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Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending 7 Jan 2023

By Darren Atwater | Sunday 8 January 2023


The most-read non-quiz non-Tom article non-Tip of the Year article this week is by Peter Brailey with 2023 – the outlook for Oil, Gas and Energy and oil stocks to buy and sell  at No 2 or No 11 including Bearcasts and Tips of the Year.

The most read ShareProphets stories this week were still our Tips of the Year:

  1. The ShareProphets 20 tips of the year 2023 – No 17 a SELL from Tom, Steve & Lucian
    Between Christmas Eve and the start of the trading year 2023 we will be serving up 20 tips – 2 from each of our writers but six (all sells but that may not be true) from me. Seventeenth up is a SELL from Tom, Steve & Lucian and the N50 website. The trio write….

  2. The ShareProphets 20 tips of the year 2023 – No 18 a BUY from Darren Atwater
    Between Christmas Eve and the start of the trading year 2023 we will be serving up 20 tips – 2 from each of our writers but six (all sells but that may not be true) from me. Eighteenth up is a BUY from Darren.

  3. The ShareProphets 20 tips of the year 2023 – No 19 is a SELL from Tom Winnifrith
    Between Christmas Eve and the start of the trading year 2023 we will be serving up 20 tips – 2 from each of our writers but six (all sells but that may not be true) from me. Nineteenth up is a SELL from myself, Tom Winnifrith. I write….

  4. The ShareProphets 20 tips of the year 2023 – No 20 is a SELL from Tom Winnifrith
    Between Christmas Eve and the start of the trading year 2023 we will be serving up 20 tips – 2 from each of our writers but six (all sells but that may not be true) from me. Twentieth up is a SELL from myself, Tom Winnifrith. I write….

The most read ShareProphets regular stories this week were:

  1. AIM CEO in a bind, need cash fast - here's the man to go to
    Running a shite AIM company, guzzling cash, tank almost empty? In a bit of a bind. Maybe you need to consult a man who is an expert at running such worthless promotes and still raising cash for them time and time again. There is such a man and he's keen to help ... 

  2. 2023 – the outlook for Oil, Gas and Energy and oil stocks to buy and sell
    I’m sure most readers have picked up a few traits I have. Being blunt and brutal about our ruling classes. Smoking behind the bike sheds at every opportunity, even if it means supporting the illicit undeclared habit of a fellow bear. Being grumpy about almost every listed company in the oily sector. But more importantly why say something in 200 words when 3000 will do just fine, especially when 1% are miss spelt or missing?
    In that vein I will prattle on at some length reflecting some history and how I see the energy sector investment world in 2023.

  3. BREAKING: Ukraine gets ready to steal assets of Enwell Energy
    You are not allowed to say this these days but Ukraine is an incredibly corrupt country, normally ranking 2nd in Europe after Russia for dishonesty. So let me first say Slava Ukraini and that we should carry on sending UK taxpayers cash to President Zelensky’s Swiss bank account for as long as he wants. That was a joke BYW. Back to Enwell Energy (ENW) which looks to be well and truly in the merde.

  4. BDO LLP & suspended shares – What is going on?
    Historically, it was rare for listed companies to delay publication of their audited results. However, it is becoming more common for UK listed companies to have to delay the publication of audited accounts because their auditors have not yet completed their audit work. In the event of severe delays this can result in the suspension of their shares. I have listed below 4 companies which have had to delay the publication of their audited accounts and have had their shares suspended from trading as a result.

  5. Union Jack Oil - you were warned!
    The table included is derived from Union Jack's own figures. With a hat tip to the chain smoker, you were all warned.

  6. BREAKING: Amaroq and Alleged executive greed: Q&A with CEO and why I still feel betrayed
    The new executive “incentive scheme” at Amaroq (AMRQ) has come in for some stick so, below, are some questions from reader T and some answers from CEO Eldur Olafsson. But before then here is why I, as a supportive long term shareholder, feel betrayed.

  7. Probiotix Health – “a year of continued strong growth”, and what's next?
    Probiotix Health (PBX), spun-off onto Aquis by OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) which retains a 44% shareholding, has issued a “Commercial and scientific update” including that “with growing sales, operational profitability, and a clear strategic focus on growing the business by commercialising ingredients and final products across more territories and more application areas with existing and new partners, we look forward to 2023 with great confidence and excitement”. What’s the detail from a current 21.5p share price, £26.2 million market cap?

  8. Cineworld saves the best until the end – its shares really are toast
    Maybe it is a New Year’s Resolution? Cineworld appears to to have turned over a new leaf and is, via RNS, now giving some commentary on how its equity is slowly being destroyed completely via the Chapter 11 process that kicked off on September 7.

