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Abingdon sings at the Covid bailout placing ball, next up Omega Diagnostics then Abingdon again?

Abingdon Health (ABDX) will, no doubt, claim that its up to £6 million placing, open offer and Primary Bid offer at 25p is down solely to the DHSC not paying delayed bills. But then again this was a company that was technically insolvent before it raised £20 million at is IPO a year ago so, in my view, it has always been a basket case and I have explicitly warned you many times that a bailout was looming. For the record, this will not be the last one. So, who is next? Abingdon again or the other grossly overhyped covid dog Omega (OMX). But first a covid prediction…


Abingdon Health after the corrupt deadwood press pump when’s the placing dump?

I should have mentioned this in bearcast yesterday, the maths is clear and unchallengeable. Abingdon Health (ABDX), a company I warned you about at IPO as it was insolvent and the valuation absurd, is pumping its stock via the yellow journalists on the Daily Mail and the Telegraph ahead of a bailout placing. You know the score: mug punters overpay in the secondary market ahead of a placing at a vast discount to fund managers.


Abingdon Health – Tom having warned on IPO only in December, ANOTHER ‘trading update’ calamity

Well done to the Sheriff of AIM for calling this IPO out as a dog with fleas from the outset. A trading update for its year ended 30th June 2021 from Abingdon Health (ABDX) includes trading performance “in line with the guidance given in April 2021. As at 30 June 2021 the company had net cash of £4.9m”. So why are the shares currently 19% further lower to 30p?

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