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Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending 6 April

By Darren Atwater | Sunday 7 April 2024


Here are the most read articles and the most listened-to Bearcasts over the past seven days. The most read non-Tom article last week is Nigel Somerville with The View From The Montana Log-Cabin As Gold Powers Further Ahead at No 2 or No 10 including Bearcasts. 

The most-read ShareProphets articles this week were:

  1. Skinbiotherapeutics – time to address the placing rumour
    I was aware of no reason for shares in Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) spiked to 13.5p last week. I assumed it was some sort of dump ahead of a you know what. Well, with the shares coming all the way back, the rumour is that bearded loon Stuart Ashman is trying to do a placing: 10p vicar? The aim?

  2. The View From The Montana Log-Cabin As Gold Powers Further Ahead
    Gold closed the week at $2,233 – a new daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly all-time high, and well up on last week’s $2,165. Moreover, this was the second consecutive quarterly all-time high. Whilst I have no crystal ball, the chart of Gold vs the mining ETFs GDX (majors), GDXJ (juniors) and GOEX (explorers) suggests that things are finally turning my way.

  3. Shameless David Lenigas: his second most ramptastic tweet in history
    A couple of weeks ago the shameless penny dreadful promoter David Lenigas claimed that shares in the company he funded, Vinanz (BTC), were going "to infinity". Today's tweet on behalf of Red Rock Resources (RRR) where he is a paid consultant is only marginally less ramptastic. Could such claims really be signed of in an RNS?

  4. Who Is Behind The Gold Buying ?
    The rally in the gold price has left me non-plussed ... who is behind it and why ? Rather like an Agatha Christie murder-mystery novel, with evidence thin, the culprit or cause may be deduced by excluding what it is not ... and what remains, is. 

  5. Exclusive: Cavendish Financial to list £50m LGBTQA+ investment company on AIM
    The day after the Sunday when we were all ordered to celebrate Transgender Awareness Day, rather than silly old fashioned Easter, the commemoration of the resurrection of our saviour Jesus, Cavendish Financial has announced plans to list on AIM, Irons PLC, a £50 million investment company which will invest only in LGBTQA+ owned or managed businesses.

  6. If you send me emails or private messages insulting & defaming me why do you expect a response?
    99% of folks out there are not complete a’holes. But for the 1%: You insult me, you defame me you accuse me of all sorts of things in email or on private messages elsewhere. You accuse me of things which would land me in jail and which are patently untrue. You say I am useless and could not tip a waiter. And what do you expect me to do?

  7. A reader says I am wrong to be bearish on two shares
    I am, of course, bearish about stacks of shares but a reader who is no poltroon says that although myself and young Steve have called two stocks correctly as shorts to date, maybe it is time for a volte face. I am not going to do that just yet but for what it is worth the reader, who is polite so I do read his emails, states:

  8. Letter to Roland “Fatty” Cornish: how can you allow this social media outrage and AIM Rule Breaking at Red Rock?
    Companies on the AIM sewer are meant to disclose price sensitive information via an RNS verified by a Nomad as being true. It is for that reason that they cannot make wild claims not verified by a Nomad via social media. Yet Red Rock Resources (RRR), where I am a shareholder, and its paid consultant Mr. David Lenigas did just that yesterday as  flagged up HERE. I have written to London’s worst Nomad, Roland “fatty” Cornish to ask if he has verified these tweets or he considers AIM Rules do not apply to his clients.

  9. Donald J. Trump offers a slam dunk short but also a long: here is the pair trade
    I am deluged with emails from folks like Brian Basham suffering from acute #TrumpDerangementSyndrome asking why I am not commenting on the IPO via a SPAC reversal of his Trump Media & Technology Group (US:DJT). Well here goes with a pair trade.

  10. A checklist of share price doom from Evil Banksta as he prepares for a luxury break
    Thanks to the chaps at Belluscura (BELL) Evil Banksta is able to enjoy another luxury break starting shortly. As he checks into his five star accommodation he will no doubt tip the staff generously and as they say “thank you sir” he will, as is wont, say “no, thank Adam Reynolds, he always pays for everything.” Before Liverpools’ greatest numbers man since Ken Dodd jets off, he leaves a checklist of doom, short positions where he sees an inevitable share price collapse with the reasons why:

The most-listened to Bearcasts this week were:

  1. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: meeting Olaf's b/f, smelly cheese PLC and an admission I was wrong
    I discuss meeting "the trainspotter" Cirata (CRTA), the UK's corrupt honours system, Roquefort (ROQ), Genflow (GENF), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Optibiotix (OPTI), musicMagpie (MMAG) and Cavendish (CAV)

  2. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Calm down Nigel old boy, If $4000 does happen we are all feckedComrade Somerville is getting a bit excited about gold today.
    I discuss this and various gold stocks before heading out to plant some peas in a garden which looks increasingly impressive.

  3. Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Why Steve and I cannot give investment advice on Bluebird Merchant today, a clear own goal
    I am a shareholder and i was made an insider and am still an insider despite today's RNS which should never have been issued. So I cannot tell you to buy or to sell, we have no stance. I am angry and explain why.

  4. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: this RedX news is a total disaster for the AIM Casino, preparing to meet Olaf's b/f after a year
    In today's bearcast i start with looming birthday's and also getting to meet "The Trainspotter", Olaf's boyfriend after almost a year of being kept away from him. Any father's have any words of advice on what to say? Then I look at RedX Pharma (REDX), Belluscura (BELL), Superdry (SDRY), TekCapital (TEK), Argo BlockChain (ARB), Celadon Pharma (CEL) and its FemiNazi PR bird, Zephyr Energy (ZPHR) - watch out Reverend Weight - Horizonte Minerals (HZM), Revolution Bars (RBG) and Tectonic Gold (TTAU).

  5. Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: A tale of 2 non placings, discrediting management at Roquefort and Skinbiotherapeutics
    This bearcast covers the shocking RNS statements issued today by Roquefort (ROQ) and Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX). I'd like t shout Gotcha! But am too depressed by the dissembling and incompetence.

  6. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Any company even suspected of round tripping is just not investable
    In today's bearcast I start with three birthdays, odd ideological bedfellows, then turn to TrakM8 (TRAK), Red Rock Resources (RRR), Peel Hunt (PEEL) and Cavendish Financial (CAV) and finally Itaconix (ITX) which could halve and still not be cheap. 

  7. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: An in depth deep dive into AI spoof CEL.AI ( Cellular Goods as was)
    I start with a couple of April Fool's stories from this household and this website and then turn to the numerous scandals at CEL.AI (CLAI) which will make the FCA,PKF Littlejohn and those involved look very silly indeed.

  8. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Happy Birthday Dad, he would have been 86 were he not in a better place
    Of course my father is dead. But he would have been 86 today. What would he make of this crazy world? In the main podcast I look at BSF Enterprises (BSFA), Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX), BB poltroons and a chairman who should be sacked, Contango (CGO) and Cadence Minerals (KDNC) and the curse of Alan Green

  9. Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Fundamental analysis just does not matter any more and it is wrong to short Trump Media as a result. Discuss
    Those are not my views but Lucian sends me an article from Bloomberg making that case which you can see below. I discuss both aspects of it in full after a very brief birthday movie quiz. 

  10. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: why are gold stocks we all own not even higher? Setting targets for a few I do own
    My gold portfolio is doing well but remembering the last bull market should it not be doing even better. I discuss that and set a few targets for when I will be selling shares like Centamin (CEY), Ariana (AAU) and Amaroq (AMRQ) which, together with Jubilee Metals (JLP) are my biggest mining holdings.
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