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Versarien – making your mate chairperson is never a good sign

2021-10-13 10:52:29

I noted yesterday that a rapid turnover of Non Execs is never a good sign.  Today we discover that James Stewart CBE who joined Versarien (VRS) as its non exec chairman on June 30 last year has had enough and is leaving on December 31.  His departure is a red flag, his successor is another.


Versarien – the deafening sound of silence

2021-09-24 09:25:25

A company does not have to say anything on trading, on its prospects or on other matters at an AGM but it can do so and if it has anything good at all to say you can bet the ranch, especially with smaller AIM promotes, that it will say it. And that brings us to the Versarien (VRS) AGM yesterday.


Versarien: Rewarding failure - snouts in the trough exposed

2021-08-28 14:31:01

The annual report for worthless cash-guzzling promote Versarien (VRS) came out on Friday. Hmmm just before a bank holiday weekend, a good day to bury bad news or in this case snouts in the trough and rewards for failure.


The Versarien ramping - more emails published thanks to Winnileaks “China thinks Neill Ricketts is a God”

2021-08-23 15:34:51

Another cache of emails have been delivered to Winnileaks regarding the activities of the ex copper who uses private chatrooms where folks discuss having me killed, Mr Graham Wood. As we know from previous articles, Wood is a close confidante of the loathsome Neill Ricketts, of stock-market promotion Versarien (VRS) infamy.


Ian Westbrook: Twenty thousand thanks to everyone who has supported my fundraiser

2021-08-12 08:10:52

On Tuesday evening we reached the £20,000 target for my fundraiser to defend myself against the charges of defamation brought by Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS). My heartfelt thanks to all ShareProphets readers and subscribers who have pledged money or expressed their goodwill and support. It has helped sustain me through a difficult and stressful time.


The Versarien Cultists have their cake and eat it as Ian Westbrook hits £20,000 target - start sweating Neill Ricketts

2021-08-11 08:48:58

The good news is, and I thank so many generous Shareprophets readers, that Ian Westbrook has – as you can see here – raised £20,000 and so, in January, the loathsome pig Neill Ricketts will get to sweat in Court. I shall be preparing my deposition for Ian’s barrister next week. Natch the Bulletin Board cultists were driven to a frenzy of rage by this.


Versarien Results are truly diabolical

2021-08-05 15:42:11

It is hard to know where to begin with the results from Versarien (VRS) for the year to March 31 2021. They are, at every level, just utterly diabolical. However much the morally bankrupt PR spinners at Yellow Jersey - who else would act for such scoundrels - try to polish the turd, it is still a turd.


Ian Westbrook crowdfund update – after a late large donation, appeal extended as just £1890 more needed to see Ricketts sweat

2021-08-05 08:51:05

There was a large donation late yesterday and that means that brave Bulletin Board commentator Ian Westbrook, aka Club Sandwich, has now raised £18,110 of the £20,000 needed to see loathsome pig Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) sweat like the AIM CEO he is with a January Court appearance. As a result…


BREAKING: Versarien's Nomad should be quitting over this

2021-08-04 08:15:51

Shares in Versarien (VRS) are being pumped by Bulletin Board speculation that the company has won a "major role" in HS2. If that is the case Versarien should announce the deal with hard numbers via an RNS.  But it has not, it has leaked the story to "Punchline" the No 1 source of Business News in Gloucester. And then cult followers have spread the link all over the internet.


Versarien – another source of cash flow strains exposed

2021-07-30 08:33:40

The Bulletin Board cult followers of the dog Versarien (VRS) never look under the bonnet at hidden horrors. That is why critics such as Ian Westbrook are so useful. Ian has now raised more than 70% of the cash needed to make loathsome stock hustler Neill Ricketts sweat with a court hearing. He has six days to raise the rest. Please donate, even if it is just a tenner, HERE. If the full £20,000 is not raised you get your cash back. Please give now. So what is this little horror I have stumbled across?


Is loathsome Neill Ricketts scoring the biggest own goal in business history?

2021-07-28 08:40:40

At time of writing, the Versarien (VRS) share price is 29.55p, below the crucial 30p support/resistance. If it hits the low 20s or high teens in the next month or two I don’t think anybody except the die-hard bulls on ADVFN would be surprised. And the company is due to release some numbers soon, expected to continue the pattern of declining revenues and to show profitability as far away as ever. With the number of covid cases declining sharply (and very welcome it is too), the bounce in revenues from selling graphene-enhanced face nappies will prove to be very temporary indeed, I suspect.  


NOW It really is the time to back Ian Westbrook against the Versarien bullies

2021-07-21 15:50:14

The Morons who believe in the cult of Neill Ricketts and the cash guzzling POS that is Versarien (VRS) think that Ian Westbrook (Club Sandwich), the Bulletin Board poster Ricketts wishes to destroy will fail to raise the £20,000 needed to keep his defence going. They are wrong. Here is one cultist posting on ADVFN today. Hap tip JD:


I was left penniless by a conman says Versarien boss Neil Ricketts

2021-07-20 08:35:39

No sniggering at the back please. This press article from 2011, the year the loathsome Neill Ricketts founded that great British company Versarien (VRS) is presented without comment.


Graham Wood – vile enforcer of the cult of Versarien

2021-07-11 07:37:28

We have seen previously, through his emails, group chat posts and postings to ADVFN bulletin boards, how Graham Wood had many deeply "interesting" interactions with Versarien management, including CEO Neill Ricketts. It seems that as far back as May 2017 Wood ‘popped’ into the Versarien offices apparently at will whenever he was in Cheltenham (only 27 or so miles from where he lives), where he was exposed – deliberately or accidentally – to highly price-sensitive information which he then relayed to other investors in a series of thinly-disguised nudges and winks. He also openly admitted to meeting Versarien company officers for friendly little chats, relaying what they said in bulletin board posts the next day. None of this is in question, it is all backed up by his own words in verifiable emails and bulletin board posts.


Will you help crowdfund Ian Westbrook to see bully boy AIM CEO Neill Ricketts of Versarien faced down in Court?

2021-07-07 14:59:29

Loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) seems intent on destroying his Bulletin Board critic Ian Westbrook in order to preserve his good name. Really I meant that - seriously, stop sniggering at the back! But Mr Westbrook is not backing down and has hired the legal team which has helped me see off so many bullies who are working at a very reasonable rate to defend the brave Westbrook. But costs will mount up so Ian, Club Sandwich on the boards, has launched a crowdfunding operation to raise an initial £20,000. I ask of you two things:


Versarien – Time for some more honest disclosures about the Graphene business performance

2021-06-22 08:44:01

Shoddy AIM promote Versarien (VRS) presents and markets itself as graphene led business.   Its annual reports contain huge narrative detail on its graphene business but the plastics and hardware business barely get a mention (limited to a paragraph or two for each).  Furthermore, its recent acquisitions being Hanwha Aerospace for £4.34 million and Gnanomat for £3.0 million were both in the graphene space and the graphene business now represent the majority of the goodwill on the balance sheet.  It had a recent strategic investment by a South Korean firm called Graphene Lab.  Its retail investor base is clearly focused on the potential for hockey stick growth in revenue and profits from graphene products as relentlessly promoted by loathsome CEO Neill Ricketts.


BREAKING: AIM promoter Neill Ricketts presses the button and has lodged court proceedings against BB critic Ian Westbrook

2021-06-18 12:43:35

The loathsome boss of Versarien (VRS) Neill Ricketts has made what, the king of the fraudsters, my pal Sam Antar would call out as a cardinal error for a stock promoter. He has not only threatened Bulletin board critic Ian Westbrook (Club Sandwich) with a libel case, he has now lodged formal proceedings. So why is Claim Number QB-2021-002159 such a blundering mistake by the AIM boss?


Is seven Nomads in less than eight years a record breaker? Why does Versarien have so many bust ups?

2021-06-11 10:09:01

Most AIM sewer companies have, perhaps, 2 Nomads every five years. Sometimes your company grows so you upgrade to a bigger firm. Or the reverse can happen. Or maybe a Nomad goes bust. Or perhaps you just have a personality clash. But to have multiple Nomads suggests something worse is afoot, that the Nomads might actually be baulking at what is going on. In that vein, consider the record of Versarien (VRS).


Loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien has a new hero

2021-05-18 15:45:08

Neill's hero who he used to retweet was Elon Musk. Boy how Neill worshipped the old fraudster. But perhaps Elon is too respectable for Neill these days. After all he has not yet been convicted of fraud. So Neill has a new hero, a convicted felon, who he can retweet as you can see below.


BREAKING: Now loathsome Neill Ricketts the boss of joke company Versarien threatens another private investor critic

2021-05-13 14:07:58

Oh dear, the crashing share price of Versarien (VRS) seems to be getting to its loathsome boss Neill Ricketts. He has already threatened one Bulletin Board critic with a libel action, sending the fascist lawyers letter you can see HERE. Now on twitter he appears to be threatening another as you can see below. So Neill is this just bullying by a failing CEO or will you give us all the fun of a full disclosure process by actually taking legal action? Please let it be the latter, my guess is that even you are not that stupid and it will not be.


Versarien shares hit new 2021 low - a double whammy and nothing can stop the rot

2021-05-12 11:41:59

Even at 34.1p to sell, a new low for 2021 achieved despite the raging bull market in small cap shares, Versarien (VRS) is capitalised at £66 million which for a company with negligible net cash and burning cash is a preposterous joke. Let’s start with a reminder of what fair value is…


A golden rule about companies that threaten legal action

2021-05-11 09:59:30

Of course, there are some instances when it is appropriate to take legal action against some critic. If, for instance, the attacks are against wives and children, there is a threat of actual body harm or the allegations are just so outrageous (paedophilia for example) then a company might justifiably take action. But simply to bring in lawyers, who are always expensive, to try to silence someone who criticises a company’s business model, or its valuation, is a monumental red flag.


