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Karma: Tod Kozel of £1 billion ramp Gulf Keystone infamy sent to prison for 5 years

Do you remember when Gulf Keystone (GKP) was the darling of the Bulletin Board Morons?  Its market cap surged to £1 billion as its lying charlatan of a founder and CEO Tod Kozel claimed it had reserves greater than Shell.  The self described “Tod Squad” of Bulletin Board worshippers insisted that folks like myself, Lucian and Was Shakoor who called out Tod’s bogus claims and the insane valuation were being reported to the FCA and would go to jail. Oh what sweet irony…


If Gulf Keystone can achieve its planned production expansion, longer term investors will do very well indeed here

This year a lot of private investors seem to have been focussing on any stocks even loosely associated with Covid, plus those in the tech sector, and more recently mining has also seen a resurgence, gold in particular, but oil and gas has very much remained unloved and out of favour. That gives you a great opportunity and this is no fisherman's tale...

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