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BREAKING EXPOSE: The FCA does not expose and prosecute proven fraudsters it asks them for money!

…why Standard Listed Umuthi Healthcare was a fraud and exposed how it had been brought to market by … a convicted fraudster Connie Van Nieuwkerk.  By October 21 … made,all the red flags it missed in allowing this fraud to list? With a full enquiry into disgraced …

Bulletin Board Moron of the week – yes it’s a shareholder in heading for insolvency Chill Brands

…save your wretched investment in the Chill Brands fraud? Or is thinking beyond your pay grade?   …

Living by a death spiral, dying by a death spiral – liquidity drying up in a bear market: the Supply@ME Fraud

…the provider of two death spirals to the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) needs to offload … folks are prepared to overlook obvious lies and fraudulent results, that is not hard but we are not now … lower.  So that brings us to the Supply@ME fraud. Comrade Miers points out to me that in the first …

PensionBee – WTF is Adjusted EBITDAM? You are kidding me right? Sell.

…to do with PensionBee which is, I stress, not a fraud just, in my view, a bad and overvalued business. … This trade, as I described it, is basically fraud, 4 and sometimes people do it and get in trouble …

LBG Media (LadBible) - a recent IPO whose valuation is surely bonkers

…account has a tiny following. This is not a fraud in any way. It is just that its shares are well …

Supply@Me Capital – the cash burn continues, but issuing an RNS is for “little people.”

…It appears that the cash strapped fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) has drawn down the … spiral. It always was a death spiral however the fraudsters described it. The scale of the cash burn and … mug punters ASAP, anyone owning stock in this fraud, at 0.15p, is bonkers. Eventually, like all …

Union Jack distracts from elephant in room with misleading trading statement

…then after it happily signed off on demonstrably fraudulent statements from MySquar (MYSQ) any idea that …

Beware the Seven Deadly Sins of Armchair Trading.

…If something drastic goes wrong, like uncovered fraud or a licence is withdrawn, you can limit the …
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