The ex copper Graham Wood who wanted me killed – digging further into the Versarien sewer

2021-05-07 12:51:13

Graham Wood is the most enthusiastic shareholder in the con that is Versarien (VRS). He does not like me because I point out the lies the company told and so has discussed having me killed and was on the private chatroom which discussed how my (then pregnant) wife could be harassed at work so that she was fired. Now thanks to Neill Ricketts trying to gag a Bulletin Board critic with fascist lawyers letters, we may find out whether Wood rides solo or if he is rather more connected to Versarien than folks think.


The Bulletin Board critic loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien is bullying hits back

2021-05-02 18:01:25

As has been previously documented, on Monday 19th April I sent my reply to Ricketts’ Cheltenham lawyers. The following day (Tuesday 20th) Mr Tom Winnifrith published his ‘precedent’ article and I sent a screengrab of the article to Messrs Blaggem, Rippem & Scarper, attached to the following email:


I am becoming addicted to watching Katie from Proactive: comedy gold as she interviews Neill Ricketts

2021-04-28 12:49:38

This is like admitting that I have a secret habit of watching old episodes of the Dick Emery show. I might accept that what I watch is utter rubbish, that I learn nothing from it at all and that I really should not admit it in polite society but what the hell, I am becoming addicted to Proactive’s new interviewer Katie Pilbeam whose “good news as the shares crashed” special with ScotGold (SGZ) I flagged up yesterday. Katie, ooh, you are awful... but I like you! Now she has recorded a 5 minute special with loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) as you can see below.


Is Neill Ricketts causing cancer with Versarien’s face masks? Read a scientific paper suggesting the answer may be YES

2021-04-26 10:02:06

Shares in Versarien (VRS) have been ramped, in as much as you can ramp a cash guzzling POS, on the back of its graphene enhanced face masks. But as I pointed out yesterday, there is, despite Ricketts' misleading RNS claims, no scientific study on humans to show that they either stop one human transmitting covid to another but, worse still, there is no proof they do not harm wearers. It gets worse: there is evidence from a scientific study that they may well harm wearers which is why Spain, Ireland and Canada have already moved to ban and recall such products.


BREAKING: Now the move against graphene face masks moves to Ireland – they will be coming for you next Versarien

2021-04-23 13:23:52

Oh dear, oh dear. It never rains but it pours for loathsome Neill Ricketts, the boss of grossly overvalued AIM promote Versarien (VRS). Now realising that his attempts to gag a Bulletin Board critic will end in a humiliating climbdown, his week just got even worse news with developments in Eire. You will remember how Canada has moved to ban graphene enhanced face nappies?


Explosive: The Bulletin Board poster Neill Ricketts of Versarien tried to gag with fascist lawyers's letter responds

2021-04-21 15:02:13

On Monday I published the fascist and third rate lawyers letter sent on behalf of loathsome Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts to a Bulletin Board critic.  Ricketts has nmot got a hope in hell of winning in court and the disclosure process would ruin him and destroy Versarien. the critic knows that and so has responded to the muddle headed 12th rate lawyers acting for Ricketts. That response is below.


BREAKING: Why Neill Ricketts is such a prick or so badly advised by 9th rate lawyers in trying to gag a Bulletin Board critic – case precedent

2021-04-20 09:17:14

Yesterday I published the fascist lawyer’s letter sent by 10th tier law firm Hugh Paddison of Cheltenham and explained why on matters of libel it makes no case at all – this is merely an attempt to bully a Bulletin Board poster into silence. But it gets worse for loathsome and disgraced AIM boss Neill Ricketts.


Explosive: Here is the fascist lawyers letter sent by lawyers for Neill Ricketts of Versarien to try to gag a critic

2021-04-19 13:45:35

I have redacted the details of the poor man who Neill Ricketts claims has libelled him but below is the fascist lawyers letter sent on behalf of the loathsome Versarien (VRS) boss. I wonder who is paying the esteemed firm of Hugh Paddison of Cheltenham? When it comes to libel lawyers, writing as someone who has faced down Schillings and beaten Memery Crystal thrice, these clowns are not exactly new European Super League, more Vauxhall Conference.


BREAKING: The great Versarien disinformation & share price ramp of 2017 exposed

2021-04-19 08:11:29

How did Versarien (VRS) get its shares, now c40p, from 10p up to 79.5p in 2017, eneabling 4 bailout placings and offering a platform for boardroom share dumping.  As history show that was a grossly inflated valuation. Thanks to Winnileaks I can reveal how. 


Breaking: it is Neill Ricketts of Versarien who threatens a Bulletin Board critic as I threaten an expose at 8.30 AM

2021-04-18 17:23:08

I alluded to this earlier in the week but can now reveal that the AIM CEO going after a bulletin board critic is none other than loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS). The crazy thing is that this critic who was once a shareholder and big fan of loathsome Neill has, in many of the posts which Ricketts claims to be libellous said exactly what has been said on this website. Yet…


Versarien and that smelly Korea deal: another way to look at it.

2021-04-10 14:01:18

This is the take of Tweeting CEO, an occasional poster on Bulletin Boards. I do know who this poster really is and he is not an AIM CEO but talks an awful lot of sense. My own take on the deal which saw a Korean firm, Graphene Labs, invest £1.93 million to get a 2.2% stake in the Neill Rickett’s dog is HERE but here is another view:


Versarien – are graphene-enhanced face masks bad for your health? A problem in Canada for loathsome Neill Ricketts

2021-04-07 09:59:11

I may have given the impression that Canada was a semi-socialist woke hell hole run by the biggest poltroon on this planet where within a few years the economy will be such a trainwreck that folks like Darren Atwater will be forced to eat their cats. If so, I’d like to apologise, for Canada is a progressive paradise run by a visionary statesman, Mr Justin Trudeau, who wears his Eid socks to the Pride parade, or vice versa (I forgot); a chap who is eerily reminiscent of FDR or Churchill. Where this dynamic and free nation leads, the rest of the world surely will follow which is bad news for loathsome promoter Neill Ricketts and Versarien (VRS).


A Q1 Review with a question that long-suffering shareholders in Versarien must ask the loathsome Neill Ricketts

2021-04-02 15:23:17

As Q1 draws to a close, I have few regrets about having been inactive in the market particularly on the short side.


Breaking: Neill Ricketts & Versarien to launch graphene-enhanced CBD range

2021-04-01 08:21:42

I can exclusively reveal that Neill Ricketts will be announcing later today the launch by Versarien (VRS) of a new range of graphene-enhanced CBD Range and that in order to maximise value for shareholders, this new division, Versarien Blockchain CBD, is to be spun off onto the AIM casino via a separate IPO. In terms of the cash needed for the project, Ricketts says “funding secured.”


Versarien – there will not be a year-end trading statement but what would it say?

2021-03-29 12:33:14

Let’s be clear. Although it might be deemed best practice for a company the size of Versarien (VRS) to issue a year-end trading update, there is no legal obligation for it to do so. And the only best practice Versarien adheres to is in industrial-scale share issuance and deceptive share ramping activities. Had it won any material business at all, new contracts for graphene which actually generated real sales - as opposed to taxpayer handouts from his Tory chums - you can bet the ranch that loathsome Neill Ricketts would have been itching to shout about them via an RNS. He hasn’t so there are not any.


Versarien – another climbdown with a bogus excuse: another Victory for the Sheriff of AIM

2021-02-26 11:45:38

On 21 January, joke graphene company Versarien (VRS) published interim results which misled investors as to its net debt position by classifying a £1.96 million (illegal) Government loan as a trade payable not as a loan. Having deceived folks with this presentation, loathsome boss Neill Ricketts was again selling shares, this time 1.65 million of them.  Now, after I complained to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and hapless Nomad SP Angel of fraud MySquar infamy, Versarien has ‘fessed. But even so, it does so in a misleading and deceptive fashion reinforcing why its shares are so utterly uninvestable.


Deep Dive Number crunch on the sham Versarien: Part II - the Plastic and Graphene Products segment

2021-02-20 11:32:19

Following on from Part 1 my analysis of the Metal and Hard Wear division, I now take a look at the Graphene and Plastics products segment of Versarien (VRS). This is the sexy bit used by loathsome Neill Ricketts and his moronic followers to justify a market cap of £88 million, at 47p. As we saw earlier, the rest of the business cannot be worth much over £3 million!.


Deep Dive number crunch on the sham Versarien – a delve into just out subsidiary accounts - Part 1 the Hard Wear and Metallic Products segment

2021-02-20 11:13:04

The UK subsidiary accounts for Versarien (VRS) have finally appeared at Companies House (despite being signed on 16 November 2020) and in this deep dive note, I take look at the original trading segment of Versarien namely the Hard Wear and Metallic Products segment and update prior year note. It is, neededless to say, not impressive and showds what a con was the initial IPO in 2013.


BREAKING: Versarien – so is the AECOM deal going down the pan? Daniel Smith quits

2021-02-05 09:54:11

AECOM was the arch collaboration that was going to be a company maker for sleazy Neill Ricketts and Versarien (VRS). Just look at the Bulletin Boards back in July 2019. How the morons salivated. And then last spring things were ramped up again. On February 25 2020 we were told:


BREAKING EXPOSE: Sleazy Neill Ricketts of Versarien joins 1MillionTradeMarch, another new Reddit group trying to create a UK GameStop

2021-01-30 11:40:25

Earlier I broke the story of how desperate Supply@ME Capital (SYME) owning morons were gathering on Redditt to try to replicate the GameStop effect in the UK and to "FuckTheLondonStockExchange", manipulating shares in the, currently suspended, con from a £122 million value to £12 billion! I will have some bad news for them from the FCA later. But there is another group on Redditt now trying to organise a GameStop on a range of stocks and guess which sleazy, share dumping, lying CEO of a cash guzzling AIM listed POS has signed up, as I demonstrate below.


