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Lekoil – investigation results; the sheikhs indeed fakes… Er, yep! and…

2020-03-02 11:09:00

Previously writing on Lekoil (LEK), it included noting the sheikhs indeed fakes! Another massive scandal on AIM. Now the company announces “the following results of the Investigation: • The facility agreement was a part of a fraud perpetrated against the company”… Er, yep! and…


Lekoil – agreement to kick funding obligations a bit down the road after ‘fake sheikhs’ scandal

2020-01-21 16:10:33

Previously writing on Lekoil (LEK), it was updates at 6:04pm… the sheikhs indeed fakes! Another massive scandal on AIM. Now it’s an intra-day, 2:29pm, “OPL 310 Project Update”


Lekoil: promotion to Vomit List - Nigerian Scam award citation & we expose another $6 million black hole

2020-01-14 08:15:24

Other than shareholders, few could have failed to be amused and appalled in equal measure by Lekoil (LEK) - which has repeatedly referred to itself as an indigenous Nigerian oil company - falling for the long running Nigerian e-mail scam of the ”we have loads of money..send us a deposit and we will make you rich..” type. By itself this incredible incompetence merits my original award of a Vomit list backup place. But we know now about partner payments and obligations after yesterday’s RNS and that merits a hurl to a full blown Vomit List place...


Fake Sheikh alert yet again on the AIM casino - Lekoil shares suspended

2020-01-13 13:39:27

Just over a week ago, Peter Brailey wrote on this website on AIM-listed, Nigeria and West Africa oil and gas-focused, Lekoil (LEK) it’s a good deal for the Partner and CEO..but is it for shareholders?, concluding it is simply not a business that I could invest in at the current time. This followed him having earlier included it as a back-up for the Vomit List. He might want to consider ‘promoting’ it to the list after an update on the ‘funding deal’ today – though it’ll require the shares' return from suspension first!...


Lekoil – It’s a good deal for the Partner and CEO..but is it for shareholders?

2020-01-05 13:46:52

Lekoil (LEK) shares have really motored this year, posting a 100% gain in two days on the back of funding news for the Ogo asset in Nigeria. The realignment of interests with its partner (Optimum Petroleum Development Company) announced back in August 2019, was clearly a good deal for Optimum. This funding deal sees the asset move forward without costing it a penny and Lekoil’s CEO in particular does well from the deal, but is it a good deal for Lekoil shareholders?


Lekoil – how was my crystal ball?

2019-06-20 08:31:36

After pontificating on the position of Lekoil (LEK) prior to the results, it merits a review now that the results have been issued. So how did I do with my crystal ball, and where does it leave the company? 


Lekoil – What will the 2018 year accounts reveal? Yet more red flags?

2019-06-14 11:08:18

I have followed Lekoil (LEK) for some years now, and as each year goes by, I’ve become more questioning of the investment case. Like so many Nigerian based oilers, the potential seems high but is the reality ever realised? 


Lekoil offers plenty of longer term upside

2017-03-22 01:20:44

Many AIM oil companies promise the earth, yet in most cases are still no nearer to actually producing anything despite a number of years having passed since their initial discoveries, so it is refreshing to see that there are exceptions to this trend.


Zak Mir's Bull Call of the Day No. 1: Lekoil- Bull Flag Above 200 Day Line

2015-11-11 04:50:09

It might appear that shares in Lekoil (LEK) make a somewhat unusual choice for a Bull Call of the Day, especially as it is difficult to imagine what the big fundamental driver here may be for a significant upward move in the share price.


Lekoil looks a good buy with production looming

2015-06-20 01:59:29

Lekoil (LEK) has had the misfortune to be tainted by the whole Afren (AFR) saga, but looks to be making good progress. Its share price had been on the decline anyway thanks to the falling oil price, but it really took a hit at the start of this year when the full extent of the problems that Afren were having came to light.


Lekoil has an exciting 2015 ahead

2014-11-20 00:56:14

Lekoil (LEK) made one of the largest new oil discoveries of 2013 but since then its share price has dropped back to pre-discovery levels. The oil explorer is mainly focused on Nigeria and its Ogo-1 discovery on the OPL310 block, in which it holds a 30% interest alongside Afren (whose license Lekoil farmed into) and Optimum Petroleum. 


Lek Oil – the safe West African Play: Buy at 59.75p – target 150p

2014-09-03 06:34:16

I have been watching Lek Oil (LEK) for some time and think the drop in the share price due to the problems at farm in partner Afren (AFR) is overdone. From Afren’s results last week we know that there will still be a well drilled in OPL 310 in 4Q this year. Lek will benefit from Afren’s troubles as investors switch hot money into the “safer” play.


Placement Watch: Lekoil, can it continue its impressive growth?

2014-05-21 08:59:11

Not all placements and not all of AIM is rotten. There are plenty of honest companies out there and honest boards of directors, genuinely committed to value creation. Lekoil (LEK) looks like a perfect case in point. This morning, the company announced a £22.4million placement and the market has responded positively. Lekoil’s shares are up 93% over the last twelve months and the question is can the company build on this success with the new funds at its disposal?


Lekoil: Above 51p Targets Towards 80p Initially

2013-12-30 17:26:58

I have been looking to cover Lekoil (LEK) from a charting perspective for some weeks now, but was waiting for the right amount of historical data – less than 6 months can be difficult. 


Doc Holiday’s tips of the year 2014, Number 2 – Buy Lekoil at 63p

2013-12-29 19:28:44

Season’s greetings to one and all. Today I embark on the future vision of what I hope to be the shares to buy for 2014.  


Lekoil – a speculative buy at 38.5p

2013-07-25 09:29:23

Shares in AIM listed oil junior Lekoil (LEK) are currently trading just off year lows of 35p. You may say that this is not unusual in the current climate but hang on, let’s review what is actually going on here for the company which is now capitalised at £84 million.

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