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Keyword results: BBOX

Big Box Business Beats Britain's Blight to Bag Better Profits

Hello Share Finders. It's sadly rare to find a company reporting increased profits in these difficult days. But one of my regular favourites, Tritax Big Box (BBOX) has done it. This very modern version of a warehouse king has announced that underlying operating profit for the half year has improved by 7.5%.

Big Box Bonanza makes this Futuristic Warehouse Manager Worth a Peak

Hello, Share Collectors. One reason why the Footsie has begun to move slowly to tickle all-time highs is because big firms have the resources to offer greater protection against recession. So the more cautious investor is likely to choose companies in the big 100. But a different way to take advantage of the same situation is to buy shares in companies that derive their income from jumbo outfits.

Thinking Inside the Big Box Helps this Warehouse King Store some Higher Profits

Hello Share Swappers. Tritax Big Box (BBOX) is another of those rare companies that's boosting its cash-making. Its half-year numbers showed operating profit increased by 5.6% to £88.8 million. So well worth a look, gang, as so many other outfits struggle.

Motorway Warehouse King Set to Keep on Trucking

Hello Share Fans. It’s been a while since I last brought Tritax Big Box (BBOX) before your quizical gaze. Since then the state-of-the art storage company has had a successful fundraising. And for once, this seems a beneficial event for shareholders. The cash raised will be used to buy loads more properties to rent out into a soaring market.

Tritax Big Box Expands Out of its Box to Meet Bouncy Demand and the Outlook Seems Rosy

Hello Share Fans. Allow me to return to a company I think is well fitted to the way commerce is going in the future. Tritax Big Box (BBOX) is an ambitious outfit with giant warehouses using robots to shift stock around. It’s been involved in a recent fundraising exercise which added £300 million to the coffers. To that it is adding another £230 million to spend mostly on increasing its floor space and infrastructure.

Big Space Company Sells Record Amount of Storage to A-List Jumbos and the Shares Look Promising

Hello, Share Bashers. There are some shares I commend to your further research, while never putting my toe in the water myself. This is not a lack of faith in myself, but the fact that I limit the number of companies I invest in. Otherwise, I’d spread my resources too thin to take advantage of big windfalls. One such company I often praise, and now wish I’d bought shares in, is Tritax Big Box (BBOX).

Big Box Company's Warehouse Robots Should Thrive Even if the Pandemic Persists

Hello Share Mongers. If you’re looking for a company which could benefit rather than suffer from the virus, then might I suggest considering Tritax Big Box REIT (BBOX). I’ve previously covered this go-ahead outfit which provides warehouse space for many companies with household names. Sounds a bit boring. Except that Tritax uses state of the art robots to store and distribute goods for its clients…

Tritax Big Box Resists the Virus and its Share Price Should Continue to Soar

Hello, Share Swingers. I’m not sure why I’m not invested in Tritax Big Box (BBOX), as I certainly think it's a company that's on the up. The latest numbers confirm that view...

Here's Another Whiz Bang Company That May Beat the Virus to Motivate Its Share Price

Hello Share Mashers. Ordering by mail is a boom area during the virus outbreak. And it could be even more popular afterwards, as more people adopt the habit of buying this way. Today, I look at a mail-order and standard retail storage outfit I’ve commended before that could benefit from this nasty pandemic...

Where Has all the Retail Stuff Gone? - a Lot of it into Tritax's Super-Dooper Warehouses

Hello, Share Players. You have a better chance of making money from a company if it’s part of a growing trend. One of the most promising areas for expansion in this ever-complicated world is the massive warehouse game. More and more of us are buying online. That’s why the High Street struggles. But we are still buying objects and these have to be stored somewhere. They also have to be moved about and distributed. And if you can get robots to do the job, instead of expensive humans, it all helps to massage the profit...

Thinking Outside the Small Box and Getting Into Big Box is Perhaps the Way to Go

Hello, Share Flingers. Most Shareprophets subscribers are, I suspect, old enough to be a bit fed up with the obsessive way our increasingly technological world is taking us. This may make us reluctant to invest in modern ways of making and selling stuff. But if we want to turn big money from our little hobby, then we must not let modern developments leave us behind.

Consider Opening the Big Box by Building an Investment in Futuristic Buildings

Hello, Share Mixers. A whizzo strategy when trying to find a new company in which to invest is to ask if what it provides is part of a growing trend. Will it deliver the goods in a world which becomes faster and more efficient in the future? Or does the company provide goods or services which are gradually becoming less fashionable and out of date?

Delve into the Big Box and You May Click and Collect a Winner

Hello Share Pickers. You don’t need me to tell you that shopping habits are changing. Yes, the days of going shopping are still with us. The great British public regard it as its number one hobby.

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