Versarien’s “Sound Financial Base”: Two Death Spirals and a Dodgy Loan!

2021-01-24 12:43:25

It helps when shorting a company’s shares to have a tailwind and there are few more favourable tailwinds than if that company is resorting to death spiral finance. This desperate measure tells you that all normal financing options are closed to it and that realising cash at punitive and dilutive rates is the only way to survive. The reality of death spiral financing is so grim that it is little wonder that many companies attempt to obfuscate it by hoodwinking investors into thinking that the finance provider is an institution willing to invest in their shares…


I have sympathy for Neill Ricketts as he dumps Versarien shares & commend an unusual piece of honesty..but

2021-01-23 12:33:37

To misquote Mark Antony: "I come not to bury Caesar, but to praise him". Yesterday morning, it was announced that the odious boss of Versarien (VRS), Neill Ricketts, had sold 1.65 million shares at 53.919p. Normally you would expect me to say this was yet another red flag. But on this occasion, I do not.


Letter to AIM Regulation : Versarien needs to restate and reissue interims, they are deceptive

2021-01-22 10:22:54

The results were so shockingly bad that it is hard to see why Versarien (VRS) bothered to mislead investors. But it did and in a material way and thus I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation to flag this up and suggesting that odious Neill Ricketts and his disgraced Nomad, SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy, be forced to restate  reissue a corrected version. The letter is below.


Versarien shares crash as interims are shockingly bad and misleading even by its own rotten standards

2021-01-21 15:50:56

You would need a Nomad without any morals whatsoever to sign off on junk like this. Luckily Versarien (VRS) employs SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy so that’s alright then. These, delayed, numbers for the six months to 30 September 2020 are just piss poor, and also deceptive.


Neill Ricketts Christmas Carol part 3

2020-12-25 00:19:18

‘Twas the night before Christmas and as the snow fell faster and faster and harder and harder outside his mock Tudor mock Georgian newly build Gloucestershire mansion, Mr Neill Ricketts was of a troubled mind. The ghost of Christmas Past was bad enough, but then he had been visited by the ghost of Christmas Present. What would happen next?


Neill Ricketts Christmas Carol part 2

2020-12-24 10:10:08

Try as he wanted, Neill could not quite rid his mind of thoughts of that ghostly apparition, the ghost of Christmas past. He tried counting sheep. But more and more of his shareholders kept running away. So he tried to count RNS statements about bogus deals and collaborations that had never amounted to anything. He started with non-deals from 2013 and this game kept him going for a good three quarters of an hour but at some point in mid 2017 he lost count. And at that very moment, the windows once again burst open and the room was filled with freezing cold air.


Neill Ricketts Christmas Carol – Part One

2020-12-23 15:34:15

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Neill Ricketts levered his corpulent self into a grand four poster bed in his newly built fake Tudor come fake Georgian Gloucestershire mansion. Bloody Hell, he thought to himself, the boy who left school at 16 with one GCSE in woodwork (grade D) has done good. He stared at the wall at a large picture of his idol. And Elon stared back.


Letter to AIM Regulation: Versarien lying again

2020-12-22 16:18:52

How many letters have I written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation about the lies and market abuse committed by Versarien (VRS)? To their credit, the Oxymorons have, on a number of occasions, forced Versarien to issue a new RNS fessing up to various ghastly truths so they do heed my words sometimes. Anyhow, Versarien has told another porky today and so I have written again.


Versarien buys & lies (again) to cover up its monstrous cashburn

2020-12-22 09:38:37

Notwithstanding the receipt of an illegal Government loan from Neill Rickett’s Tory chums and the fact that it had one massive death spiral from Lanstead in place, the cash position of Versarien (VRS) has – as oft predicted here - become so grim that it has had to set up another death spiral to keep the lights on. There is also another daft acquisition which will only add to the cashburn and naturally all this bad news is wrapped up in a grotesquely misleading release which only a Nomad as bent as SP Angel, of the fraud MySquar infamy, could have signed off on.


Versarien: is this £1.95 million of revenue or yet another Government grant? Clarification Needed ASAP

2020-11-24 12:33:58

The bulls are creaming themselves. The shares up by 13% at 40p and the cult-like followers of shameless Neill Ricketts say there are now real revenues from graphene sales. But I think not. The RNS issued by Versarien (VRS) today is utterly disingenuous and no Nomad other than shamed and disgraced fraudsters fave SP Angel would have signed off on it.


Letter to AIM Regulation: Versarien must clarify misleading RNS

2020-11-19 14:51:37

On 17 April 2020, worthless AIM promote Bidstack (BIDS) published details of an “independent” study that it claimed validated its technology. Following intense pressure from ShareProphets, AIM regulation forced Bidstack to ‘fess on 27 April that the research was not at all independent but was paid for. In that light, I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and to hapless and shamed Nomad SP Angel about the release issued by Versarien (VRS) yesterday.


No Turkish Delight from Versarien but a desperate deception to ramp the shares ahead of bailout placing

2020-11-18 15:30:01

Versarien (VRS) is not generating any meaningful revenues from graphene. At a PLC level it is almost out of cash & its debt facilities are almost maxed out. And so notwithstanding the fact that it already has a Lanstead death spiral in place, it needs to get a placing ahoy. Hence a release today which is almost certainly materially misleading if not a slam dunk lie.


Neill Rickets rants as the Versarien cult members start to turn against their high priest

2020-10-31 13:42:59

Shares in Versarien (VRS) have plunged from 137p when loathsome boss Neill Ricketts last made hundreds of thousands of pounds dumping stock to just 29p today as the company heads full speed towards running out of cash and a bailout placing shortly after Christmas. And as the losses for some of the cult members, who believed Ricketts promises of jam tomorrow mount, they have taken to twitter to quiz the High Priest, Ricketts, himself. His response, below, is extraordinary.


BOMBSHELL: How much, or rather how little, has Versarien made from its Lanstead death spiral?

2020-10-22 12:10:54

In March, Versarien (VRS) announced a £6 million funding facility with a supposed institutional investor, Lanstead. Thanks to my work, AIM Regulation forced it then to ‘fess that actually, if the shares stayed at 53.3p, it would realise only £5.5 million net. But they have not. So how much has the Neill Ricketts promote actually raised?


Versarien: Today's AGM silence is deafening

2020-10-21 13:07:03

You know that if a board member farted in a positive way, shameless Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) would rush to issue an RNS stressing what good news this was for his company. And that brings us to today’s AGM.


Versarien, Neill Ricketts and sleazy death Spiral provider Lanstead – just who told the biggest lie?

2020-10-20 16:04:05

On 23 March 2020, POS AIM promote Versarien (VRS) announced “ subscription to raise £6 million”. Natch the headline was misleading and indeed Versarien was forced to issue a clarification at a later date.  On 16 October, the lies started to reveal themselves big time.


Does Versarien have one less Spaniard in the Works?

2020-10-16 10:46:03

Okay, I know that Neill Ricketts thinks that rules are for little people and since his Nomad is the disgraced SP Angel, which is quite happy to act for proven frauds, it probably does not care either. Maybe the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation need to whir into action?


Versarien's ex US boss Patrick Abbott arrested on fraud charges again - yes it's an alleged covid scam

2020-10-09 12:34:17

Oh dear. The following article from the Houston Chronicle is self explanatory. Say what you like about Patrick Abbott but at least he works to generate real sales, unlike anyone still employed at Versarien's (VRS) graphene arm. I have swapped emails with Patrick who denies all charges vehemently.


Versarien & Innovate UK loan – a less feeble and more transparent response needed

2020-10-07 10:43:59

Readers may recall reading the following paragraph from a letter of 27th July by junior minister Amanda Solloway to fellow MP Bim Afolami, seeking to justify the £5 million loan made by Innovate UK to Versarien (VRS):


EXPOSED Versarien – Graphene sales remain tiny and the cash position is getting critical

2020-09-26 11:10:23

Now that Versarien (VRS) has finally published its annual report, I have had a look and drawn out a few highlights. As the subsidiary accounts are not yet filed at Companies House, it is not yet possible to perform the detailed analysis of the results to show exactly how little the Graphene sales were as I did for last year’s results showing that sales were just £26,000.  However, I show below an indicative analysis by analysing the elements that Versarien does disclose and it makes for grim reading for the deluded followers of Neill Ricketts.


BREAKING Scandal: The 16 other Innovate UK grants to Versarien exposed - what return has the taxpayer had on them? Nil!

