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Kettle King Steams Ahead According to Hot Trading Update

Hello, Share Stickers. As I’ve observed before, companies which operate within a niche have a better chance of success. A niche outfit operates in a tiny corner of a market which their customers can’t do without. Such is the nature of Strix Group (KETL). You’ll notice the epic code has now’t to do with the company name. Until you know that Strix makes bits for kettles.


Strix – “anticipate delivering revenue growth of circa 30%“ as impressive as it sounds?

An AGM statement from water temperature management components group Strix (KETL) emphasises that “we anticipate delivering revenue growth of circa 30% for the group during 2021 which also underpins our confidence in achieving our medium-term target to double the group's revenues over the next five years”. What though does that mean financially and how’s current performance?...


Strix Group could Steam Ahead in the Next Five Years, So Shareholders Might Sit Back and Put the Kettle on

Hello Share Followers. Strix Group (KETL) describes itself as ‘The World leader in kettle control.’ That’s good for everyone whose kettle is running amok. But of course there’s much more to it than that. Strix develops and makes the bits of electric kettles that cut the power when the thing is boiling. Sounds like a limited sort of business but not when you have nearly 40% of the world market in the area.

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