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Julie Meyer accuses Tom Winnifreth (sic) of blackmail, misogyny & denies any regulator is investigating her

By Tom Winnifrith | Monday 18 March 2019


Julie "Lingerie on expenses" Meyer has sent a long em ail to her spam emtrepreneur country database to clarify some of the allegations against her. Apparently, in what will be news to the Maltese Courts, she has never faced criminal charges and in what will be news to the FCA and Insolvency Service she is not under any sort of investifgation. Meanwhile I and other pursue her becuase we are misognyists and becuase we want money from her. For the avoidance of doubt I have not asked Ms Meyer for a cent. Oh well, the ramble below ending wither comparing herself to Michelle Obama is below:

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With all of that in mind, and remembering that Benjamin Disraeli once said, ‘Never complain, never explain’ even before Billy Beane in Moneyball, neither of them lived in the world of social media tech giants whose unleashed and unaccountable media platforms are used to damage people, and where anonymous disgruntled people who are frustrated with their lives and hate optimism & female leadership  - can send defamatory information anonymously through the web.    Or as they did in my case:   They posted a vibrator as a birthday gift to me as some sort of symbol of their ‘whistleblowing’ efforts revealing exactly who they are:   frustrated small unemployed and unemployable men who are not happy on any level.    

Most people would call it for what it is: harassment, probably based in deep-rooted jealousy, inferiority, anti-Americanism, and misogyny.   There’s clearly a hugely sexual angle to their problem with me.    They are trapped in their class system, their stereotypes, their narrative, their failures, and can’t find a way through to a place where they don’t destroy but build, celebrate success, support others, so they see someone who’s free and they project all of their angst on to that person.

The British media is hostile to American women:    Christina Domecq, Meghan Markle, Melania Trump (the Telegraph had to retract an entire article), Lady Barbara Thomas Judge – ridiculous to call this fantastic woman a racist.    
As Obama said not too long ago, ‘People are just making stuff up these days’.

Due to the non-stop defamatory and libellious statements which continue to be published – even in so-called respectable newspapers -  about my firm, my team, my portfolio companies, my shareholders, my finance team, my auditors, and myself, it’s important to set the record straight:

  • Neither I nor any of my firms are under investigation in any country, and there are no criminal charges against me nor have there ever been.
  • Neither I nor any of my firms have any problems with any regulatory authority, nor have we ever had.  When I realised that Malta had a problem with women, corruption, and assassinations, I left.     
  • I have had the same financial controller for nearly 10 years who diligently and professionally does his job, and our auditors have continually signed off on our audited accounts.   There is no irregularity whatsoever.    We have checks and balances throughout our firm with all of the usual structures – Boards of Directors, Investment Committees, and Companies House Filings – all done, on time, all the time.
  • My shareholders remain my friends, and my business is in robust health as am I.
  • I put a failing orphan, stand-alone corporate finance business called Ariadne Capital Limited into Administration as the Secured Creditor in December 2017 due to the fact that the former MD of that business, Amit Pau, had decided to join a winding-up petition that had been stayed by Andrew Duncan of Leonard Curtis (who I eventually appointed as the firm’s Administrator).     Amit’s actions were named in the Administrators’ report as the reason for the Administration.  (Clause 3.8 of the Administrators’ Report filed in February 2018 on Company’s House.)   Had he not done what he did, I would not have put the firm into Administration as the Secured Creditor.  He turned down an open offer to be paid over 6 months after ACL would have been acquired, instead of throwing his colleagues and various suppliers under the proverbial bus.   He created a miserable situation for himself; an own goal. But he created a lot of problems for other people as well; I lost £1.3 million that the firm owed me.   Ever since then, friends of his have been trying to shift the blame for the Administration from Amit to myself.    Amit Pau’s ex-business partner at their firm, Rivington, Tom Winnifreths who has a colourful background along with Henry Gewanter with an equally colourful background has been harassing me – using illegally obtained information, modifying it, posting defamatory, private or anything they perceive as sufficiently humiliating to me anonymously.    Why? I will not pay them to stop.    Apparently, that’s their game. And presumably, because they have a lot of time on their hands.   Most of us work; they seem to like to destroy.

Quite the contrary to being devastated by any of the defamation and libel, I am relentlessly focused, psychotically optimistic on the opportunities we face, and with my businesses:   the ACE Fund, EntrepreneurCountry and the Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit.

I think Michelle Obama summed it up for everyone who finds themselves in the company of people they would rather not keep:

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