2020-08-28 09:22:56

As things stand, Versarien (VRS) has drawn down the first 40% of a £5 million low interest loan from taxpayer-funded Innovate UK despite demonstrably being ineligible for what is the body's biggest ever loan - indeed admitting in its own annual report that it breaches the eligibility criteria. That is a scandal. But I can now show why this scandal is far worse and suggests that Innovate UK hands out cash to favoured companies on an utterly indiscriminate and un-monitored manner which no assessment of whether its funding delivers any return or benefits for taxpayers. What follows is shocking. A co-conspirator has raised the issue of the illegitimate loan with Innovate UK and has this response from a Matthew Oswin:


BREAKING: Tory Sleaze - Confirmation that Versarien gets £5m of taxpayer cash to which it is NOT entitled

2020-08-17 08:24:11

I guess under the Tories it is about who you know, not whether you are qualified when it comes to accessing taxpayer cash. It worked for the pole dancing American bimbo who was a "close friend" of Boris when London's Mayor and, as you can see below, with the blues in power, Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) is a man well positioned to open the right doors. Today, his firm confirmed that it had received the first £1.96 million of a £5 million soft taxpayer loan from Innovate UK. Senior Tories such as Alok Sharma and Rishi Sunak were warned that Versarien did not qualify but the loan went ahead regardless. Let's be clear this is the biggest ever loan by Innovate UK by a mile and this is pure and simple sleaze and here is why.


BREAKING: Versarien admits its UK taxpayer loan breaks the rules: Lucian Miers writes to Alok Sharma

2020-08-11 12:02:56

It appears that a second charge has been registered at Companes House by taxpayer-backed Innovate UK for its £5 million loan to Versarien (VRS). This means that if Versarien defaults, taxpayers may well not get all their cash back. That on its own seems a clear breach of Innovate UK rules and a reason why this loan should not be made. But there is worse. In its quite atrocious results today, Versarien itself gives a reason for why the loan application is illegal. Lucian Miers has written to Business Secretary Alok Sharma to flag this up.


Coronavirus spoof of the day? Versarien is on the bandwagon, what it doesn't say tells you all

2020-08-03 11:33:06

To put this in context, even morally bankrupt Nomad SP Angel, the Nomad of choice for fraudsters, does not think this news is financially significant and so has forced ramping Neill Ricketts to alert his moronic investors via an RNS reach not an RNS.  Natch, folks who think it’s okay to murder journalists don’t care about facts so Versarien (VRS) shares are up 12% at 46p – an £8 million increase in market cap on news that even the Nomad thinks is financially irrelevant!


Versarien cheerleader explains why it is okay to murder Tom Winnifrith for journalism

2020-07-31 10:30:03

It seems that some of Neill Ricketts' biggest fans do not like my investigative probing into Versarien (VRS). This time they are not going after my heavily pregnant wife (as they have in the past) but after me.


BREAKING: Tory Sleaze – Amanda Solloway MP confirms Versarien gets £5m Innovate UK loan ignoring all rules!

2020-07-28 15:53:33

Thanks to Winnileaks, we have a letter from Amanda Solloway MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State - Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, to fellow Tory MP Bim Afolami confirming that Versarien (VRS) will get a £5 million loan from Innovate UK even though this is in clear breach of the rules. Is Ms Solloway mired in Tory sleaze or is she just thick as two short planks?...


Versarien: I have sent the letter below to my MP in Wrexham and urge you to send to your MP too

2020-07-02 14:44:07

I am gravely concerned about the soft loan given to Versarien (VRS) by Innovate UK. It seems to me that rules have been broken and taxpayers cash should not be used in this way. I have, therefore, written to my local MP here in Wrexham, Ms Sarah Atherton, asking her to raise this with the minister responsible, Alok Sharma as soon as possible. I urge you to copy this letter below, adapt it for your local use, and contact your MP too urging him  or her to act on this matter at once.


Just how close is Nigel Walker of Innovate UK to Versarien - more on that, arguably, illegal loan

2020-07-02 11:43:43

I pointed out yesterday that £5 million of your cash as a taxpayer is going to the serial liars at Versarien (VRS) via Innovate UK when Versarien quite clearly does not qualify for such funding.  I have asked Innovate boss Nigel Walker to explain this but he has declined to comment.  However, as his tweets below show, Nigel has been very close to Versarien and its corpulent boss Neill Ricketts for three years.


Why is the Government breaking its own rules to bail out Versarien?

2020-07-01 11:53:02

I realise that Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts, pictured below, is well connected in Government circles but I simply do not understand how Innovate UK has today agreed to a £5 million loan to his company. Let us be clear, this breaches its own rules. I smell a rat and wonder if Her Majesty;s Loyal opposition might wish to pursue this matter.


Crony capitalism in action: Pity the poor British taxpayer bailing out Versarien as Chinese walk

2020-07-01 10:14:32

It was in April last year that oily Neill Ricketts first announced that Chinese Investors were going to buy new shares giving them 15% of Versarien (VRS). The shares roofed it and he dumped vast amounts at 137p - today the shares are 42p. First it was BIGT, the CIGIU and finally YG, a newly established Hong Kong entity set up to source funds working with those other companies that had no websites or offices or phone numbers. Quelle surprise! Guess what?


Versarien 24 hours to D day or Not?

2020-06-29 12:54:47

The China investment into Versarien  (VRS) farce began on 15 April 2019 and should have seen boas Neill Rickets sacked by now so what is meant to happen by midnight tomorrow and will we get an RNS?


Tim Kempster beats me to it: Letter to AIM Regulation & FCA re Versariens' shambles of an RNS today & Neill Ricketts share deals

2020-04-06 12:30:31

As I noted earlier, the RNS issued by Versarien (VRS) is a shambles and opens up all sorts of questions about share dumping by boss Lyin' Neill Ricketts last April. I was set to contact AIM Regulation and the FCA about it but it seems that valiant Tim Kempster has beaten me to it. The Regulators really do need to act on this at once. Tim writes


Versarien forced to start to come clean on its dodgy death spiral & China financings – a stink regulators MUST investigate

2020-04-06 11:42:48

It is like extracting teeth. Getting the proven liars at Versarien (VRS) and the morally bankrupt evil PR spinners at Yellow Jersey, of the Frontera fraud infamy,  to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a nightmare. And we are still not there yet. Today, however, the company has been forced to start to clarify.


Neill Ricketts of Versarien takes to social media to tell lies again – how can AIM tolerate this?

2020-03-24 15:00:03

Canaccord quit as Nomad to Versarien (VRS) partly because of the social media antics of its CEO Lyin’ Neill Ricketts. Obviously, new Nomad SP Angel does not care about that as it was happy to act for proven fraud MySquar (MYSQ). Do John Meyer and his cronies have any standards at all? And how will AIM Regulation take Neill’s latest lies


Letter to FCA & AIM Regulation re potential Market Manipulation or Abuse at Versarien

2020-03-24 09:51:22

Yesterday Versarien (VRS) announced a death spiral on steroids which will only postpone bankruptcy and will see the share price shredded but the RNS was, I believe, an exercise in market manipulation and market abuse. Only a Nomad like SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy, could have signed off on it. I have written to the regulators demanding that, again, they take action


Versarien & the £6m fund raise which provides not a cent upfront & will raise nothing like £6m - Ricketts lies about cash again

2020-03-23 16:34:17

Versarien (VRS) this morning announced “subscription to raise £6 million”. Folks looked at the headline and the shares soared to 31p. Ha! Mugged by Ricketts again! Then they read the release. It is bullshit. Death spiral provider Lanstead is not putting up a cent up front and the total amount handed to Neill Ricketts’ bag of shite company over the next two years could well be well below its monthly cashburn! Ricketts really is the most shameless bullshitter and only scumbags like SP Angel, who took over as Nomad after Canaccord resigned, would sign off on such misleading gibberish which contains one MONSTER lie.


When is a Death Spiral not a Death Spiral? - When it is a Pipe

2020-03-23 13:07:34

A new financial life support for crap companies like Versarien (VRS) today seems to have appeared in recent years in the form of an equity sharing agreement – lots of companies have done such deals with all the usual death spiral providers, hence the howls of “it’s a death spiral”.  However, they are not new and there are key differences with the standard death spiral.


The Bulletin Board Moron of the week is, no great shock, a Versarien shareholder

2020-03-23 09:35:23

Last week I asked you to supply your idea of the most moronic post on the ADVFN, LSE or iii Asylums or on twitter. There were some good entries as you can see HERE but thanks to Aiminvestor for spotting this gem from the ADVFN asylum, Versarien (VRS) thread, natch, explaining why shorters should be in prison  whatever they say but share rampers create wealth and should all be lauded whatever they say. Our BB of the week is “Scrutable”:


Bulletin Board Moron of the week Competition – Coronavirus edition

2020-03-22 15:23:55

Covid 19 brings out the best in folks and the worst in folks. In that vein to lighten the mood I bring you a Bulletin Board Moron contest with a difference. Simply find the most idiotic post on the LSE, ADVFN, iii asylums or on twitter which must reference the virus and post it in the comments section below before midnight on Sunday 22 March. I challenge you to surpass this effort below, from Versarien (VRS) ramper superg on the ADVFN asylum who thinks short sellers want folks to die from the virus for their financial gain.


At what price will the Versarien bailout take place?

2020-03-17 15:53:56

Well here is my estimate of when and at what price. But perhaps you have a better idea  and might win some Greek Hovel olive oil as a result. Let’s start with a reminder of when Versarien (VRS) runs out of cash. Methinks the maths have got worse.


Updated: Versarien’s Ricketts IG Interview – Ive got to spend the next 6 years answering emails & I lied about the cash for the school

2020-03-05 12:47:38

Versarien (VRS) shares raced ahead yesterday as Doc Holliday pumped away, He has now admitted that he has sold most of his stock into that pump. Suckers! Today Neill Ricketts has done an interview with IG where the questions were blowjob soft and even so the bullshitter struggled as you can see below.


The Bulletin Board Moron of the week does indeed own Versarien

2020-03-02 13:27:51

A week ago, I asked you for examples of sheer lunacy from the ADVFN, iii and LSE Asylums and there were indeed many fine examples provided as you can see HERE. However, anyone who uses the Nazis to make their point is generally someone who has completely lost the plot and thus there can be only one winner.


Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest - can anyone trump this Versarien owning loon?

2020-03-01 10:51:09

The Versarien (VRS) owning lunatic from the ADVFN Asylum cited below really does take paranoia to a new level. "infamy, infamy, they have all got it in for me". The only suerprise is that he does not mention the Jews or Mossad in his deranged post below. Anyhow can you find something even crazier on the ADVFN, iii or LSE asylums or on twitter before midnight on Sunday. If so, post it in the comments section below. But you have to beat the moronic post below: 


Letter to AIM Regulation: After latest Versarien revelation, share dumping Neill Ricketts not fit to be PLC director, please act now

2020-02-26 09:13:37

I am not saying that Versarien (VRS) should be slung off the AIM Casino although it is a worthless POS heading rapidly for a cash crisis as it, again, runs out of other people’s money. However, the latest expose about the antics of its CEO Neill Ricketts makes it abundantly clear that he is not fit to run a listed PLC. Since Nomad SP Angel of MySquar infamy will act for any old fraud and does not care I have written to AIM Regulation, which yesterday- after communications from me – forced the company into a fourth fess up RNS in a little over a month - asking that it force him to stand down from the Versarien board.


Versarien owning loons produce a chart of my obsession...

2020-02-25 13:35:14

Nope, this is nothing to do with Cheryl Cole. Instead the chart below is intended to show how obsessed I am with the Versarien (VRS) car crash. The chart was published before today's shock warning and aims to show that I am obsessed or desperate and thus to be ignored. I fear those who have ignored me are rather poorer as a result. But fear not morons, when you have lost all your money and Versarien has been booted off AIM, a then 100% vindicated Sheriff will cease coverage... meanwhile I bet Neill Rocketts is glad he sold so many shares even if he was not 100% honest about the reason!


Does SP Angel, Versarien's new Nomad think that CEO Neill Ricketts lied about share sales he made?

2020-02-25 08:23:41

This is an easy way for SP Angel to show it really is a serious Nomad. Does it think that Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts lied about share sales he made? If so will it issue a corrective RNS tomorrow and/or resign? Let me start with two tweets made by Ricketts after he dumped £153,750 of shares on 4 January 2018.


Versarien Plc – why wasn’t the Goodwill for the plastics business impaired at interim stage?

2020-02-24 09:07:56

Are the CFO and NEDs at Versarien (VRS) up to the job? Is it storing up more bad news until the finals? Are its boasted net assets now effectively bogus? Compared to the looming cash crisis, the Nomad quitting, and the unravvelling of RNS lies these might seem less than critical issues but they do matter.


Letter to AIM Regulation: Ref Versarien & BIGT

2020-02-19 10:15:56

Yesterday, for the third time in less than a month, Versarien (VRS) was forced by an article on this website and then by AIM regulation to come clean on something, this time a founder director dumping all his shares. Let’s go for a fourth win, the relationship, or lack of it, with BIGT. My letter follows.


Letter to AIM Regulation & the FCA – a Really simple Versarien question for you all

2020-02-17 10:07:47

Today we have the shock news that Versarien (VRS) has a new Nomad. Not a better Nomad, SP Angel is clearly massively inferior to Canaccord and this begs the question whether Versarien lied to investors on February 10. I have thus written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and to the FCA with a question so simple that even they should be able to answer it.


Versarien downgrade of Nomad – not a good sign at all

2020-02-17 09:09:24

Yet again Versarien (VRS) has announced a change of Nomad. This cannot be interpreted as anything other than bad news.


Versarien - William Battrick is the man to follow & the missing TR1

2020-02-14 13:38:47

Who the hell is William Battrick you say? Easy, he was one of the founders of Versarien (VRS) and so knows the company better than most folks. Indeed William was a director up until 10 March 2016. In 2015 he helped ramp the shares, buying 54,000 at 17p to take his holding to 7.69 million shares, 7.3% of the then equity.


Letter to AIM Regulation – Versarien & Nike, time to put the boot in

2020-02-14 11:15:55

Yet again shares in Versarien (VRS) have risen on a rumour which appears to come from the company itself. Once again there is a false market and so once again I have written to AIM Regulation urging it to force the company to come clean.


How did Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell infamy sign off on this China junk from Neill Ricketts & Versarien?

2020-02-12 09:12:49

We know that Bobbie signed off on most of the untrue and fraudulent releases issues by Quindell (QPP) so perhaps he will sign off on anything? But the February 4 2019 RNS from Versarien (VRS)? Really?


Please will Versarien sue me for libel

2020-02-11 14:58:47

I have, for several years, warned that the valuation of Bulletin Board darling Versarien (VRS) was crackers. At one point it reached £200 million. As I write, ahead of the market open, it is still – with the shares at 49p – valued at c£70 million. Given that its core graphene business generated sales of just £27,000 last year and that the cash guzzling PLC is fast running out of cash, I am sure you’d agree the valuation is bonkers.


The Bulletin Board Moron of the week is natch a Versarien shareholder

2020-02-10 11:40:53

I asked you to nominate the moron making the most moronic comments on twitter or the LSE, ADVFN and iii asylums last week and there were many fine entries as you can see HERE. But the winner is clear and was spotted by me so I win the non prize. From the ADVFN Asylum, Versarien thread


Letter to AIM Regulation: Versarien Breaches of Rules 10 & 11 & sanction of Bobbie Hilliam

2020-02-10 09:02:42

Versarien (VRS) has today issued an RNS which suggests that its Nomad, Bobbie Hilliam at Canaccord, has allowed it to drive a coach and horses through AIM Rules 10 and 11. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation asking that Versarien and Hilliam be sanctioned and that it force the company to issue a clarifying RNS.


Versarien says it comes clean but it does not! A scandalous RNS that stinks to high heaven

2020-02-10 08:21:31

Jeepers I know that Bobbie Hilliam signed off on most of the fraudulent releases made by Quindell (QPP) but how on earth has he signed off from today’s cobblers from Versarien (VRS) which may impress the morons but should set alarm bells ringing.  The issue is cash.


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest – can you trump this one from Versarien owning moron mavfav

2020-02-09 18:31:12

Okay, I want to make Juicin happy so let us have another Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest. The deadline is midnight on Sunday 9th February and all you have to do is find another comment from twitter or the ADFVN, iii or LSE Asylums which is more moronic than this one from mavfav on the ADVFN asylum, Versarien (VRS) thread. Entries in the comments section below


Versarien: now about that tyred old deal? Boom Boom Geddit?

2020-02-09 18:28:30

When forced to fess up on 21 January 2020 that its, much RNS vaunted,  US hub was in fact a serviced office with no staff, cash strapped Versarien (VRS) tried to sugar coat the pill by referring to discussions with a leading US tyre manufacturer. That rang a bell. For whom the bell tolls, etc, etc.


This is so easy: here is another shameless promote of zero substance pushed by Neill Ricketts and Versarien: Zap & Go

2020-02-07 11:03:42

If you are an AIM listed company and want t tell lies via RNS your go to Nomad must be Bobbie Hilliam of Cannacord. Hilliam signed off on the RNS statements by Quindell that enabled Rob Terry to commit fraud. Now he is in charge of Versarien (VRS) which has also told repeated lies via RNS.


BREAKING: Versarien – so how is the launch of mobile phones and tablets with Phonedevil Ltd going? Another lie exposed

2020-02-06 11:41:18

As part of the ramp of Versarien (VRS) shares in the summer of 2018 ahead of the September bailout placing, the company announced a string of exciting deals. Hmmm.  Given that revenues from graphene are still negligible maybe it is worth hapless Nomad Bobbie Hilliam of Canaccord asking a few questions. He would not want to get caught with his trousers down as he did with the Quindell fraud would he? Take the 18 June 2018 RNS “Collaboration agreement with MediaDevil."


Versarien – just how very bad is the net cash position now? Did it pay Gnanomat in October?

2020-02-03 14:17:54

The question is not whether Versarien (VRS) will run out of cash but when? And that may well be within just a few part it depends on whether it wrote a cheque for 750,000 Euro last October1, conveniently a day after its half year period.


Versarien – I am sorry to be a LinkedIn pedant but the company really needs to come clean

2020-01-24 13:49:00

Versarien (VRS) insists that it has one full time employee in the United States, a Mr Brian Berney. But does it?


Letter to AIM Regulation – Versarien (again)

2020-01-23 12:31:15

Two days ago Versarien (VRS) was forced by AIM Regulation, following a complaint by me, to ‘fess up that its much vaunted US “hub” was in fact an empty serviced office where nobody works. But in that ‘fess up RNS it made another claim which may or may not have been verified by the hapless Nomad, Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell infamy, now working at Canaccord. Thus, I have again written to AIM Regulation as you can see below.


Yet again Versarien forced by the Sheriff of AIM to ‘fess up to misleading investors & the love that dare not speak its name

2020-01-21 10:32:25

In May of last year uber ramp Versarien (VRS) proudly announced a major US move. Unfortunately what it said was grossly deceptive and after I wrote to AIM Regulation last week it has today been forced to ‘fess up to this. Neill Ricketts is increasingly like the naughty boy sat outside the headmaster’s study almost every lunchtime hoping it is just another beating not a letter to his parents saying he must leave the school in disgrace.


