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Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending 1 Apr

By Darren Atwater | Sunday 2 April 2023


The most-read non-Tom non-Quiz article this week is What does the ruling in favour of Iraq potentially mean for companies operating in Kurdistan? Share suspensions tomorrow? by Gary Newman at No 1 or No 1 including Bearcasts.

The most read ShareProphets stories this week were:

  1. What does the ruling in favour of Iraq potentially mean for companies operating in Kurdistan? Share suspensions tomorrow?
    Geo-political risk is a factor that people often overlook when investing in shares, but always has the potential to throw a big curve ball into the mix, and that has definitely been the case this weekend for anyone holding shares in the international oil companies operating in Kurdistan.

  2. Defamatory Bulletin Board Moron of the week: beinthelead on the LSE Asylum, re Skinbiotherapeutics
    It is hard to know where to start with this utter cretin. But for starters I do not post on BBs in my own name or as Truatnt2tb as this fool alleges in a defamatory manner.

  3. SkinBioTherapeutics – interims, Mr Market has it wrong. Strong Buy
    SkinBioTherapeutics (SBTX) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st December 2022 and the shares have been marked down in response. Mr Market has got it wrong and this is a Strong Buy.

  4. Avacta - CEO pay, losses and shares in issue, an unsurprising correlation
    Alastair Smith has been running Avacta (AVCT) for 16 years and after 16 years he has yet to launch an actual product. So on what basis are his pay increases calculated?

  5. .

  6. The ShareProphets Sunday Pub Quiz #181
    It's time for the ShareProphets Sunday Pub Quiz.. There are no prizes!  And remember, no Googling! 

  7. The Mail on Sunday blows off Sarah Willingham again with fake news - would a man get this treatment?
    Not for the first time the Mail on Sunday is doing PR for Sarah Willingham of Nightcap (NGHT). as usual it gets its maths hopelessly wrong.

  8. BREAKING: The £250m tech blow-up Dev Clever – what is it hiding now?
    On 16 December after almost a year of suspension on the (sub) Standard List, Dev Clever (DEV) announced that it was to delist, lying to investors by saying that it could not raise cash on that market. Of course it had been offered cash by Riverfort so that was a demonstrable lie from a company whose serial lies this website had exposed so often. It now gets even murkier.

  9. Versarien AGM statement – car crash, 0p target now in sight
    Oh dear, oh dear, as the disgraced share tipster "old mother" Mike Walters used to say when one of his many disastrous share tips collapsed. Versarien (VRS) is just the sort of blue sky company churning out lies and issuing new shares whenever it could that would have attracted Walters, like shit attracts flies. That even Walters did not tip Versarien tells you something. Today we have an AGM in Cheltenham and the statement from chair Diane Savory has just been released. It is dire. Everything is for sale, it is cash crisis ahoy!

  10. Onward Opportunities IPO – more coke & hookers cash for the crony capitalists but a duff investment
    Thanks to Nomad and broker Cenkos (CNKS) and Dowgate Wealth management, the AIM sewer has a new recruit, a totally pointless investment company, Onward Opportunities (ONWD). This is not capitalism it is crony capitalism. The City boys will make £1.1 million in fees over the first 12 months. Even with inflation that will secure the services of many Ukrainian young ladies and buy stacks of Colombia's finest. Meanwhile shareholders will almost certainly lose money.

The most-listened to Bearcasts this week were:

  1. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: six little small cap piggies I end with a discussion about myself, Andrew Bell, his imaginary marathon running g/f and Cheryl - please donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. Before that I look at six piggies filling me with despair, are there no rules or basic morals at all any more: Braveheart (BRH), Nanoco (NANO), Caracal Gold (GCAT), Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT), ScotGold (SGZ) and Andrew Monk's VSA Capital (VSA). Has Andrew told anyone today that he went to Oriel College Oxford?

  2. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Catriona and Matthew's Dog will love it: Tortilla Mexican do the maths while FYB with Skinbiotherapeutics I start with Tortilla Mexican Grill (MEX) where, as is his wont, young Steve Moore was far too generous yesterday in calling at an avoid. I do the hard maths and it is in deep merde. Then it is onto UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Pennpetro (PPP), Predator Oil & Gas (PRD) and the bloody useless FCA. Finally Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) before, principally to annoy poster Magna Carta, a few words on why I ask you to donate today to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks - you can do so HERE

  3. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - an amazing apple from Wales I start with a few ramblings on turning the Welsh Hovel into a homestead and an apple I have just eaten. I end with a reminder that 98% of you have yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. I am sure that you can each afford a tenner, please do donate HERE. Then I look in detail at Strix (KETL) and explain why Versarien (VRS) really is screwed. Unless you have dealt with banks when running a struggling company - as I have - you just won't get why. I also look at BSF Enterprises (BSFA), Wishbone Gold (WSBN) and Inland (INL).

  4. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: there are worse hobbies than raising a quarter of a million quid for a great cause like Woodlarks But reader Magna Carta says that you all want me to stop mentioning what he terms my "hobby". Matthew's Dog and Catriona will be delighted that I think he can go feck himself, please do feel free to donate HERE. Nearly all of the podcast , as ever, is about companies and I cover: Inland Homes (INL), Moonpig (MOON), Caracal Gold (GCAT), VSA Capital (VSA) and its revenue recognition and the odd company that is Kelso (KLSO). PS did you know that Andrew Monk who runs, what he terms, Very Sexy Andrew, went to Oriel College Oxford? He does mention it now and again.

  5. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: No Giles McDonogh falling house prices is good news I start with a slam dunk political bet in the wake of Donald Trump's looming arrest - a clean sweep for the Republicans in 2024, as I explained a couple of weeks ago HERE. Then onto why house prices falling at the fastest rate for 14 years ( a misleading headline) are to be welcomed but not if you are long Purplebricks (PURP) or the housebuilders. Not that I'd necessarily go short either. Today's ouzo is sponsored by Asimilar (ASLR). I also cover Genedrive (GDR) and the placing it will not 'fess to although it is clearly underway. Then I look at Pensana (PRE) where yakking on about climate change and hiring stacks of lesbians from Islington seems not to have prevented a bit of a looming cash crisis. How, I wonder, do folks in London N1 describe a fat lady in a woke way? Hey Magna Carta, guess what I forgot to mention today? HERE is a clue

  6. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Rogue Bloggers are now 8 (+2 fantasy women) & the wooden floor that protects female failures like Sharon White & La Willingham I start on journalist ethics, that is to say not selling shares before advising readers to and a chap called Magna Carta who reminds me of the weeds in my strawberry patch. Then onto Rogue Bloggers where Andrew Bell says he is joining us and bringing a fantasy woman. I shall bring Cheryl. Please donate HERE. Finally, referring to Sarah Willingham and Dame Sharon White of John Lewis infamy (see the Daily Mail article I refer to HERE) I suggest that a glass ceiling for women in business has been replaced by a wooden floor.

  7. Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Andrew Bell insists his imaginary g/f is no April Fool Did you spot my April Fool story today? I start with that and end with Andrew Bell's imaginary g/f. If Donations to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks (currently £2605 + an unbooked £500 pledge) go above £3,000 by Sunday, I will publish photos of her supplied by Bell and she is a looker, if perhaps imaginary). Donate HERE. In the main bearcast I discuss at length UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), the stench of David Lenigas related party deals and the lies of Lyin' Steve Sanderson plus, in detail, the bailout of Genedrive (GDR) at 6.32 PM last night
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