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Living by a death spiral, dying by a death spiral – liquidity drying up in a bear market: the Supply@ME Fraud

Each working day, Mercator, the provider of two death spirals to the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) needs to offload c£20,000 worth of shares on to the muppets who think that they are going to get rich catching this particular falling knife. In a bull market when folks are prepared to overlook obvious lies and fraudulent results, that is not hard but we are not now in a bull market.


Supply@ME Capital – another letter to the FCA

Supply@ME Capital (SYME) has been forced by Companies law to call a GM where it can explain to shareholders its historic serious loss of capital and what it is going to do about it.  Its reponse so far has been risible, claiming that revenues will go up next year. This from a company that has had to slash sales forecasts it put into the market for 2021 to almost nothing in two slashes since July. But there is a more serious issue: impending insolvency. I have written to the FCA, the regulator — no sniggering at the back — in charge of the Standard List.


Supply@ME Capital – what about the next £2m of death spiral funding due by Sunday?

Quelle surprise. Who would have guessed it?  The fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME), now almost out of cash and still burning cash, has elected to pay the remaining November amounts due under its Mercator death spiral – which at announced as being a loan -  by issuing more shares rather than in cash. Calling this deal a “loan” was the least of the lies told by Supply But it was a lie.  With the shares at 0.1525p Mercator will have already forward sold – see volumes in the past couple of days – the £300,000 of shares it received at 0.135p.  But there is a bigger elephant in the room.

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