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Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending 15 January 2022

By Darren Atwater | Sunday 16 January 2022


These are the most-read articles and most listened-to Bearcasts of the week. The most-read non-Tom, non Darren,is Is it time for me to sell my Barclays shares by Chris Bailey atNumber 9.


The most-read articles this week were: 

  1. Explosive new Document: Union Jack Oil, the spooks and the ICO offences against its own shareholders, advisers and journalists
  2. Eurasia Mining – the level of delusion among shareholders is off the scale – the joke press release
  3. Avacta: a double disaster, shares slump but, even so, now in my top 5 Covid testing sells
  4. The Hut Group (THG plc) – not an invitation to short but an obligation to
  5. Union Jack distracts from elephant in room with misleading trading statement
  6. Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending 8 January 2022
  7. Kefi Gold & Copper – quarterly update, potential catalysts ahead
  8. Hat tip Luke Johnson – life in big tech and what it says about the sinking West
  9. Is it time for me to sell my Barclays shares
  10. Omega Diagnostics – how close to tits up? Placing process surely now underway – Why not ‘fess up?

The most-listened to Bearcasts this week were:
  1. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast – Naming the shareholders Union Jack Oil is paying the spooks to troll
  2. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Not just farts in a jar but NFT’s of farts in a jar and also David Bramhill
  3. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Looking forward to a spectacular own goal from Team David Beckham
  4. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast – feeling just a bit Birthday smug
  5. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Commissioning Wardell Armstrong to do a report on me for Cheryl Cole on the size of my assets
  6. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast – I am with my father-in-law on one point but we are dinosaurs
  7. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: what about World War 3 and the Ukraine & why Zak’s cunning plan will not work
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