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BREAKING: The Bidstack smearer of Tom Winnifrith exposed as a gender fluid contact of James Draper

By Tom Winnifrith& darren Atwater | Sunday 26 April 2020

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from ShareProphets). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Yesterday, ShareProphets discussed a defamatory website about, myself, Tom Winnifrith that was put online on Friday and appeared to be the work of a supporter of Bidstack (BIDS), the AIM listed company run by Lyin' James Draper.  We rebutted its clearly spurious allegations and condemned is appeal to anti-semitism. The author of the website claims to be a female investigative journalist. We can reveal that this is a,lie, who the real author is and how he (not she) is trying to hide his links to Lyin' James. 

The website in question, AIM Corruption, appears legitimate on the surface, but if one looks closely, is designed for anonymity. It was hosted on, a free service avaiiable to anyone with an email address. The email given used Protonmail, a free email service from Switzerland that prides itself on anonymity and shelter from all but Swiss courts. The purported name of the author was given as  Idella Taggart, an "Investigative Journalist within the Financial Sector." There is no evidence Ms Taggart has written anything, anywhere, on any subject other than this.

Star reader C contacted ShareProphets and told us that, while the author had apparently tried to scrub all real names from the page, she wasn't clever enough. One of the things missed was embedded information in a photo created for the site. 

When one uses professional software like Microsoft Word for writing or Adobe Photoshop for photo editing, the software embeds information in the files created,  for copyright and editing purposes. While it can be omitted or falseified, professional software errs on the side of business uses. It's rare that a legitimate business does not want to be associated with their work.

At Chris' urging, we took a look at the web page and found this.

Later on that day that schoolboy coding error had been removed as had one other reference to Mike Turner in the underlying code - which we have also saved!  So who is Mike Turner who is so rude about The Sheriff of AIM, the wicked Israelis and their devious tricks to make money, Waseem Shakoor, the truth etc?

We went to LinkedIn and found a Mike Turner, who works in tech. We also saw that he made a comment on a post made by James Draper of Bidstack. We also took a screen shot of that post.

Turner  likes James and Bidstack, that's for sure. Later yesterday we went again to look at his LinkedIn profile, and found this: 


 And his Bidstack comments on LinkedIn? Down the memory hole, as well.

That means we will never know if Turner and Draper were connected on LinkedIn and how close their relationship was. What do you think Turner was trying to hide?

LinkedIn has a pest in a company called Rocket Reach. It uses a technique called 'screenscraping' to glean info from LinkedIn to put on their own page, without input or permission from the owner. Here is Rocket Reach's page today. 


Mike Turner has been active on the help forums for Wordpress for quite awhile. Here's a comment he made last week that we saw yesteday.


Here is that same page later in the day. Jeepers what is Mike Turner trying to hide? Maybe this is part of his transitioning to Idella the Journalist? Or maybe Mike doesn't want folks to realise he uses Wordpress?


That new picture, by the way, is of US Congressman Mike Turner for Ohio's 10th district. 

But check out that username, @miketurnermk. 

Here it is used on ADVFN in a comment about, er........ Bidstack. You reckon the Congressman is a shareholder or might the gender fluid defamer have a bit of a problem as he tries to cover his tracks? The cover up is often the real scandal.


Here is a Bidstack story on the website Pocket Gamer. Look who has a comment to correct some minor corporate misinformation.

Mike Turner also had a great experience with Bidstack Games, as you can see here: 

Readers may notice that the avatar on the correcting Pocket Gamer post and the Facebook rave are identical.

Remember the photo that had the name 'Mike Turner' that was embedded in the first place? It's now been scrubbed as well. Someone has learned something new! fear not, we have records.

Far from thiis post exposing AIM Corruption being the result of work by a female investigative journalist it is now shown to be the work of a sad man from Northampton who owns shares in Bidstack (BIDS) and thinks he will stop them going down the pan with a defamatory blog. And who is now desperately trying to cover up the trail of breadcrumbs leading from Northampton to this disgusting blog to James Draper. The credibility of Idella/Mike (once again we wish you good luck with the gender reassignment process) is in tatters.

The issue now is whether Mike worked alone? Why, we wonder, is he so keen to scrub social media links with Lyin' James Draper.

We are nice guys so might not contact Mike's employer to ask if it is happy him spending his work time on producing such filth. But if we are bored we might just do that. But that will be the extent of our retribution. Others mentioned in the article, which is clearly defamatory, are far less nice than we are and we have passed them all the evidence they need to identify Idella ahead of a meeting with their lawyers tomorrow.

Meanwhile we have pressed Bidstack's Nomad at SPARK and AIM Regulation to establish the extent, if any, of the contacts between James Draper and his gender fluid shareholder, in the run up to the creation of this disgusting blog. 

This special investigation and the detailed rebuttal of the original blog are outside of our paywall so that everyone can see who the good guys on AIM are and who are the villains. They can now see who exposes lying, deceit, fraud and malfeasance and who engages in it and defends their crimes by harassing the ShareProphets website and its writers in this way. Regulators like the FRC openly praise our work. You either support financial crime or you oppose it. There is no middle ground. 

If you want to support the fight against AIM fraud join ShareProphets today for just £5.99 a month HERE

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