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It's Showtime for the Biggest Share Event of the Year. Don't Miss it Just to Save a Few Quid!

By Malcolm Stacey | Saturday 9 May 2020


Hello, Share Flingers. This is a big weekend for Uncle Tom has brought together probably the best line-up ever for diamond advice on how to make more money from our share portfolios. He can do this because of the sheer respect the City has for his fraud busting analysis.  Now, there will be some who seek to save a tenner by not tapping into this treasure trove. Even though the tiny fee is less than one trade with your broker.

You may feel confident enough to go it alone. That means you think you know more than the top financial brains in the land and from America. Not only that but that you can interpret what you know into red hot up-to-the-minute buy or sell action. If you are in that unlikely group, I’d love to meet you because you’ll be a billionaire by now.

The May 9th project opening today is a massive online shares conference. More than sixty hours of sage advice from the top players in the UK. You’ll only be able to see and hear a fraction of that advice on the opening day. But that doesn't matter because the nominal subscription fee allows you to’ tune in’ at any time until Christmas.

If you don’t believe Shareprophets has put together the best panel ever, click onto the list of speakers.

But is an online show better than the real thing at a posh London venue? Well, yes actually. You don’t have to spend time and money travelling. You don’t need to take notes. You don't require a good memory. You can replay the bits you can’t grasp straight away. 

You don't have to take all the advice. Even experts disagree sometimes. But you also have opportunities to hear directly from the big cheeses of companies you might be undecided about. You can even ask questions and those on the site will have answers for you.

And if you want to visit the virtual Punter’s Return, you can even do that, too.

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