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The 20 Most Read ShareProphets Articles of 2022

By Darren Atwater | Sunday 1 January 2023


ShareProphets published 3,355 articles in 2022. These 20 stories are the ones that gained the most favour with our readers, and the least favour of Julie Meyer, MBE.
  1. Trackwise Designs – “pleased to announce” trading report. Er, what about the going concern uncertainties?!

    Describing itself as “a leading provider of specialist products using printed circuit technology”, Trackwise Designs (TWD) states it “is pleased to announce its preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2021 and to provide an update on trading for the six months ended 30 June 2022”. So why have the shares currently responded to 36p, more than 19% lower?!

  2. Joules Group – more small cap clothing sector fun!

    We all know that the macroeconomic backdrop will be somewhat different during the 2020s than what we saw in the 2010s. I am sure it will worry some investors, but maybe one advantage of being a bit old is that you have seen plenty of stuff and you don’t need to read too many history books to find truly tricky times. As for your pension fund and related, it is always how you react to challenges that really matters. The same is true for a company. So, kind of interesting to see the comments from Joules Group (JOUL) this morning.

  3. A free to access podcast from Tom Winnifrith for shareholders in Omega Diagnostics

    I guess you are all feeling a bit shafted right now and are wondering who to blame and what to do next after today's debacle. Contrary to what you might read on certain Bulletin Boards I do not celebrate the pain of most Omega Diagnostics (ODX) shareholders, just those who abused and insulted my 100% accurate warnings of the bailout placing and other matters. For those chumps, it is schadenfreude all round. So what should you, as an Omega shareholder, do now? I answer that question and them discuss the legality of my reporting and indeed the morality of the reporting plus I explain exactly who shareholders should be angry with on a number of matters and why. Enjoy.  My regular daily podcast, behind the paywall, will go live later today. If you are not yet a ShareProphets subscriber and do not want to get caught out again as you have been today, you can rectify that HERE

  4. BREAKING: Omega Diagnostics, hugely discounted placing next week – source

    As its CEO "was resigned" on 19 January Omega Diagnostics (ODX) poured cold water on the suggestion that it was about to do a bailout placing in a way that I said was grossly misleading HERE. Well knock me down with a feather.

  5. BREAKING: Julie Meyer MBE gets 6 months jail sentence, suspended but only pro tem

    You may remember that Julie "Lingerie on expenses" Meyer MBE tried to wriggle out of paying £200,000 to lawyer Julian Pike of Farrer & Co who she had engaged,inter alia,to troll and harass myself and whistleblower John Galt. She lost the case against Farrer but appealed.She has lost again.The judgment of Mr Justice Kerr is below and is a joy to read.Ouzos all round tonight!!!

  6. Julie Meyer MBE plumbs new depths - tweeting about the suicide of the mother of the journalist who has exposed her crimes

    46 years ago my mother killed herself. I do not hide the fact and yes it is an event that saddens me. But I do not expose folks like Julie Meyer, who has fled Britain to avoid a six month jail term, owes taxes all over the world and is the subject of an FCA Criminal investigation because of what happened in on Oxford hospital in 1976 but because folks like Julie Meyer should be exposed. The tweet below ike others were Meyer incites the mob with talk of terrorism has been reported to twitter but nothing will be done.

  7. Eurasia Mining - the level of delusion among shareholders is off the scale - the joke press release

    This is from the private Telegram group where Zak Mir committed market abuse citing the Good German excuse. This is how shareholders in this company get their rocks off...Whatever... A shareholder list this dumb is a sure fire sell signal.

  8. Private Eye on Novacyt - this is damning

    I have warned you time and time again that Novacyt (NCYT) was a ramp with the sole purpose of allowing now departed CEO Graham Mullis to trouser an enormous cash bonus based on the share price on just one day. In the end Mullis trousered £8.5 million but, last week, Private Eye served up a great article showing how the company has a cultrure of lying and fabrication and, had investors known the truth about tests that did not work or which were contaminated, Mullis would be far less well off than he is today. This is a scandal and the ramifications could be very serious. Potentially a claim by the DHSC could wipe out most of this  company's balance sheet (cash of £100million) with ongoing cash burn now that sales of its covid tests are evaporating, taking out the rest. This remains a bargepole stock/short.  The article is below. 

