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Amigo shares double but are still almost certainly worthless

Failed loan shark Amigo (AMGO) has reiterated that it is still proceeding with an orderly wind-down of its business which will see “no residual value for shareholders”. But, a crazy guy called Michael Fleming has approached it with a view to making a debt investment in the Company or its subsidiaries.
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Vast Resources – was the Zim Diamond heist a spoof after all? GM Called for more confetti issuance

Since 6 February this year Vast Resources (VAST) shares have soared, notwithstanding one bailout placing, on claims that it would very shortly be getting its mits on 129,400 carats of rough diamonds held in “safe custody” at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Even as the shares raced ahead to almost 0.7p shareholders in this company with shite assets and run by charlatans were still sitting on 99%+ losses such as been the industrial scale value destruction via share issuance and boardroom greed over the years. Today came some reality. And then like Vast’s dreams they fade and die…
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Bidstack – how on earth are alarm bells not ringing, surely an URGENT statement needed?

As I have noted before, since its abomination of an IPO, Bidstack (BIDS) has always reported its calendar results in April apart from one year when it reported in early May. But we are now almost a third of the way through June and there has not been a squeak., not even a promise that results will arrive by June 30 so avoiding a share suspension. Good news travels fast, bad news is delayed. So, what is the bad, and I suggest its very bad, news?
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Even the world of the FTSE 100 is never boring in the investment world

The investment world remains…interesting. My basic view of the 2020s (and beyond) is that it is alright, but that the average investor, irrespective of age or size of pension fund, needs to fundamentally make sure they don’t think it is going to be the second coming of the 2010s. In short, pick your stocks carefully, you might beat inflation just about with the average bond, don’t have loads of cash hanging around under the sofa and a bit of gold exposure makes a lot of sense. And if you are not comfortable admitting that sometimes you bog it up as an investor…then outsource the management (so they can bog it up slightly less) and live a happier life. Meanwhile, I remain intrigued by the investment world and this morning I see some interesting comments from Croda International (CRDA) of the FTSE 100.
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Versarien Interims – pumpers lead by Mike Whitlow exposed, the numbers are even more terrible than I expected

Those who have pumped Versarien (VRS) shares up to 6p of late via podcasts, twitter and chat room posts should hang their heads in shame. You know who I mean Mike Whitlow. For results for the six months to March 31 are out today and are just shockingly appalling even by the standards of this POS. Insolvency clearly looms on the not too distant horizon.
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Jubilee Metals – chrome/PGM new partnership agreement, Strong Buy

Jubilee Metals (JLP) has announced a new partnership agreement for its PGM and chrome operations, emphasising it is progress towards expanding its South African operational footprint by 65% over the next 24 months to reach nearly 2 million tonnes of chrome concentrate annually as it continuously strives to enhance earnings.
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B.P. Marsh & Partners – proposed sale proceeds update, Buy

Investor in early stage financial services businesses, B.P. Marsh & Partners (BPM) has announced that, “subject to completion and receipt of the Kentro proceeds”, it is pleased to confirm a special dividend, new dividend policy and further share buyback as well as providing an update on its ongoing strategy.
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Tingo Brings in White & Case to review allegations – this is a bluff, see Wirecard, Cupid etc

Having initially “refuted” the allegations made by Hindenburg Research and said it would provide its own detailed response, Chris Cleverley’s billion bucks fraud Tingo (TIO) has changed tack and brought in law form White & Case to review the claims. This is a bluff from the fraudsters’ playbook.

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Directa Plus – how much of “a milestone in the sustainable fashion industry” really?

Describing itself as “a leading producer and supplier of graphene nanoplatelets based products for use in consumer and industrial markets” Directa Plus (DCTA) has issued a “New product launch” announcement including a headline “Partnership to introduce GRAPHITO, a ground-breaking eco-denim textile, marks a milestone in the sustainable fashion industry”. So what’s the detail and what of a current 69.5p share price?
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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A challenge for Euroloon and fellow Hammer Jonathan Price, Tingo's joke of all jokes EGM & the inevitable fallout from the growing Odey sex scandal

Forgive me, I start with last night's football and West Ham's triumph. I explain just how I will suffer on June 17th and its nothing to do with blisters. To the 90% who have yet to give to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks please think of the looming pain, 16 hours of non stop regurgitated Cadwalladr, and donate HERE. Then I look at: the Odey sex scandal, the Eurozone in recession while a free Britain is not, more on the fraud Tingo (US:TIO) including its 5 minute no Q&A (as promised) GM, at Zamaz (ZAMZ), BarryRoe (BEY) and then at house prices and housebuilders. 
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Sopheon – argues financial performance illustrates the “initial success” of its efforts. Does it?…

Previously writing on innovation management software and services company Sopheon (SPE), in January with the shares up to 680p I concluded cautiously considering the valuation and cash flows. What now following a further trading update and the shares currently at 620p?

