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Here's Another British Jumbo with a Share Price that Could Ride the Oil Bandwagon to the Stars

Hello Share Mates. This week I’ve reviewed Shell (SHEL) and Tullow (TLW) in the oil game. Today let’s take a gander at another likely contender to continue growing its share price: the mighty BP (BP.).


Cleaner Power Giant Powers On and Could Further Electrify its Share Price

Hello Share Fans. There’s growing support in the City for a big utility. That company is SSE plc (SSE). And the reason for the optimism is that it seems more interested in alternative energy than most other gas and electricity suppliers.

A Promising Company in Harmony with the Green Power Fashion Has Only Just Begun

Hello Share Collectors. This old punter has long thought the company that invents the everlasting battery would find overnight it had the fastest growing share of all time. But like the indestructible tyre, that’s probably not going to happen. Nevertheless, a company which specialises in longer-lasting giant batteries could be worth a look.

Green Energy Player Good May Be Able to Power Up its Lowly Share Price

Hello Share Searchers. This one is for supporters of the green revolution among you. Good Energy (GOOD) is a generator and supplier of 100% renewable power. It has two wind farms, six solar farms and collects electricity from a community of 1,600 independent UK generators. It’s been in business for 20 years, a long time for an alternative energy outfit.

As Bing Crosby Used to Sing: We're Going Well, We're Going Shell...

Hello Share Swingers. This old punter has been of the opinion for many months now that Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) is undervalued. This is based on oil and gas prices going through the roof. Brent Crude continues to rise with more big jumps this week and I agree with Tom when he says fuel prices will continue to soar this year.


Why I'm not Selling my Oil Shares yet, Despite the Mark Carney Plan

Hello, Share Johnnies. News that the COP 26 get-together in Glasgow has backed Mark Carney’s plan to make banks and big investors avoid dirty fuels, understandably sent shares down in the likes of BP (BP.) and Shell (RDSA). But not by as much as you might think. And that’s probably because the high price of Brent crude means big oilers will announce juicy profits when they next report.


Why Shell and BP Shares Aren't Surging Is a Mystery to me. But You Might Want to Invest in Case the Dam Bursts

Hello, Share Collectors. Recently, I suggested that big oil companies might be undervalued. Since then the case for that view has strengthened. There seems to be even more reasons to buy shares in these companies, or at least to keep holding them.


Why Have Ceres Power Shares Fallen? A Reader's Question Answered

Hello, Share Shearers. One of our loyal readers Colin has asked if he can have a bit of assurance over a company I’ve commented on before in this modest column. The firm is Ceres Power (CWR), which provides alternative energy through high-powered battery cells. Colin wonders if there’s a reason why the share has been off the boil recently.


This could be Time To Invest in Clean, Mean, Green Machines.

Hello Share Chums. It won’t surprise you to know I favour green shares. About a third of companies I feature in this modest column are set to take advantage of the alternative revolution. This old punter believes many share prices will rise strongly in this area.

Rising Oil Price could Lubricate a Delayed Boost for Royal Dutch Shell Shares

Hello, Share Crackers. Have you noticed the oil price lately? It’s now around $58 a barrel. And that surprisingly is higher than it was before the pandemic crash in March. You would have thought, with so fewer car journeys being done, that it would stay lower for longer. But it is good news for the army of Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) shareholders…

Giant Miner Aiming for Zero Emissions Might Fly Once Covid is Out of the Way

Hello, Share Pickers. Once the world returns to normal, miners will find their commodities in demand again as manufacturers gear up for pent-up demand. I’ve just reviewed a Footsie miner, Fresnillo (FRES). Let me make a second suggestion for further investigation. And it’s Glencore (GLEN)…

As the Crude Oil Price Rebounds, Royal Dutch Shell Seems Set to Gush Back into Favour

Hello, Share Birdies. There’s been rather a neat jump in the oil price, with it continuing an upward march since the new vaccines hit the scene. The Footsie tracks the oil price, so it’s good news all round. The only snag is that prices at the petrol pumps have started to hit their normal high levels. Time to think about investing in Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) I fancy…


How Green is Your Portfolio - and Do You Care, Anyway?

