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Strix – 2022 results, what’s “will prioritise debt reduction and free cash flow generation” actually likely to deliver?

Kettle safety controls and other water temperature components group Strix (KETL) has announced results for the 2022 calendar year and emphasised “strong potential for greater top line growth and improved margins going forward”. What then of the shares, currently up to 94p on the back of the results announcement but still down from 100p when I previously wrote on the group in January?
  • By Steve Moore
  • 2023-03-29 13:48:49

LoopUp – argues ‘a strong revenue run-rate heading into FY23’. Er, what about the bottom-line though?!

Describing itself as a “cloud platform for premium external communications”, LoopUp Group (LOOP) has issued a trading update commencing that it “now expects a material jump in Q422 revenue to approximately £7.2 million following the PGi Connect transaction announced in September 2022, and so a strong run-rate heading into FY23” and the shares have currently responded 5% higher. Good news then?
  • By Steve Moore
  • 2023-03-29 10:29:18

Tortilla Mexican Grill – full-year results swing to loss and net debt… but don’t worry as its “Tik Tok posts are legendary” (well, according to CEO Richard Morris)!

“The largest and most successful fast-casual Mexican restaurant group in the UK” (er, what’s the competition for this small niche?), Tortilla Mexican Grill (MEX) reckons that it “is pleased to announce its annual results for the 52 weeks ended 1 January 2023… a year of significant growth and further strategic progress”. So what of the shares down from approaching 170p a year ago to a current 120p?
  • By Steve Moore
  • 2023-03-27 15:15:48

IQGeo – 2022 results, is even delivering on forecasts sufficient for the valuation?

Describing itself as “a market leading provider of geospatial productivity and collaboration software for the telecoms and utility industries”, IQGeo Group (IQG) has announced results for the 2022 calendar year and that it “remain very confident in our ability to deliver on our targets for 2023 and beyond”. So what of a currently slightly lower 197p share price?
  • By Steve Moore
  • 2023-03-27 12:49:38

In The Style – its farce continues as business sale scrapes through General Meeting vote but AIM cancellation is voted down

Taking-advantage-of-covid-lockdowns March 2021 at 200p per share listing dog, Oops sorry, “disruptive and inclusive digital womenswear fashion brand”, In The Style Group (ITS) has announced that at a General Meeting today “the Sale Resolution was duly passed by Shareholders on a poll. It is therefore expected that Completion of the Sale will occur on 27 March 2023. The Cancellation Resolution did not pass”. With the shares currently down a further more than 20% in response to 0.66p, what does the latest news mean?

  • By Steve Moore
  • 2023-03-24 14:57:29

Cenkos merges with finnCap – “a true meeting of minds”… of recent shite IPOs?

Writing Two drunks propping each other up, Nomad and broker Cenkos (CNKS) merges with finnCap (FCAP) earlier, Tom noted their stated triumphant and grandiose argument that “This merger is a true meeting of minds: the combination of two firms with a shared client-centric culture” before noting shall we list all their recent shite IPOs? I’ve had a look back over the 18 months before the start of this year and found the following (and not forgetting finnCap’s March 2021 Parsley Box already de-listed. Please add any which could have been missed from this “true meeting of minds” in the comments below)...

  • By Steve Moore
  • 2023-03-23 16:15:48

Osirium Technologies – body of 2022 results statement misleads; omitting “and raise additional capital” included in Going concern notes!

Previously writing on company describing itself as “a leading vendor of cloud-based cybersecurity and IT automation software” Osirium Technologies (OSI), in January with the shares at 3.8p I concluded that it was still cash burn and thus only a bailout fundraise for now. The shares last closed at 2.6p and are currently further lower on the back of full-year results... which have a main body of the statement omission disgrace.

  • By Steve Moore
  • 2023-03-23 11:29:00
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