go the reverse of all of that. And so many of its MPs are the sort of people both my Grandfathers warned me Tories always were: smug, self-entitled, corrupt and often perverts. The Tory party is rotten and needs to be rebuilt from the ground or just replaced. The wets can slither of to join Labour or the Lib Dems and real Tories can rally around Farage.

A start up party facing a rushed election was always going to have problems with fruitcake candidates and Reform has had those issues. But it has also been smeared by the poodle MSM, notably with the Russian stooge line just as Meloni, Le Pen and Trump were all smeared and they were smeared with lies which were very soon shown to be lies. When the establishment tries to tackle insurgents who flag up issues which are very real, by smearing them in this way, I naturally back the insurgency.

Does Reform have the answers to the problems which we all recognize need addressing: a failing economy, a bloated Government, immigration and the quest for peace in Europe as well as reforming welfare and the public sector? I am not sure that it does. But then it is not going to be in power come Friday. At least it says there are issues that need resolving and is prepared to actually discuss them. It will talk about migration which, with 1.2million arrivals last year is clearly an issue. How do you house, educate and care for the health of all those folks? But the other big parties are too terrified of offending vocal minorities, being tarred as extremist or racist to even talk about the problems. They all say that the NHS Money Pit can be cured with even more money, that junior doctors some of whom are in the top 10% of earners need a big pay hike and that some women can have penises and the NHS needs to treat such folks and offer them cervical smears. Reform dares to question that narrative.

And it is on that basis that Farage gets my vote. A huge vote for Reform will give his small band of MPs a real mandate to be an effective voice of opposition and to try to hold Labour to account in the way the other parties cannot and will not. And if, as a centrist blob, Labour ignores the worries of the dirty oiks, as has President Macron, well look what is happening to him. Even with a handful of MPs Reform is the only check on Labour and that, as well as the much needed destruction of the Tories, are the two reasons why you should all vote for reform on Thursday.

Join the revolution!
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