Hello, Share Revellers. With the markets closed today, let’s take the opportunity to reflect on ethical investing. Once a strategy for folks considered to be cranks, the idea is taking an ever stronger position in the mainstream of investing. And I should jolly well think so, too. But what’s the best way of cleaning up our portfolios? First, it must be remembered that one person’s ‘unethical’ share is another trader’s perfectly acceptable choice.


Rising Oil Price Makes Shell and BP Well Worth Another Look

Hello, Share Mongers. Probably like you, my penny shares are, on the whole, bettering my Footsie giants. I’m now very glad I always split my holdings into two camps – the jumbos for safety (ha-ha) and the minnows. It’s the virus that’s decimated the biggies, of course, especially my over-invested oil interests, like Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.). But I’m not selling either share. And here’s why…

How do we Trade Our Shares Now, Spock? - when Life after Covid Won't Be as We Know it?

Hello, Share Sharpers. When the market’s closed it’s always worth reflecting on the macro picture. What’s likely to befall all of us who own shares in the coming months? Nobody can tell. Who foresaw the present plague, for example? But we can make educated guesses. And ‘educated’ is the world here, not ‘optimistic’.  As you know, we can’t lose dough by guessing right. For what it’s worth, here are a few of my thoughts.


Big Dividend Becomes Even Bigger for this Oil and Gas Jumbo

Hello, Share Catchers. I believe my second biggest holding is BP (BP.), so I was initially disappointed by the news that underlying profit was down in quarter number 2 compared to the same time in 2018...


BP - a buy for income

Shares in BP (BP.) approached 600p as summer dawned and again earlier this month. They’ve been hit in the recent sell-off though, despite - already offering a hefty dividend - the second quarter results having emphasised “momentum and the strength of our financial frame… we are increasing our dividend for the first time in almost four years. This reflects not just our commitment to growing distributions to shareholders but our confidence in the future”

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Pressure Technologies – “considerable momentum” & “significant potential”, so why are the shares further lower?

Pressure Technologies (PRES) has announced results for its half year ended 31st March 2018 including “dynamics in the defence and oil and gas markets are showing considerable momentum” and “there is significant potential in Alternative Energy”. So why are the shares currently further lower, below 130p?...

Pressure Technologies – “several notable successes” & “a strong position”… and then “substantially below” expectations!

A trading update from Pressure Technologies (PRES) commences “the Alternative Energy Division has scored several notable successes since the start of the current financial year, which demonstrates our continued leadership in the biogas upgrading market” and includes “the biogas market offers substantial potential” and “our Manufacturing Divisions continue to have a strong position in the global, safety critical markets they serve… an upturn in the oil and gas market and a well developed position in the defence market”. The shares have responded to the update, er, more than 22% lower, to 144p…


Why You Should Maybe Hang Onto Your Oil Shares, After All.

Hello, Share Collectors. Many of us, I know, are still awash in oil stocks, both the producers and riskier explorers. I’ve been advising that we cut down, as the competition from wind, sun, waves and biomass, threatens to grow. But I think I may have been too hard on ebony nectar and here are a few reasons why.

Pressure Technologies – “Update on Recent Trading” = Another Profit Warning…

Having initially warned of further downside risk with the shares at 166p HERE, I note shares in Pressure Technologies (PRES) are currently more than 11% lower today, at 140p, on the back of an “Update on Recent Trading”

Pressure Technologies – AGM trading update notes “resilience”, but profit warning ahoy?

Serving the oil, gas, alternative energy and defence markets, Pressure Technologies (PRES) has updated that it is currently showing "resilience" despite some extremely difficult markets. But is a profit warning ahoy? ...

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