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So the Official Statistics Don't Look Good for Shares? Yes, but There Are Silver Linings.

Hello Share Toters. This old punter is downsizing. That means selling stuff on eBay. That was very profitable in the lockdowns as ordering by mail boomed. Now far fewer folks are buying my tasty gear. Latest figures on online buying bear me out. According to the Office of National Statistics, retail sales fell by an unexpected 1.4% in March. And February's sales figures were also revised down. Most of this decline being due to online selling.


Hello more inflation and a 5% fall in Tesco’s share price!

It might be a couple of days before Good Friday but there is a lot going on in global markets. After all yesterday American consumer price index numbers were at a 41 year high, whilst today’s equivalent numbers in the UK were ‘only’ at a 30 year high. Of course, this is a big worry for many people but - as anyone who has been working for 20 plus years knows very well - you should never ignore the threat of inflation (unless you anticipate negligible economic growth for the rest of the 2020s). And all this chat brings me onto numbers from Tesco (TSCO) this morning which have helped push its shares down 5%…


Tesco Does Well during Covid and should Continue to Boom when the Plague is Spent

Hello Share Makers. Though I’m not sure why folks would regularly shop at Tesco (TSCO) when budget supermarkets can work out cheaper, I rather like the look of the shares. Over the last year, the company’s done rather well and I think the positive trend could continue. The supermarket was already ahead in online sales when the pandemic came along and so was in poll position to take advantage.

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