Caption contest/translation request - PR Genius Steffi & NFT Edition

If the bird on the right, and I assume she is a bird but who knows these days, is a fashion expert than I reckon I am qualified to translate Peer Gynt from the original Norwegian into  Somali. I digress, in the comments section below feel free to supply either a caption or ,perhaps, more usefully to explain what this bollocks is all about and how any investor can make money from it. I defy even Jimbo to master that one.


Housekeeping note: ShareProphets should look better on your phone and load faster on everything

I was sitting in a pub in Vancouver drinking a Tart Pineapple Grisette and I had an epiphany. When I got home, I yanked out some wires from the ShareProphets server and now it should be running much faster for everyone now. I also fixed something that had changed and messed up the layout on smartphones, which had bugged me for awhile. Let me know in the comments if you are not seeing faster loading or still seeing general wonkiness.


Video: The Deflationary Crash is Nearly Here

Macroeconomist, Henrik Zeberg, warns there is a blow-off top coming, which will unfold over mid-summer. This will be followed by a deflationary bust, taking everything down.  Then, we’re going to see devastating stagflation.


Bring it on 2022 (I say)

It is kind of interesting to be reminded earlier today that the last time mainstream government bond markets had two successive years of losses was in 1973-1974, a period of time during which I was born. I can definitely see that happening in 2021-2022, but I guess we will find that out during the next twelve months.  You should be much more excited about the equity markets in any case but - a bit like the 1970s - expect volatility and having to pick and choose carefully.  But - judging by the composition of the ShareProphets tips of the year for 2022 - already. 

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