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Another David Bull feck up as the curse of theSupply@ME fraud strikes again at Eight Capital Partners with Companies Act blunder!

Eight Capital Partners (ECP) is blessed with having as its chairman Dominic White, one of the brains behind the Supply@ME Capital (SYME) fraud and until recently its chairman.It also has as its CEO David Bull whose accounting blunders have created a massive black hole at AIM Listed PCF (PCF) causing its shares to be suspended. Bull chairs the Audit Committee, no sniggering please, at Supply. And Eight is, via a complex structure enabling Supply boss Alessandro Zamboni to dump all his remaining shares in his Standard Listed scam. What’s not to like? Oh yes: Eight has fallen foul of the Companies Act.


Eight Capital & the Supply@ME shares – the piss take racks up a gear, surely even the FCA cannot play ball now?

It is hard to know where to start with the ludicrous announcements from Aquis Listed Eight Capital Partners (ECP) controlled by former Supply@ME Capital (SYME) boss Dominic White. But having seen the FCA overlook industrial scale fraud at Supply, in its capacity as , ahem, “regulator” of the Standard List, White says he is going to move Eight to the Standard List. Surely the FCA has to reject this application? Why?

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