EXCLUSIVE: Versarien – even management or the auditors no longer believe a substantial growth in Graphene sales is credible in the near future

2020-01-20 11:05:21

The annual report does not lie. It is just a shame that the Bulletin board savants do not read them carefully. Like all companies, Versarien (VRS) is required to carry out an annual impairment test to justify the carrying value of goodwill recorded on the balance sheet which is £4,431,000 and comprised the following: 


New Bulletin Board Moron contest of the week in honour of the ADVFN paedo guy

2020-01-19 13:09:19

It seems as if ADVFN is happy for its own house paedo guy to carry on doing his bit in support of Versarien (VRS) by libelling me in so many ways and encouraging folks to attack my wife. And there was I thinking that Clem Chambers had standards and would no platform such scum.... So while Clem continues to allow this creep and others to operate, what is the most moronic post you can find on the ADVFN, iii or LSE Asylums or on twitter? Entries should be posted in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight on Sunday 19th.


EXPOSE: Versarien – are graphene sales just a nano amount of group turnover? The hard and shocking data revealed

2020-01-18 16:37:15

Uber ramp Versarien (VRS) refuses adamantly to break out how much of its business is actually involved in graphene. It is the graphene hype which explains why the shares are at 79.5p valuing the company at £122 million. The legacy non graphene activities may generate real sales but will never be material cash cows and thus are fundamentally almost worthless. So how much does Versarien actually make from graphene? 


Letter to AIM Regulation – Versarien again and another misleading RNS

2020-01-17 12:07:23

AIM Regulation has now acknowledged my complaints about the secret chatroom inhabited by Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts and his disciples where Neill told them what to post on Bulletin Boards and where the disciples discussed how to get around insider dealing rules and how to attack me. The complete radio silence from Ricketts since then suggests that investigations are very much ongoing. In that vein I have another matter to raise with the regulators, that of possible investor deception. My letter just sent is below.


Bulletin Board Moron of the week in honour of Neill Ricketts is….

2020-01-13 12:51:20

It was indeed a Versarien (WRS) owning moron who picked up this award… yes its ADVFN paedo guy ( that is he claims I am one) bgt1


Versarien – another letter to AIM Regulation

2020-01-13 11:33:41

Neill Ricketts continues to operate an almost Trappist new media silence suggesting that my letter to AIM Regulation and his Nomad Bobbie Hilliam of Canaccord about the private Versarien (VRS) Discord chat room is being taken very seriously indeed. However, over the weekend evidence emerged HERE of just how fragrantly Neill Ricketts breaks AIM Rules and so I have written again.


Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest: In honour of Neill Ricketts

2020-01-12 18:00:56

Just for one week, the contest is being brought back at the request of reader Juicin. The rules are slighty changed in honour of Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS). What we are looking for is the most moroniic comment on shares on the LSE, iii or ADVFN Asylums or twitter. But this week you can also add in comments on the private Discord chat room where Ricketts tells lies to investors without his Nomad, hapless Quindell loving Bobbie Hilliam at Canaccord, knowing anything about it! The deadline for entry is midnight on Sunday 12 January ( my birthday). Entries in the comments section below.


The Poltroon threatening Tom Winnifrith with legal action is exposed…

2020-01-12 13:11:23

Yesterday I asked you to guess who was daft enough to make this threat. There were a number of plausible candidates and, as you can see HERE, 77% of you guessed wrong.


BREAKING: The scale of Neill Ricketts AIM Rule Breaking is damning – that China deal again

2020-01-11 09:55:20

On 9th August 2019, following comments here and a letter to the authorities, Versarien (VRS) was forced to put out a statement relating to a twitter post a day earlier by its boss Neill Ricketts. But it gets far worse as I can reveal today.


UPDATED: Versarien – is the regulatory noose tightening on Neill Ricketts, Ulster & London no show

2020-01-10 08:32:34

Say what you wish about shameless ramper Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) but he is a man who would turn up at his local Women's Institute meeting if there was an opportunity to ramp his shares. He'd never turn down an opportunity, however small, for a spot of ramping. But right now he is embroiled in a regulatory tangle with his Nomad and AIM Regulation over the secret Discord Group exposed HERE and HERE. Ricketts was set to fly on Tuesday of next week to host a lunch in God's chosen lands of Ulster...


BREAKING: Expose Part 2: That Private Discord Versarien chat forum, Neill Ricketts orders his men what to post on BBs

2020-01-09 12:16:17

Yesterday's shocking expose of how Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) was using a private chat room to pass unverified and price sensitive information to select investors should have forced AIM Regulation and hapless Nomad Bobbie Hilliam of Canaccord to act. So far nothing. So thanks to Winnileaks I have more screen shots, maybe this will finally see order restored...


BREAKING: Neill Ricketts & Versarien – private chatroom with shareholders & rampers exposed

2020-01-08 10:29:04

Last year I forced Versarien (VRS) to issue a clarifying RNS after Neill Ricketts made unverified and it seems untrue claims on twitter. Nomad Bobbie Hilliam at Canaccord read Ricketts the riot act and his twitter outpourings have been greatly diminished. But I can reveal that he has a new conduit on a private chat group on Discord. I doubt his Nomad or AIM Regulation are aware of it but thanks to Winnileaks they will be soon and will be horrified as I have a series of screenshots to share.


Frauds and over-promotes can take years to unravel

2019-12-21 14:51:01

Last weekend my friend Evil Banksta served up a most excellent piece on a company called G3 Exploration (G3E) pointing out that while its shares continued to trade it was actually insolvent, as you can see HERE. I am in little doubt that for this fine enterprise the Fat Lady will indeed be singing shortly. Indeed, the shares could be suspended at any time.


Versarien buries bad news on Election day – shocking interims and the cash is running out

2019-12-12 11:24:03

At 4.30 PM today Neill Ricketts, the shameless ramper and boss of Versarien (VRS) will meet with his dwindling band of core disciples at Bangers in the City of London to spout more bullshit, the sort oif bullshit that even his limp dick Nomad Canaccord would not allow him to include in today’s atrocious interims. Surely even the disciples can now see that they have been spun an almighty yarn.


Praise the Lord: From the mammon of Versarien, Patrick Abbott walks with God

2019-12-10 08:20:50

You may remember former Versarien (VRS) US boss Patrick Abbott who had to be resigned after revelations on this website. A sinner, that is to say a collaborator with uber ramper Neill Ricketts, repenteth. Praise be the Lord as you can see below.


No point betting on the Election, markets are ahead of you. But watch for corporate stinkers: Versarien & Purplebricks

2019-12-08 15:57:49

Thank heavens the election is less than a week away. In just ten days those hapless cretins most of whom could not get a decent job in the private sector and who show that politics really is showbiz for ugly people (and liars, knaves and halfwits) will be off our screens and we can all think about important issues like Christmas. Until then there will be reams of comment from the media and City “experts” on how to position your finances. Don’t bother to read it…


Neill Ricketts of Versarien in bizarre twitter spat - his Nomad must be livid

2019-12-05 15:47:20

Neill Ricketts has already had one bollocking from his Nomad after his twitter comments forced, thanks to my efforts, his Nomad to force Versaien (VRS) into issuing an RNS "to clarify". But the poor old Nomad must be livid after this spat last night. Remember that results are on bury bad news on General Election day. It started when Neill did not like a tweet from a chap called EasyBrent to which the shameless ramper responded...


Versarien – a Guy Fawkes cartoon from a moron

2019-11-04 13:17:20

In the absence of any real news or even fake news to support the utterly ludicrous valuation of uber-promote Versarien (VRS), not even a response to the press reports from Friday, its talented moron cartoonist has been at it again as you can see below. Natch Neill Ricketts is the hero and myself and Lucian Miers are about to get burned. Whatever…


If it sounds too good to be true….which brings me back to Versarien

2019-10-19 08:58:00

On the occasion of the news that Neil Woodford had been fired as manager of his soon to be wound down flagship Equity Income Fund, the great man posted a comment on his Pravda-esque blog saying that he could not accept the decision.  His arrogance did not surprise me. What shocked me, as I noted HERE, were the comments by unit holders which were universally supportive of Neil.


Writing To Nomad Canaccord and AIM Regulation re Versarien

2019-10-12 09:52:38

On 3 October I write to Bobbie Hilliam who looks after shameless Versarien (VRS) at Nomad Canaccord Genuity and cc’d in AIM Regulation. I have yet to receive a reply but the matters raised are grave as you can see below: The matters and the failure to address them compel me to stay short as one day this will implode.


If you want to stop babies dying you need to back Versarien... Ricketts on twitter drivel

2019-10-11 10:00:00

At the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) AGM this year that scallywag Neil Woodford suggested that if I had any interest in beating the disease that would incdeed kill my dear Uncle Chris within weeks, that is to say cancer, I should be getting behind the joke company Rutherford Internationbal (RUTH) into which he had spunked vast amounts of other folks cash. This is a common meme among shameless promoters.


Versarien Spanish deal: Neill Ricketts thrilled, the Spanish don’t seem to give a toss

2019-10-09 11:40:46

There is still no sign of any clarity from Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) on his company’s tie up with BIGT, an enterprise without a website, phone number or any web presence at all. But to keep his disciples happy, the Messiah of Graphene hype has borrowed Adam Reynold’s laptop to hammer out news of another exciting collaboration.


Neill Ricketts - why so evasive, what have you to hide?

2019-10-08 08:19:56

We were promised news of the investment by China's BIGT into Versarien (VRS)"on or around its AGM". The AGM has gone and come and still no-one can find a web presence or phone number for BIGT or its supposed backer CIGUI. So folks ask perfectly reasonable questions which boss Neill Ricketts declines to ansswer as you can see below. Why are you so evasive Neill?


Lucian Miers & Tom Winnifrith feature in another cartoon by Versarien owning moron Roger the Grouch

2019-09-25 12:37:02

Shareholders in Versarien (VRS) need something to cheer about as the wheels start to come off this ludicrous promote. Step forward moronic shareholder but talented cartoonist Roger the Grouch with this Rugby World Cup themed offering. I think I'm the fat bear, Lucian the squashed one. Natch ramper in chief Neill Ricketts is the hero..


