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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Surely Pantheon is a short, it's not just the misleading RNS

If any of you are prepared to admit voting Labour drop me a note as I am looking for an article on behalf of the People's Party. then it is onto Pantheon Resources (PANR), Chill Brands (CHLL), Invinity Energy (IES), Regtech Open (FRAUD) and Tanfield (TAN)  
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James Cropper – “Agreement of Bank Covenant Amendments”, but how confident to be in “a return to growth”?

Paper, packaging and “advanced materials” company James Cropper (CRPR) has issued an “Agreement of Bank Covenant Amendments” announcement including that this is “for the period up to and including 31 December 2024”. What of a current approaching 13% higher share price response to 355p?
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BSF Enterprise: Geoff Baker you really are an old spoofer!

As I noted HERE after piss poor interim results on June 11 Frankenstein meat company BSF Enterprises (BSFA) will need to do a share placement PDQ or it is going to be gigging with the Fat Lady. Given its paltry market cap and how Frankenstein meat is a burst bubble that can only mean a deeply discounted bucket shop special. And that brings me to Geoff Baker…
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Aptamer – “Partnership with Microsaic Systems”. Er, how are those balance sheets?

Life sciences affinity binders developer Aptamer Group (APTA) has announced a “Partnership with Microsaic Systems”, and what of the shares currently more than 7% higher at 0.75p in response?
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Vote Lib Dem says Jonathan Price

We will be asking our writers to pen pieces over the coming weeks on why they are, and you should, vote for various parties. We kick off this series with my friend Jonathan Price, a fellow West Ham supporter so a man used to backing lost causes, explaining why you should join him in voting Lib Dem. He writes:
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Regtech Open funding crisis – guess what: Alessandro Zamboni lied again

Oh dear oh dear. When will the FCA move to shutdown Regtech Open (RTOP) the technically insolvent, cash guzzling Standard List company run by Alessandro Zamboni whose prospectus last August was, as it now admits, a fraud? More lies this morning vicar?
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Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Ariana, the 75 year old divorcee and the stock overhang IF the merger goes ahead

A number of you have asked about Nick Graham who will own 20% of the enlarged Ariana Resources (AAU) entity if the Dokwe deal goes through. I explain why, notwithstanding his looming divorce, your worries are unfounded and it is not a reason to oppose what is a cracking deal
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EXPOSE: Tintra goes into administration, a shocking court case regarding a $1.2 million debt it did not tell us about

Tintra Limited, what was Tintra PLC (TNT), the AIM Company of the year 2022 is now officially a dead parrot, it is in administration put there by the Cogut family to whom it owed $1.2 million. And to think when it delisted just a few months ago it said it had £7 million of cash. It did not, that was a lie and this was a fraud. In that vein I bring you recently filed court papers fromthe Coguts alleging unpaid and undeclared debts and serial lying by CEO Richard Shearer, a co-defendant in this case.
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Ariana – Great News From Zim: Strong Buy Reinforced

AIM-listed Gold producer Ariana Resources (AAU) updated the market on the Dokwe prospect in Zimbabwe which it is in the process of buying by merging with Rockover Holdings and the news was very good indeed.
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A failed fund manager turned share blogger turns his hand to macroeconomics

No not me it is the disgraced Neil Woodford CBE (pro tem) silly.I am not sure if Neil is still thinking the Tories can turn the election around (not his worst call ever but a very bad one) but today he is back on his theme of how the UK economy is really doing very well. Whatever you say Neil. Enjoy.
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Dialight – does its “Update Announcement” warrant a 6% higher share price?

Describing itself as “global leader in LED lighting for heavy industrial applications”, Dialight (DIA) has issued an “Update Announcement” and the shares have currently responded approaching 6% higher to 200p. Does that look warranted?
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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: new Dokwe numbers this is a brilliant deal for Ariana are some of its shareholders insane?

I start with the Labour manifesto and a number of big misgivings I have. Then it is Martin Groak day: The FCA, jail, AIM Regulation, Dispensa (DISP), Tanfield (TAN), Eight Capital Partners (ECP), WH Ireland and Liam "the toke" Murray. This may be small cap stuff but it is VERY IMPORTANT if you care about market credibility. I look at Inspirit (INSP) - as its shares plunge - its boss is surely not fit and proper either. Finally a detailed look at Ariana (AAU) where comrade Somerville might be right, the shares could be 10p+
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NWF Group – “more challenging conditions”, so will it really be a strong profit recovery this year?

UK distribution group NWF (NWF) has issued a trading update commencing by stating that its full-year “results are anticipated to be in line with market expectations, reflecting the previously expected normalisation in the Fuels and Feeds markets alongside a strong contribution from Food”. What does that mean financially from a current 195p share price?
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AIM – May 2024 another piss poor month at “the world’s most successful growth market”

This morning the London Stock Exchange released the AIM market factsheet for May 2024. It was another poor month with 3 new issues but 11 cancellations taking the market down to 722 listings. This is below the AIM market number of participants at end of 2003 more than 20 years ago when it had 146 new admissions in the year versus just 9 in 2024 to date. Two of the 3 admissions were transfers from the Main Market being Electric Guitar and The Works.Co.UK. Plc with the third Crism Therapeutics being a reverse takeover.

Video: Debasement, Currencies, Inflation, and Commodities – A Look Ahead

Publisher Greg Weldon of Global Macro Strategy Report and the Gold Guru is another Austrian economist who believes in the one true currency, gold
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Letter to FCA: Invesigate Dominic White/Martin Groak for fraud, suspend MaxRets & Eight Capital at once

Following yesterday’s bombshell expose of prospectus fraud by Zamaz/Dispensa, formerly of the Standard List, I have written to the FCA about what is now demonstrably a fraudulent IPO Standard List prospectus which it approved. It must investigate Dominic White and Martin Groak in full as this is utterly scandalous. The letter is below.
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Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: GOTCHA Kibo now what about the Forward selling and false market Fatty, you useless knob

After yesterday's expose the new directors, £500,000 placing and change of strategy have all been scrapped. I did the due diligence Roland "Fatty" Cornish should have done. Now the useless poltroon has created a false market as forward selling has to be unwound. All is explained in this bonus bearcast as AIM faces yet another scandal.
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