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Julie Meyer MBE – now arrest warrant issued by UK High Court

By Tom Winnifrith | Wednesday 23 February 2022


In a story first reported by the Law Gazette but subsequently claimed as an “exclusive” by both the Mail and City AM, it seems that an arrest warrant has now been issued by Mr Justice Kerr in the High Court for Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer MBE.  This follows on the from the case first reported here on Monday,in full with the actual judgement, which took place on 26 January when Kerr imposed a suspended 6 month sentence but demanded that Meyer provide documents to Court by 7 February and appear in person on the 14th. She did neither.

Meyer argued that it would be a breach of Swiss law to supply the documents as it might invade the privacy of her company Viva. But that patently did not apply to her IRS filings which would have revealed how – as this website demonstrated with leaked letters – she was pleading poverty so leaving her unable to pay a 7 figure tax bill from 2001. That poverty did not stop her buying with cash a $1 million+ villa in Greece as we revealed HERE. Mr. Justice Kerr had already dismissed this matter on 26 January so meaning Julie had no excuse for not sending the documents and was thus guilty of an additional contempt of court.

In issuing the arrest warrant, Mr. Justice Kerr denied Ms. Meyer the right to appeal against the original judgement.

Should Ms. Meyer now be brought before Mr. Justice Kerr in a London court that would open up all sorts of dangers for the disgraced entrepreneur. There are those such as Henry Gewanter with court orders for unpaid sums who might serve her. Barclays Bank has a personal guarantee from Ms. Meyer on a £200,000 loan made to her now bankrupt flagship Ariadne Capital and may serve her. The HMRC is owed money and the FCA has almost concluded its criminal investigation and would no doubt like a word with the MBE. And were Meyer incarcerated in a British jail, the IRS might well be tempted to seek her extradition to the USA to deal with her outstanding tax bill and lies told over many years.

In putting this story into the press, Farrer & Co has managed to pain itself as the victim. It was the party that brought the case on the basis that its partner Julian Pike had not been paid for almost £200,000 of work.  With yet more costs awarded against Ms Meyer after the January hearing she now owes Farrers well over £200,000.

In reality the work Pike did as a lawyer and in “reputation management” was extremely dirty. He fought Gewanter’s claim against Ms. Meyer for unpaid fees until Ms Meyer stopped paying his fees. He trolled me at a time when Meyer was smearing and harassing me, something I reported to the Police but, natch, which they did nothing about. But most of Pike’s work was involved in taking down the website of the whistleblower John Galt and in trying, unsuccessfully, to establish his real identity. The documents Galt had published were passed to this website to publish which, despite Meyer’;s threats, we did. But Pike did not establish Galt’s identity allowing him the freedom to give full evidence to the FCA which has also read all the documents on this website. Pike and Farrer did their utmost to protect Julie’s criminal activities by harassing and menacing a brave whistleblower and in that they failed as the FCA criminal investigation shows.

And you may remember that Farrer & Co and Pike were themselves slammed by a Maltese Court for being “unethical” as they tried to fend off criminal charges against Meyer as we revealed HERE - natch the Law Gazette and the deadwood press copying its scoop provided by Farrer neglect tomention that detail. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you when you are engaged in yellow journalism do you?

But it is Farrer which has now brought Julie low over its unpaid bills. For that we should be grateful. It is a sinner who has repented (in this case). Julie has not repented and is defiant and as for her next move? I hear that, from a legal perspective, things are about to get rather hot in Switzerland, irrespective of the UK arrest warrant so maybe she will become a full time Greek resident? Or perhaps she might consider  claiming political asylum in Afghanistan although she might need to modify her dress code and should perhaps also leave the sex toy she bought on expenses at Ariadne out of her luggage for Kabul. Afghanistan is one of  33 countries with which the UK has no extradition agreement the full list being:

Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Bhutan, Cameroon, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mongolia, Namibia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, UAE, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Venezuela,and Yemen

Maybe Ukraine is not such a smart place to seek sanctuary right now.

It all looks rather grim for Ms. Meyer and her 25 years white collar crime spree is surely coming to an end. I wonder how many of the Greek political and business celebrities who were due to attend her next conference on Mykonos from 26 to 29 September will start to have second thoughts about appearing on stage either with the star speaker just out of a British jail or fighting hard not to be sent to one.

There are literally hundreds of unpaid ex employees and contractors in the UK, Malta, Croatia, Greece and Switzerland who are now celebrating as are countless investors who have lost everything backing Ms. Meyer while she lived a luxurious life on expenses. And those of us harassed and trolled by Ms. Meyer for exposing her antics join in that celebration.

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