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Macfarlane – Germany acquisition, set to accelerate growth

Packaging group Macfarlane (MACF) “is pleased to announce the acquisition of PackMann Gesellschaft für Verpackungen und Dienstleistungen mbH, a protective packaging distribution business based in Eppelheim near Heidelberg, Germany”, emphasising it is to accelerate the growth of its protective packaging business in Northern Europe. Crazy name eh! German is such an amazing language. But a good deal.

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Parsley Box – after IPO puke, now corporate greed vomit...

Parsley Box (MEAL) has issued a “Grant of share incentive awards to Executive Directors”-titled announcement with the “incentive awards” being share options at 20.5p per share. The group listed on AIM at the end of March last year, emphasising “it is just the beginning of our journey serving the Baby Boomer+ demographic… looking forward to leading the business through our accelerated growth plans to become a household name”... at 200p per share!


I don’t eat much meat but maybe I should (finally) buy some Cranswick shares

Nowadays Cranswick (CWK) is more than just “one of the UK’s leading producers of fresh pork”. I got all excited about sausages and more back in November last year, but I never got around to picking up any shares. Maybe that was wise or lucky given the 35 quid shares back then are now about 32 quid. What do I think after today’s full year numbers?

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Tern – It’s a Very Wyld World

I’ve been taking a look through the annual report from Wyld, AIM-listed Tern’s second largest investment, for calendar 2021. Needless to say, there was no announcement form Tern over this…..

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 2 great pretences

They are that auditors suffer any personal loss if the FRC sanctions them and that death spiral providers go long of shares. In the podcast I discuss Asimilar (ASLR), Dev Clever (DEV), Simec Atlantic (SAE), Powerhouse Energy (PHE), Amigo (AMGO) and Vast Resources (VAST). It goes without saying but I say so anyway: If you are among the 95% PLEASE COUGH UP NOW HERE

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Velocity Composites – trading update, how’s the balance sheet now?

Aerospace and high-performance composite material kits company Velocity Composites (VEL) has announced a trading update including that it “is pleased to report that Velocity's sales for H1 FY22 are in line with management expectations at £5.9 million (H1 FY21: £4.4 million)… look forward to the future with confidence in the long-term prospects”. The shares have currently responded up towards 20p, though are still well down on levels of early this year.


Amigo shares back and spiked: still a monster short

At 4.05 PM yesterday Amigo (AMGO) announced that the High Court had approved its reconstruction and revised new business scheme. With the FCA having withdrawn its opposition to the scheme, following revisions, that was no shock at all. And seeing the shares fly to 9p at the open was also no great shock given the utterly insane ramping by Bulletin Board Morons and others of this Parish who should know better. But the shares are now back at 7.5p and are a fabulous short.

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IXICO – ahead of expectations, but set not to be so for long...

Medical analytics company IXICO plc (IXI) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st March 2022, including that it now anticipates that it will “materially exceed” market profit expectations for the full year. So what of a current 37.5p share price, down more than 9%?!...


Told y’all: Vast Resources, no bear squeeze, but a new spoof

The rogues who run Vast Resources (VAST( insisted in a  string of RNS statements that it would not allow death spiral Atlas to convert a final $800,000 of loan notes into shares which it had already forward sold. The Bulletin Board morons made the schoolboy error of believing a word that Vast said and insisted there was a bear squeeze. Guess what?

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Malcolm Stacey’s Sicilian adventure & Money Tree quest part 1 (as relayed by his diarist Tom Winnifrith)

I am off on my annual quest to find the magic money tree which I know exists and can solve all of the world’s problems. Just harvest the tree and Government debt will disappear. Then harvest it again and the government can give more money to everyone to help them deal with inflation. It is so simple. I just can’t see why Uncle Tom and other wicked Tories just don’t get it.

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