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Shell Still Undervalued but, as Profits Pile In, Any Resistance from Green Investors May Weaken as the Giant Goes Greener

Hello Share Carriers. Oil jumbo Shell (SHEL) remains one of the few shares still left in my bag after a dash to cash a month or so ago. That’s because the bubbly oil price can only translate into bigger profits for the black stuff boys. Net profit for the third quarter was 26% higher than last time at $11.5 billion, thanks to those chirpy oil prices and post Covid demand.


Why Oil Shares Could Be Well Worth Having, Despite a Small Correction in Share Prices

Hello Shares Fans. Let’s take the opportunity, with markets closed, to review the situation surrounding the oil price and our opportunities to make money with the big, and not so big, oilers. In the last few days of trading, shares in Shell (SHEL), BP (BP.) and the like dropped. But the reason is lightweight and temporary. 

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  • 2022-06-11 04:50:16

Shell Shares Have Soared, and Could There Still Be More to Come?

Hello Share Munchers. If you’d followed my suggestion to buy Shell (SHEL) shares, over the last six months you would be up by more than 40%. But of course I cannot claim too much credit for this boost as the likelihood that the share price would soar was pretty obvious on record oil prices. But is Shell still worth buying now?

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