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Sparky Company Advising Others on How to Save Power could Score in the Green Revolution

Hello Share Trekers. Boy, it’s getting harder to find shares likely to rise in the next few months. Time was when the big banks and brokers would issue ‘buy’ notices on many stocks. Now nearly all they seem to do in these dangerous days is to downgrade their previous enthusiasms. Never mind there are some companies that still look promising. And here’s one of them.


E Energy – after a second warning when’s the bailout placing?

Some of those who know him say that Eenergy (EAAS) CEO Harvey Sinclair is arrogant and unpleasant. After the second profits warning of 2022 I supect that he is a bit less arrogant but as he ponders a looming funding crisis, probably more unpleasant. Advisers to this green energy play might be asking how I can suggest that there have been two warnings and why a bailout placing is almost inevitable. Here goes.


Charge of the Light Brigade Could Mean a Bumper Year for this Sparky Outfit

Hello Share Packers. Though most of us have a few old-fashioned light bulbs around the house, the cheapest way is to change completely to LED bulbs. One company which is cashing in on this sensible trend is eEnergy (EAAS). It takes on the responsibility of changing over to LED's and maintaining them. And it does so for schools and care homes...

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