  9. Just why does ADVFN put up with this Jew hating conspiracy theorist & shite investor in Bidstack and other frauds
    It is a sign of just how much, to its credit, the largely Jewish board of ADVFN (AFN) really does believe in free speech that it still allows the biggest jew hating nutter out their to pollute its boards. But surely there must be a limit? The post below is from yesterday and concerns Bidstack (BIDS) where aidenabettin is long and wrong and insists that any share price weakness is down to a conspiracy between myself and unnamed Israelis.
    The post is below the words in bold type are brief comment from me:

  10. ShareProphets readers tips for 2022 competition results. And the winner is...
    Having asked for readers tips for 2022 for the prize of 1/2 litre of Tom Winnifrith's Greek Hovel olive oil (2022 harvest) HERE, the following is the competition result (to be eligible needed to have selected, on a once per username basis, a buy & sell pick from the LSE, AIM casino or Aquis lobster pot and the stocks not to have been suspended at the commencement of 2022). And the winner is...

The most-listened to Bearcasts this week were:

  1. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 4 stocks that I did not quite make my 2023 tips of the year
    I discuss manic swings between optimism and pessimism, my own pessimism re the world and UK PLC but my relative optimism on shares. Then I discuss 4 stocks almost making it as my share tips of the year but not quite - 3 sells, 1 buy.

  2. Tom Winnifrith Photo Bearcast: Was this another Zak Mir brown envelope job & should I buy Yourgene?
    Eldur Olafsson of Amaroq (AMRQ) thinks I am a member of the British establishment. I explain why I am not. No doubt Sir Arthur Cochrane would view me as he viewed his daughter, my grandmother, as a "traitor to our class" But I am. and explain why with reference to Eldur's company. Then it is onto Zak Mir and the Okyo (OKYO) scandal. Your link to his video is HERE. And the photo below is of Zak himself relaxing today at the Carlton Club. That is the establishment today which makes me so hostile to it all and determined to be a simple goat farmer. Then I answer a, rather unfair, question on Yourgene (YGEN) before looking at Argo Blockchain (ARB) and Angle (AGL)

  3. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the mystery of the Midas Harland and Wolff share tip
    I start with a bit about weather, snow rain and drought. Then gold vs bitcoin, Enwell (ENW), Ferrexpro (FXPO), Harland & Wolff (HAWL), Argo Blockchain (ARB), Powerhouse Energy (PHE) and Pantheon Resources (PANR) before ending with Vast Resources (VAST) where a placing at 0.1p is surely being attempted after today's incomplete news.

  4. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Is this the time that Bidstack's James Draper really does go to jail - questions about the interims
    I start with some nerd like comments about river and reservoir levels in North Wales. Bear with me. This will be interesting I promise. Then Bidstack (BIDS) and what questions today's shocker begs about the pre-placing interims. Surely the Nomad ( SPARK) and AIM Regulation must investigate. Then Okyo (OKYO) where post podcast recording the company has published interims on its website. Technically it missed the deadline and the FCA - whose conversations with me I discuss - must take this further. As it happens the interims are truly appalling and red flag strewn as I discuss HERE, I can see what it wanted to hide and discuss HERE. Then I discuss Lucian's two big oil shorts: Pantheon Resources (PANR) and Canadian Overseas (COPL). He is right on both IMHO. Finally a few words on Helium One (HE1)

  5. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A rotten end to 2022 for the vile slug & self confessed liar David Williams of Avanti infamy + bubbles bursting for Malcolm and Darren
    I start with Williams. Everything that is wrong about fat Tory conceit and sleaze. Then the bursting of the green and pot bubbles and why Malcolm and Darren just cannot see either. 

  6. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Elon Musk businessman of the year or just a mega crook on a roll?
    After all Time Magazine made Hitler man of the year 1938 and - I think - made Great Thunberg, the Doom Goblin, Person of the year as well. As folks in Europe and America freeze to death in coming years they will look back on both awards in an unkind way. So what of The Times making Elon its businessman of the year? As Ouzo man starts shorting Tesla (TSLA) again is this a Hitler moment? I also look at Asiamet (ARS), at whether UK retail had a better Christmas than expected and at Quantum Blockchain (QBT), surely a pre-placing pump is underway. 

  7. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the wretched Times calls for a Sheriff of online share tipsters
    It misses the point. I discuss why as I prepare a second Christmas meal for a ShareProphets reader. It is all part of the service. It could be you next year.
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