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Keyword results: Jefferies

This Sizzling Songster could see its Shares Rise to the Sound of Music

Hello Share Pickers. At first blush, the company Hipgnosis (SONG) seems impossible to pronounce. Which has to be a disadvantage. But if you sound it out aloud and treat the ‘g’ as silent, then it’s a clever name. And Hipgnosis is all about sound, being a music rights investor and big enough to be in the Footsie 250.

No Heartbreak at this Hotel Group with a Share Price that Seems Undervalued

Hello Share Carriers. This old punter can never understand why there’s such a healthy demand for hotel rooms. Why are people staying away from home so much, especially in non-holiday venues? But the fact remains that there are always zillions of people wanting temporary accommodation. Which leads me to suggest that now Covid is behind us, you might take a look at this company.

Banks Have Been a Thumping Disappointment for Share Bunnies, but Perhaps the Tide's Changing.

Hello Share Takers. The case seems to be growing for buying shares in Britain’s high street banks. The biggest driver of the stock is the rising interest rate. Banks will earn more from the money they lend out. But they don’t seem to be offering bigger rates of interest on accounts, if they offer anything at all. 

Rushing to Snaffle Oil and Gas Shares? Don't Forget to eyeball Tullow

Hello, Share Tweakers. You don’t have to be an Einstein to guess that share prices for oil companies should keep on rising, at least for a bit. Myself and more able analysts have commended Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.) recently but there are other experienced producers around and Tullow Oil (TLW) looks to have been rather overlooked by the City.


Argo Blockchain US fundraise is at just 109p - no wonder ELEVEN brokers managed to get it away

Yes, you read that correctly, the US ADR placing of Argo Blockchain (ARB) involved ELEVEN different brokers. Jefferies, Barclays, Canaccord Genuity, Stifel, GMP, Compass Point, D.A. Davidson & Co, Ladenburg Thalmann, Roth Capital Partners, finnCap and Tennyson Securities are the team batting for Argo and will no doubt boast that they raised £82.4 million having targeted just £75 million. But…


Times when it is best to retire to the pavilion

I have been a critic of Argo Blockchain (ARB) for an awfully long time. It is run by sharp promoters and backed by some nasty spivs. And it seems to me that it has failed woefully to address the issues flagged up a few weeks ago in the recent Boatman bear dossier HERE.

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This Manufacturer's Shares Fell on a Profits Warning but could See a Quick Recovery

Hello Share Shapers. Normally, this old punter avoids firms in the ‘defence’ sector. I find that defence can mean offence and the thought of my money killing and maiming people is something I want now’t to do with. But Avon Protection (AVON) keeps safe soldiers and police men and women, which is a different kettle of fish.


Xeros - revolutionary washing machine rinses Woodford away: placing at just 1p but shares down to 0.93p. Grim Reaper time.

Neil Woodford Uber-dog Xeros Technology (XSG), the great man’s revolutionary washing machine outfit, announced a rescue bailout placing at just 1p at almost lights-out yesterday – 3.46pm, just two minutes after announcing the appointment of FinnCrap as its Nomad and Sole Broker. Times must be really tough for FinnCrap, I guess any retainer will do when you have bills to pay. But forget's Finncap's abandonment of claims that it only acts for quality companies, the real story here is that the losses for Neil Woodford’s former investors at WEIF and WPCT are staggering – and now look set to hit 100% as the stock is trading below the placing price.

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The stench of Neil Woodford makes IP Group uninvestable whatever Jefferies says

In today's podcast I look at Mobile Streams (MOS), Xeros Group (XSG), what causes Neil Woodford to call it a day and how the stench of his activites makes IP Group (IPO) uninvestable at any price whatever broker Jefferies says in a note today.

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Igas – an interesting TR-1: is there an error here?

Andrew “piggy” Austin, the former CEO of AIM-listed Igas (IGAS) and head honcho of newly listed RockRose Energy (RRE) has submitted an interesting TR-1 which was released by Igas yesterday afternoon. It raises a number of questions, not least of which is whether it was erroneous. Surely the Equities First Holdings LLP (EFH) saga is not taking yet another twist, is it? 

Madagascar Oil – our share tip is ahead but more to come soon, buy at up to 10p

Madagascar Oil (MOIL) had a busy week and that sees its shares now trading at 9.25p-10p, up on our tip at 9.25p (offer), but there is far more to come. Here’s why.


Obtala Resources – Another Indictment of useless Nomad Jefferies (but a buying opportunity)

Obtala Resources (OBT) has been issuing good news after good news release – the latest being a cracking forestry deal. Yet its shares are almost unmoved – at 9.625p today. That is down to one thing alone, the incompetence of Nomad Jefferies.


The Equities First Holdings LLC Scandal – which, if any, Nomads took brown envelopes?

Oh dear, a Nomad who was approached by Equities First Holdings LLC urging it to get its corporate clients to engage in its dodgy share trades has come forward and revealed that brown envelopes were involved. So which Nomad or Nomads have taken one and is this not a conflict of interest?

Igas WILL go the same way as Afren, it is a when not an if

Last week's meltdown in the share price at Afren (AFR) shows how devastatingly fast is the transfer of ownership from shareholders to debt holders when a company's loan covenants are breached.

IGas – CEO Andrew Austin’s 7.5 million share EFH deal: is it now 10.25 million shares?