Versarien – D day tomorrow at the Gloucester Rugby Club

2019-09-23 12:16:17

In the days before his Nomad ticked him off for his ludicrous tweets, Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) would have been on twitter like a maniac 24 hours ahead of the AGM telling folks of all the good news in store. Well tomorrow, in a dingy side room at Gloucester Rugby Club the faithful will gather for an AGM where Neill has promised big news from China. But has he got any?


Versarien – nearly time to deliver

2019-09-16 12:30:40

Earlier this month Haydale Graphene (HAYD) released an announcement with the headline: Haydale Awarded Funding to Develop Airbus Approved Space Technology, in which a contract awarded by the European Space Agency was proudly proclaimed. The size of both the funding and the contract were not disclosed as is usually the case with these trifling disclosures and the Haydale share price (sub 2p) scarcely moved, leaving its market cap little changed at around £5 million. It struck me, however, that had Versarien (VRS) - market cap £167 million - made an identical RNS the market cap would probably have risen, at least temporarily, by several times that of Haydale’s total worth, such is the fervour that the company still inspires amongst its loyal retail following. But the point at which Versarien must start to deliver is approaching...


Versarien – a few easy questions about its US “operation”

2019-09-09 11:41:45

The AIM casino ramp de jour Versarien (VRS) has made great claims about its US operations but if you start digging it all looks rather less transparent so here are a few easy questions for the twitter obessessed CEO Neill Ricketts.


Versarien: Letter to Nomad Canaccord and AIM Regulation re share dealing by boss Neill Ricketts

2019-08-10 07:21:38

Yesterday AIM uber-ramp Versarien (VRS) was forced to issue a statement about a tweet posted by its boss Neill Ricketts the day before as a result of Thursday's bearcast and an email I'd sent to regulators that day. But the response itself is nonsensical and raises the very real question of whether Ricketts sold shares in April while sitting on inside price sensitive information. I have thus sent another email to regulators at AIM Regulation (the Oxymorons) and to Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell infamy who acts as Nomad to Versarien at Canaccord.


Versarien – market abuse? Insider dealing? Or just shameless ramping?

2019-07-26 08:48:36

On Wednesday Versarien (VRS) held a 'Transport Infrastructure Technology Preview Event' for 12 'randomly' chosen investors.  The whole episode stinks and the hapless Nomad, Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell infamy, now at Canaccord, should be forced to issue a statement


It could have been written for the deranged Versarien shareholders trolling me: Dom Frisby's new song - Keyboard warrior

2019-07-18 13:05:03

My friend Dominic has a new song out today and it could have been written specifically for deranged Versarien (VRS) owning imbeciles trolling me. It's "keyboard warrior". Enjoy.


Lucian Miers' thoughts on Versarien: the only question is WHEN do the shares collapse?

2019-07-04 08:25:59

I see that Versarien (VRS) has finally got rid of Patrick Abbott so that he can devote more time to defending the charges of securities fraud for which he has been indicted. I wrote back in March that his employment demonstrated a huge lack of judgement by CEO Neill Ricketts – as did the failure to disclose the matter at the time. That he should be fired so soon (eight days) after publicly standing by him a second time after further charges were revealed compounds the sense of management incompetence...


Neill Ricketts of Versarien takes to twitter to bullshit about spoof US order - cripes his followers are thick

2019-07-01 09:58:52

As I explained on Saturday, there is no reason why Neill Ricketts cannot say the value of his spoof US order. The only reason he will not is that it is tiny.  None the less Ricketts took to his usual medium, twitter, to find a new reason not to admit how small his dick, sorry I meant order, is. And look at how dumb his followers are with their replies!


Patrick Abbott (ex Versarien) in unhinged twitter meltdown against Tom Winnifrith - what sort of company would employ this nutter?

2019-07-01 08:13:59

Patrick Abbott clearly does not like the fact that I reveealed and published the fraud charges against him that could see him to a 20 year stretch and which AIM uber-ramp Versarien (VRS)  finally responded to by, eventually bowing to my pressure, and parting company with him last week. Last night he went into a twitter meltdown as you can see below. I ask you what sort of company employs a nutter like this in the first place?


BOMBSHELL: Versarien is its US oil graphene order a total spoof? A hard look at the maths – what it won’t tell you

2019-06-29 09:48:14

Yesterday, shares in Versarien (VRS) raced ahead by 10% as it announced an order with an (un-named, natch) US oil and has explorer for 12 kg of its high purity graphene nano platelets (GNP-HP) integrated into a polymer masterbatch by Neill Rickett’s great British Company. But the RNS did not spell out the value. And doing his, almost, weekly ramp on Justin the Clown’s promotional limp dick podcast he again refused to say. So here is some hard maths: I suggest this order may be a spoof.


The Sheriff of AIM gets yet another scalp – Patrick Abbott & Versarien: GOTCHA!

2019-06-27 16:06:27

The demented Bulletin Board and twitter followers of Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Rickets claimed the court documents I published HERE covering two fraud charges were false. Or that I had the wrong Patrick Abbott. Or that I was just making it all up to please my masters in the global shorting conspiracy.As ever the morons were wrong. Versarien has finally bowed to our pressure and let Abbott, who was only appointed a few months ago, go as head of its US operations.


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest – Versarien edition

2019-06-22 18:14:54

It seems as if Versarien (VRS) owning morons take particularly badly to exposes on how senior execs may be fraudsters and are certainly liars and respond with abuse for the messengers. And thus in honour of these prize poltroons Bulletin Board Moron of the Week is back. Simply post the most moronic comment found on twitter or the LSE, ADVFN or iii asylums in the comments section below. It does not have to be about Versarien but moronic deadwood press Neil Woodford articles by Ali Hussein or Jeff Presstrip are not eligible. The deadline for entries is midnight Saturday and the winner will receive a mythical photo of Julie Meyer filling in a tax return.


Liar, and alleged fraudster, Patrick Abbott of Versarien - exposed with two new court documents

2019-06-19 10:13:06

Last week I revealed that the man who was to take Versarien (VRS) forward in the USA, Patrick Abbott faced two new charges of fraud which could see him going to jail for 20 years and that his lawyer had quit. Abbott, a man whose skills will be "invaluable" to Versarien according to boss Neil Ricketts, responded on twitter saying this was fake news from TW. Oh dear. The indictments are below, Patrick you are a liar.


A Letter to Bobbie Hilliam at Versarien’s Nomad Canaccord

2019-06-16 23:36:37

In light of Saturday’s bombshell revelation HERE I have written to the Nomad of Versarien (VRS) suggesting a statement is needed pronto. The letter is below.


BREAKING: Versarien Patrick Abbott update – oh dear he now faces up to 20 years in jail, lawyer quits

2019-06-15 12:46:11

Oh dear, oh Dear. You may remember how on March 21, Versarien (VRS) announced with great fanfate that it had appointed Patrick Abbott to spearhead its US expansion. Lucian Miers then pointed out that Mr Abbott faced a few legal problems. And so on April 4 Versarien stated:


Caption Contest: Neill Ricketts of Versarien seeks guidance from a strong and stable proven winner edition

2019-05-23 09:53:46

 Versarien (VRS) shares have now fallen to just 98p with the stink around share sales at 136p by boss Neill Ricketts amid the whiffy China deal announcement now getting stronger and stronger. In light of that there is only one person to guide Neill forward. I invite you to supply a suitable caption for the photo below in the comments section by midnight tonight. The winner will, as ever, get a photo of Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer filling out her tax return.


Cartoons: A Versarien shareholder may be a moron but he's talented & laughs at we bears

2019-05-01 14:56:21

Lucian Miers and I are the targets of a takented shareholder in Versarien (VRS). Okay the guy is a moron but his cartoons are good. The hero of each picture is piss taking Neil Ricketts.  The villains are we bears.


Winnileaks expose (perhaps): Versarien – is Neil Ricketts taking the piss with share sale and BIGT investment

2019-04-16 10:36:30

In September 2018, Versarien (VRS) raised £5.3 million at 145p.  Ramptastic CEO Neill Ricketts stated that he wanted to take part, to buy shares at 145p but could not do so as he was sitting on inside information. Yesterday, having exercised options at 29p, he flogged 307,970 shares at 136.1p netting him a cool £340,000. But that is not the thing that, perhaps, really stinks.


Versarien PLC: Update on Patrick Abbott: An Astounding Lack of Judgement

2019-04-04 03:03:03

It has taken taken two weeks since Versarien (VRS) announced the appointment of Patrick Abbott as Vice President North American Operations, for his ongoing criminal case to be disclosed, despite it being widely publicized here and elsewhere. Presumably this has been dragged out of the company by some grown up at NOMAD Canaccord.


Update on Versarien and its shocking new American Appointment

2019-04-02 01:25:25

Since I last wrote about Versarien (VRS) in November last year the stock had fallen around 20% until yesterday when it ripped 20p on news that it had completed the US-based Graphene Council’s “Verified graphene producer” programme. This gives it a market cap of £187 million. That is a lot of hope value for an enterprise that seems to do little more than announce vague MOUs with various named, and more often unnamed, entities...


Correction on Versarien, though still a stonking short at 123p

2018-11-24 02:49:17

It has been pointed out to me recently that an article I wrote last month on Versarien (VRS) has been the subject of some debate on twitter. My offending sentence was:


Neill Ricketts of Versarien joins main stage line-up at UK Investor on 30 March 2019 - grab your free ticket now!

