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Advanced Oncotherapy – Has Odey Doubled Down In Face Of Embarrassment Of Insolvency?

…Odey the embarrassment of following the former Woodford funds down the road of admitting they had backed …

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - in defence of Neil Woodford

…the coal mine of global inflation. I defend Neil Woodford against a low-grade Sunday Times journalist, with …

The Deep Drill on Finals from the Fraud, Supply@Me Capital: Part 2 – the stink around Tradeflow

…the Olympus Corporation saga, where Michael Woodford, the newly installed CEO (Michael Christopher … Woodford - Wikipedia), discovered that excessive fees paid …

Advanced Oncotherapy – Yet Another Placing To Kick The Fat Lady Down The Road By Only A Few Inches

…the news. With fellow proton-beam competitor and Woodford disgrace Rutherford Health (RUTH) already heading …

Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending 11 June 2022

…of his work as an enabler of fraud BREAKING: Neil Woodford Disaster Rutherford Health To Be Liquidated: … news is a £240m damning of Neil Woodford’s greed and wickedness Tom Winnifrith …

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast – today's news is a £240m damning of Neil Woodford's greed and wickedness

…quarter of a billion quid blown, largely by Neil Woodford, at Rutherford (RUTH) and how that made … Woodford,personally, even richer. I name and shame a …

BREAKING: Neil Woodford Disaster Rutherford Health To Be Liquidated: £240m Down The Drain

…on the Aquis (then NEX) lobster-pot, backed by a Woodford promise which cost his investors another £80 … The whole charade was a pantomime from the start. Woodford invested large sums at a cheap price in the early … up the NAV of his equity income fund, WEIF, and Woodford Patient Capital Trust, (WPCT)) but as he held the …

Eve Sleep – seeking additional investment for development… or because of cash crunch ahoy?...

…warnings on this website on this former Neil Woodford pick have been heeded and still avoid / sell. …

Woodford, Link and the FCA: Who Is Really To Blame?

…that we now have plenty of referrals to the Neil Woodford fiasco in the mainstream media, but it is Link, … not Woodford, which is being sued by former investors who lost … piles and piles of money. Woodford made the investment decisions, he called the …

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Versarien will go to zero but is it a short?

…please do so HERE.  Then I look at Neil Woodford and Harcus Parker finally filing its claim …
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