Having already published an open letter to IGas’ (IGAS) Nomad, Jefferies International, asking it to look into a holding of 10.25m shares registered to Bank of New York Nominees on 25 November 2014 (HERE) which exceeds 3% of the issued shares I have been doing some number crunching. The results throw up either the most incredible coincidence, or a demonstration that IGas CEO Andrew Austin has handed over 2.75m more shares to EFH than the 7.5m shares disclosed the very next day after this 10.25m share holding was registered. Here is why.

Bully – fools & bullies with a clown of a lawyer but NOT originators of market abuse

Okay none of you guessed, my first lawyer’s letter of the year came from Apparently I have damaged its good name and caused it distress. Yes, that is the website which each day carries at least 50 posts smearing me with all sorts of abuse and lies. Next up, Prince Andrew is going to give me a lecture for inappropriate behaviour because my wife is six years younger than I am.

BOO – brokers remaining positive and directors buying shares worth following?

Following a profit warning (reviewed HERE) from online fashion retailer boohoo (BOO) there has been some director buying of shares, the appointment of a joint corporate broker and a number of broker updates. The following reviews.

IGAS, Optimal Payments and Nomads Canaccord and Jefferies: Anything you should tell us?

Thanks to the joys of the internet we have a sample contract for those Equities First Holdings LLP (EFH) so-called loan deals. It makes fascinating reading  - you can read it HERE.Note that it is held on the USA’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website: I think we can assume it is genuine! Given that EFH is a one product company, this contract gives us a solid basis for a model contract with directors the EFH Six (Optimal payments, IGAS, Cloudbuy, IQE, Quenron and Aengle), which we can now test against disclosures made.

IGas – now about that margin call on piggy wiggy Andrew Austin’s EFH dodgy share deal, clarification needed (again)

Things are hotting up for AIM Cesspit-listed IGas (IGAS) and its beleaguered CEO Andrew Austin in relation to his  ‘loan’ deal with Equities First Holdings LLC. I remind you that this is a one-product finance company, and we have read one of its loan-deal contracts held on the SEC website in the US very carefully. Thus far we have not yet seen a British one, but we think it will be largely the same. Some of the AIM companies caught up in the EFH scandal have been rather more open than others when it has come to clarifying details of the deal. And that brings us back to the issue of margin calls.

Igas and hapless Nomad Jefferies Clarifies the Clarification but more Clarifications needed

IGas (IGAS) has  this morning admitted that it got its numbers wrong last week. Yesterday’s piece on today’s RNS HERE on Shareprophets was, er, prophetic.

Igas – Monday’s RNS Tonight, to Correct Last Wednesday’s Clarification RNS

In the light of yesterday’s piece on boardroom piggery, wrong figures in RNSs, incorrect data given to Dart’s shareholders etc – you can read it HERE  I have now checked through all  IGas’ share issue announcements and Companies House Filings, with particular regard to the holdings and ‘interests’ of CEO Andrew Austin.

What disgraced IGAS boss Andrew Austin should do now

Last week IGas (IGAS) accompanied a dire set of results with another statement regarding the shabby dealings of CEO Andrew Austin with the dodgy American firm Equities First Holdings LLC. As usual it was deceitful and inaccurate.

IGas piggy Andrew Austin at the trough and worse, far worse

It is hat-tip time once again to Jason. He’s understandably a bit miffed  - he feels that Dart Shareholders were not given full disclosure of the true picture with IGas (IGAS) ahead of the recommended takeover of Dart in relation to the shareholding of IGas CEO Andrew Austin. He thought that Mr Austin actually HELD almost 11m shares in the company offering its own paper to buy Dart, but it seems that in fact he held fewer than 3,500,000 shares, with the rest in the form of an option. I would feel the same in his shoes. And so I thought it time to get to the truth about Mr Austin’s director interests and director holdings.

IGAS, Jefferies (Nomad), Andrew Austin (CEO), Board of Directors: SHAME ON YOU! You should all go now.

I read with utter horror Wednesday’s RNS regarding Mr Austin’s Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) ‘loan’ deal which, ahem, clarified that the previous clarification that the original RNS was all correct was in fact (cough, splutter) unclear. It was wrong. It was misleading. What a total shambles! How any CEO could survive this - and what follows - is beyond me. Gallows at the ready, then.


Jefferies International Limited – Enhancing the Reputation of the Aim casino in true fashion – ref IGAS

Lest it not be forgotten, The AIM casino holds Equities First Holdings LLP (EFH) in such high regard that it not only allowed EFH to sponsor this year’s AIM Awards, but even got one of their number ( the witch Elena Clarici) to sit on the judging panel. What fine, upstanding citizens those fine fellows at EFH must be.

IGAS needs to Clarify its Clarification on CEO Director share trades – a total farce

IGAS (IGAS) has today tried to clarify share trades made by its CEO Andrew Austen. It has failed abysmally and now needs to clarify its clarification. This is a farce and the advisers - the lamentable Jefferies – should be walking the plank right now.


Tom Winnifrith BearCast Special on Quindell (Fidelity Blinks), IGAS and its Scumbag Nomad Jefferies

Fidelity is dumping its shares in Quenron (QPP) and I explain what this means. Jefferies is defending IGAS (IGAS) by doing nothing and I explian why it is so foolish to do so. This will explode in the face of IGAS and its piss poor Nomad. A quick ten minute blast - no holds barred stuff


AO World is a joke and a sell and a lesson for our times

When, in the not too distant future, learned books and articles appear discussing the crazy climate at the top of the bull market which started in March 2009, there will be various iconic examples greed and folly at the peak in 2014.

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