2018-11-02 16:27:17

The country’s, easily, largest and certainly, most exciting, one day event for those who want to make more money from shares, The Global Group UK Investor Show, is still almost six months away but already the all-star main stage speaker line-up is almost finalized. And this week we announced a big new name.


Versarien - panic as market cap falls to 'only' £200 million

2018-10-22 07:50:48

When a share price suffers a setback, often it is the evil cabal of short sellers who are blamed by retail investors. In the case of Versarien (VRS), even CEO Neill Ricketts is at it.


Neil Ricketts of Versarien in twitter and share price meltdown

2018-10-20 10:28:59

As you know, since Versarien (VRS) supplies the Israeli Defence Forces and thus helps protect the only democracy in the Middle East, it can do no wrong in my eyes. Thus I note, with some concern, the increasingly odd reaction of boss Neil Ricketts as the shares continue to slide.


Versarien – another “collaboration agreement”… but are we ever going to get any results?

2018-10-18 10:26:48

Versarien (VRS), “the advanced materials engineering group, is pleased to announce that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Advanced Insulation Limited”. Any financials with this one? And any update on how other collaborations are coming along, Neill?...


Neill Ricketts walks on water but Versarien remains a sell for the brave (& First Derivatives)

2018-10-09 07:30:39

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien (VRS), the graphene company which is currently the number one pin-up stock on AIM, can be forgiven for thinking that he can walk on water.


Versarien – I told y’all

2018-09-24 09:44:28

Versarien (VRS) is the reason why everyone should sign up with Primary Bid right now. Most Primary Bid offers are ones that I have no hesitation in telling you to avoid like the plague, being trapped in a lift with Emmanuel Macron or both. But just occasionally one comes along that is really worth punting on. I told you on Friday that Versarien was almost certainly in that category HERE. Today I am vindicated.


Today's Primary Bid offer is Versarien at 145p - you know I am almost tempted (in a shabby way)

2018-09-22 06:44:35

At 175p Versarien (VRS) is valued at £263 million. I cannot argue with two writers on this site (Lucian and Cynical) that the valuation looks absurd based on historic profits and cashburn or even on some of the more optimistic forecasts. But it has now announced it is raising £2.9 million (or more) at 145p via Primary Bid and I am almost tempted to have a flutter. Here's why...


Versarien: How are these collaborations coming along, Neill?

2018-09-20 07:08:33

A couple of months on from the well-received annual results of Versarien (VRS) on 19 July, the share price has risen to even higher levels from when I initiated coverage (HERE), now valuing the graphene part of the business at well over £200 million so I thought I’d pose a simple question to CEO Neill Ricketts – how are those collaborations coming along?


Versarien: Perhaps I’m wrong; how good is this wonder product?

2018-07-22 09:20:20

Having stuck my todger in the hornet’s nest as Tom so eloquently put it with my first ever piece on Versarien (VRS) (HERE), I thought I would dig a bit deeper into the products as perhaps one can make a case for a £200 million business after all?


Versarien: a case of Déjà Vu. Outstanding Short Value at 123p

2018-07-21 08:48:20

It is easy to dismiss Versarien (VRS) as just another overhyped AIM stock but, as today’s results show, that does not do it justice. It is currently in a class of its own. In fact, I would say you have to go back more than a decade to Pursuit Dynamics to find something with a valuation, pound for pound, as unhinged as this one.


Initiating coverage of Versarien: SELL

2018-07-19 10:54:11

I’ve been following darling of the bulletin boards, Versarien (VRS) for some time finding the ever-increasing share price more and more incredulous. I thought I would use today’s results to take a closer look and come up with a considered valuation. In short, this appears to be the in the top 5 most overvalued shares on AIM – get out while the going’s good!


Beware the Unnamed ref. BNN, MySQUAR, Telit and Versarien

2018-03-10 02:48:57

When a company issues an RNS which involves an unnamed third party, investors should run for the hills. In the case of BNN Technology this is problematic as the shares have been de-listed from AIM because the last NOMAD Strand Hanson resigned and no one else was prepared to take it on (not a good sign when you consider the depths that most NOMADs are prepared to plumb for ready money).


Is Neil Rickets of Versarien a spiv? NO! is he selling more shares? Maybe? Are some of his shareholders morons? YES!

2018-01-31 04:11:18

Yesterday I posted a series of questions for Neil Rickets of Versarien (VRS), who I have always described as a nice guy even if I think the valuation of his company is crackers. To his credit he has come back ( from China) with full answers but so too has one of his shareholders a  Mr A. Moron.


Versarien - is the CEO a total spiv and is he dumping shares?

2018-01-30 08:56:53

On 7 December 2017 Versarien (VRS) announced that its CEO Neil Rickets had exercised 250,000 options at 12.25p - options that still have 5 years left to run. On 5 January the company casually announced that he had sold the shares on 4 January at 61.5p. Hang on Neil mate...


Should I, or Shouldn't I, Flog This Annoying Share?

2018-01-24 01:09:22

Hello Share Squelchers. Now, what the heck do I do? I was all psyched up to flog my entire holding in Versarien (VRS) after the Pizza Hardman’s tip became a near four-bagger, when I lost my phone. (Yes, you're dealing with a real pro, here).


Still Shorting Versarien at 91p

2018-01-20 04:08:06

The current exuberant mood of the market has thrown up some great opportunities for bears as well as bulls on AIM recently. But for bears they are not for the faint hearted. Timing is particularly difficult when shorting rubbish and, particularly in these times, it pays to drip feed into a position and to maintain plenty of margin. Even then it is not unusual for a stock to double against you as happened to me recently with Online Blockchain (OBC)


Versarien Poses the Same Dilemma as IQE, So What's an Armchair Tycoon to Do?

2018-01-19 01:12:41

Hello, Share Mixers. In the Autumn I agonised on this sumptuous website over whether to sell shares in the computer bits firm IQE (IQE). Fact is, my mind pulled one way, then the other. I could not make up my mind. Now similar factors are in play for another multi-bagger.


Darren Atwater's Graphene Grabber Tip Is Nearly a Four-Bagger for this Grateful Geezer

2018-01-16 01:15:47

Despite the scepticism previously exhibited on this stunning website, I would not be in a rush to sell shares in Versarien (VRS). Even though yesterday’s leap was approaching 35%. That’s normally a signal for this old punter to trouser the profits. But this is one of those mystery shares which could go either way, and I don’t welcome the pain of maybe selling too quickly.


Versarien heading in the right direction - down!

2017-12-16 01:05:49

I was a little surprised by the abuse I copped from recommending Versarien (VRS) as a short at 80p last week. I had failed to spot that it now regularly occupies second place in the ADVFN bulletin board rankings behind charlatan oil promotion UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). (Thankfully I have heard that rumours of a name change to UK Oil and Blockchain are wide of the mark).


Sell Versarien at 80p (and a few more words on UKOG)

2017-12-09 01:53:13

Advanced materials engineering group Versarien (VRS) floated on AIM at 12.5p around four years ago. Its plan then was to commercialise a process called Lost Carbonate Sintering, the brainchild of a Dr. Zhao of the university of Liverpool. More recently it appears to have shifted its focus to graphene products.


Why Santa's Rally May Ride Down the Glistening Lane Till the Spring at Least.

2017-12-09 01:25:13

Hello, Share Smilers. At the end of the week, the Footsie gave us an early Christmas present of 73 points. 0r 1%. Yet, I don’t think the big index has finished yet with its traditional Yuletide gifts. The Santa Rally, rather late as usual, is now upon us.



After Our Recent Successes, Can You Still Afford Not to Pay for Shareprophets?

2017-12-02 00:26:34

Hello, Share Twangers. You may have your suspicions if I return again to the subject of fair payment for the huge number of well-researched articles on this unique website. But I must at least try and save you from the possibilities of losing huge dollops of money.


Versarien – interim results, management chat

2017-11-30 01:40:17

Versarien (VRS) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2017 and despite emphasising that - with “revenues having increased, losses halved and high levels of interest in our graphene products” as well as a successful recent net £2.8 million placing - “we are viewing the future with much optimism”, the shares have responded approaching 12% lower below 40p. However, this still compares to sub 20p earlier in the month and little more than 11p at the commencement of 2017…


As Darren's Tip Doubles in a Week, Is It Worth a Bit of Momentum Trading?

2017-11-24 01:09:09

Hello, Share Riflers. Having written recently on my occasional dabbles in momentum trading, I thought it only fair to mention a share I’m trading at the moment. This share is rocketing along this week.


Why the Pizza Hardman's Graphene Tip Could Be The Star of the Scintillating UK Investor Show

2017-09-08 00:05:32

Hello, Share Twiddlers. At the famous UK Investor Show on April 1st, the legendary pizza hardman, Darren Atwater, tipped Versarien (VRS). We later chatted about one of this company’s products, graphene, which is the revolutionary material which attracted Darren’s interest.


The Pizza Hardman Cooks Up an Exceedingly Good Share Tip

2017-04-07 00:10:03

Hello Share Swiggers. Those of you lucky enough to attend the big UK Investor Show last weekend will have been treated to the first-time ever stage appearance of the Pizza Hardman, Darren Atwater. What was remarkable about this event is that the share he picked in his 'Dragon’s Den' session has put on 20% in the first few days.


Versarien - another Primary Bid after hours Friday opportunity - sign up now, Sunday 5 PM deadline

2017-03-04 05:45:27

This is becoming a regular Friday feature - an after hours offer from Primary Bid for increasingly credible placings. The last one was Ascent at 1.85p - its shares, 3 weeks later, are 2.375p which is great news for our readers who took part. Next up is Versarien (VRS) which is raising £1 million at 15p.

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