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Genel Energy has an impressive cash pot and plenty of upside if oil exports resume - speculative buy

I recently wrote about Gulf Keystone (GKP) and the potential upside if and when oil exports from Kurdistan resume and depending on what deal is reached between the Kurdistan and Iraqi governments with regards to the international oil companies operating in the autonomous region.
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O’Hara – NO we are NOT dumping Skinbiotherapeutics shares

I am told by at least one reader that a 1 million shares sale in Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) MUST be Optibiotix (OPTI). The bulletin boards are full of ill-informed speculation. I am in a good mood today because West Ham are Massive so I shall not label such folks morons. Okay I will. They are morons. I have swapped emails with both Steve O’Hara of Optibiotix and Stuart Ashman of Skins.
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Altitude Group – emphasises trading ‘strongly’, but how significantly so?…

Branded merchandise platform technology group Altitude (ALT) has announced “a strong year of trading” and that recent “trading has continued to be strong and is tracking significantly ahead of the same period last year”. How does such compare financially though to a currently higher to 43.5p share price, £30.8 million market cap?
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Sex Pest top fund manager Crispin Odey – damning FT article, surely he is toast now

It is not often that I praise journalists at the FT, home to snot gobbler Dan McCrum. But the Financial Times has today served up a quite brilliant expose of top fund manager Crispin Odey and I very much doubt whether he can survive this scandal. Indeed, he must now fear for his future liberty. This is a #MeToo scandal. The testimony from his victims is chilling.
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BSF Enterprises: Yankee Spoofle Dandy

The bubble which saw vast amounts of cash chucked at companies seeking to make “meat” in a factory to allow pasty faced vegans to taste something they say they hate without harming any animals is bursting. BSF Enterprises (BSFA) knows that and also know that its last £3 million fund raise will not last long and so the begging bowl will soon be dusted down once more. Hence another spoof.
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My continued deep yawn about the world of Crest Nicholson

I have never owned shares in Crest Nicholson (CRST), which describes itself as an (apparently) “leading residential housebuilder operating across England with an emphasis on creating well-designed, high-quality homes in sustainable communities”. You will not be surprised to see that the shares have effectively halved since 2019 and 2021 highs but, apparently, there’s an “expansion plan on track and land acquisition support future growth” angles. Bully for it…
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IOG, things can only get worse, the gas price and other matters

Tom wondered on yesterday’s bearcast if I would like to comment on gas pricing. Of course, I always rise to a challenge and accept. Before I waffle on (with missing and misspelt words as I normally do), I will first address IOG (IOG) as an investment case which triggered the comment, and then address gas pricing – It’s called the “eye of a storm”.

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: a great new shorting idea from ouzo man

So now 90% of you have not contributed to the rogue bloggers for Woodlarks appeal as we welcome student X, our 12th member. Please do donate HERE. In the podcast I mention West Ham and discuss IOG (IOG), the FRAUD Tingo (US:TIO)m Powerhouse (PHE) and Bellescura (BELL) from the Adam Reynolds stable.

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Hostmore – states revenue performance remains “broadly consistent”. Does it though?…

'Fridays' (formerly TGI Fridays), '63rd+1st', and 'Fridays and Go' restaurants and bars company Hostmore (MORE) has issued an AGM trading update commencing that “like-for-like revenue and total revenue for the first 22 weeks of the year, adjusted for the variance in the VAT rate on food sales between FY22 and FY23, remain broadly consistent with the revenue performance for the first 16 weeks of the year” and also including “the ongoing loyalty of our guests is welcome” and “cost reduction initiatives… are benefitting EBITDA in line with the quantums and timings as previously communicated. Further opportunities for savings are being evaluated”. Good news then from a 21.8p share price, £27.5 million market cap?
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