  9. BREAKING: Darren Atwater Resignation letter

    I am afraid that I shall not be firing Darren as, this morning, our esteemed publisher has resigned. His letter is below.

  10. Explosive new Document: Union Jack Oil, the spooks and the ICO offences against its own shareholders, advisers and journalists

    I have been sent a new document sent by corporate spooks Fortisat to its client Union Jack Oil (UJO), “Investigation Update Report” 22nd October. It is utterly damning and suggests that the company was aware and sanctioning activity which is a clear breach of the rules set out by the Information Commissioner, not to say utterly creepy. Resignations or sackings must surely result from this expose. In today's article I shall name some of those targetted by Union Jack and is shameless boss David Bramhill. 

  11. After Ukraine it can never be the same again and it is going to be far worse before it gets better

    With inflation and possibly stagflation now back with us for the first time in forty years what differently are you doing with your investments/pensions? Nothing is not the rifght answer.

  12. SkinBioTherapeutics – interim numbers & warning of slight delay largely irrelevant, the clear potential remains - Buy

    SkinBioTherapeutics (SBTX) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st December 2021 which show revenue of just £21,949, cash £1.5 million lower to £3.2 million and include a warning that full-year forecasts will be materially missed – and the shares have responded down to 35p. But here’s why we retain significant confidence and see this as a buying opportunity. From here this could be a 10 bagger.

  13. BREAKING: Shield Therapeutics IS the next Omega, a short at 25.5p - target 5.5p

    Shield Therapeutics (STX) has the status Omega Diagnostics (ODX) once had as a darling of the Bulletin Board savants. And like Omega was this company is heading for a cash crisis and its shares will tank by 80%. Though this will enrage a shareholder base with the collective IQ of a cheese sandwich, the shares are a stand out short at 25.5p with a 5.5p target.  Chaps and gals ,before you start the hate attacks on me learn from the Omega debacle HERE. Now as to why Shield shares will collapse, here’s why.

  14. Julie Meyer MBE – now arrest warrant issued by UK High Court

    In a story first reported by the Law Gazette but subsequently claimed as an “exclusive” by both the Mail and City AM, it seems that an arrest warrant has now been issued by Mr Justice Kerr in the High Court for Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer MBE.  This follows on the from the case first reported here on Monday,in full with the actual judgement, which took place on 26 January when Kerr imposed a suspended 6 month sentence but demanded that Meyer provide documents to Court by 7 February and appear in person on the 14th. She did neither.

  15. Breaking – Omega Diagnostics set to announce hugely discounted £7m placing and open offer at 5p within hours!

    A reliable source tells me that Omega Diagnostics (ODX) has completed a c£5 million placing at just 5p. And given how the morons who own this stock – which at 9.9p is capitalized at £17 million – will be royally diluted, there will also be an open offer at the same price to raise up to £2 million.

  16. Avacta – a chance to double up on the short

    Small stake-building by a French Covid tester in Novacyt (NCYT) saw its shares surge yesterday and that prompted jumps across the sector. Over in Bulletin Board Moron land the talk was of merger mania sweeping the sector. I hate to disillusion you guys …

  17. The ShareProphets 24 tips of the year for 2022 – No 24 is a SELL from Tom Winnifrith

    Between Boxing Day and January 3 all of our writers will be serving up their share tips of the year for 2022 - and now a new occassional contributor has stepped up to the plate so that will be 24 tips. The final article in our series is a SELL from myself, Tom Winnifrith.

  18. Catching Up On My Gold Shares As Sentiment Nose-Dives: Centamin, Panther, Ariana and Golden Prospect

    We have had a boat-load of news from my Gold shares, so here is a round-up of my take on the latest developments from fully-listed Centamin (CEY), AIM-listed Ariana Resources, Standard-listed Panther Metals (PALM) and fully-listed investment company Golden Prospect (GPM).

  19. BREAKING: Music Magpie a zero explained: Part 1 the IPO Monster Lie

    Amazingly Music Magpie (MMAG) is one of the three most recognised names in e-tail but that is all in the past. Since its IPO at 193p in April of last year it has all been downhill and at 62.5p the shares now have just another 62.5p to lose. This is a zero in waiting and in a multi-part series starting today I shall explain why…

  20. A HotStockRockets tip of the year for 2022...

    We consider there are many stocks we have tipped to have likely catalysts to spark the shares in 2022, but which ones are we most excited about?

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