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Avacta – a chance to double up on the short

Small stake-building by a French Covid tester in Novacyt (NCYT) saw its shares surge yesterday and that prompted jumps across the sector. Over in Bulletin Board Moron land the talk was of merger mania sweeping the sector. I hate to disillusion you guys …


Avacta: a double disaster, shares slump but, even so, now in my top 5 Covid testing sells

Oh dear. How sad. Never Mind. The Covid testing bubble is bursting and an admission this morning from Avacta (AVCT) is even more of a disaster than a 27% share price slump suggests. This collapse is only just beginning and will spread across the sector, so completely vindicating we cynics of stocks such as Abingdon (ABDX), Omega Diagnostics (ODX) and others. As a bear, preparing to crack out a celebratory ouzo, Let me explain.


Why You have a Moral Duty to Invest in Some Companies Like These.

Hello, Share Scrumpers. As Uncle Tom kindly reminds you from time to time, I’m of a great age. This leaves me prone to a few minor health issues that require small-time surgery. But I have to endure discomfort until the covid-ravaged waiting lists at my local hospital push me to the top. But what has this to do with buying and selling shares?

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