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Itaconix – just how soon did this Woodford dog need balance sheet improvement?

2021-06-09 11:26:57

With its shares having closed on Monday at above 16p, on Tuesday morning self-styled “a leading innovator in sustainable plant-based polymers used as essential ingredients in everyday consumer products”, AIM-listed Itaconix (ITX) was “pleased to provide an update on its commercial progress and current trading”. Today it is “pleased to announce a placement” (natch!)...


Itaconix – a Woodford dog with balance sheet improvement needed indeed...

2021-06-08 11:53:39

Self-styled “a leading innovator in sustainable plant-based polymers used as essential ingredients in everyday consumer products” Itaconix (ITX) “is pleased to provide an update on its commercial progress and current trading”. Why then have the shares currently responded approaching 18% lower?!...


Itaconix – Woodford dog “pleased to report… slightly ahead of current market expectations”, but what are those expectations?!

2021-01-26 11:55:57

Shares in long-term Woodford dog, self-styled “a leading innovator in sustainable specialty polymers” Itaconix (ITX) have risen significantly so far this year and the company states it now “is pleased to update the market on a positive year of trading in which the company made substantial commercial and financial progress”. The shares have currently responded towards 5p, a comfortably above £20 million market cap, though 17% lower...


Itaconix – the latest bark from this Woodford dog...

2020-07-22 16:19:59

Self-styled “a leading innovator in sustainable specialty polymers”, Itaconix (ITX) has updated emphasising “Itaconix Grows Revenues 80% in First Half 2020”. But to what? And what about the bottom-line?...


Itaconix – I having previously warned, including of funding concerns...

2020-06-24 16:18:50

Previously writing on Itaconix (ITX), last month I noted with the shares at 1.55p Woodford dog updates including “increasing demand”, BUT... noting the context of “revenues for the first four months of 2020… an increase of 42% over the same period in 2019”, to… $0.6 million! and funding still only possibly until the end of August and concluding avoid / sell. Now…


Itaconix – Woodford dog updates including “increasing demand”, BUT...

2020-05-19 12:39:09

An announcement from Itaconix (ITX) including “as we continue to experience increasing demand for our detergent polymers, this funding will assist us with staffing levels to support growth in customer volumes” – and the shares currently higher at 1.55p...


Itaconix – Woodford dog emphasises “Strong Revenue Momentum and Extended Funding”… but what’s the detail?...

2020-05-05 13:39:59

The previous update from Itaconix (ITX) was “Company Update on Funding and Business Plan”on which the shares further slumped and I summarised Woodford dog in need of funding (natch) says “there can be no assurance” & considers AIM de-listing. Today from the company a different approach, with an announcement; “Strong Revenue Momentum and Extended Funding”...


Itaconix – Woodford pick with “New Collaboration in Biodegradable Packaging”… so its potential financial impact?...

2020-03-04 14:27:34

Itaconix (ITX) “is pleased to announce… an important step for us to assess the commercial potential of our initial BIO*Asterix™ additives” – and the “New Collaboration in Biodegradable Packaging” titled-RNS has currently helped the shares to 1.70p, approaching 10% higher on the day…


Itaconix – Woodford pick again “pleased to announce”… I again wonder why…

2020-02-25 14:59:46

Itaconix (ITX) “is pleased to announce that it has received its first order from a second European customer for its Itaconix® CHT™ 122 bio-based detergent ingredient” – with the announcement currently helping the shares more than 4% higher…


Itaconix – Woodford pick with financial woes with another “pleased to announce” RNS...

2020-02-12 14:34:56

I previously wrote on an announcement from self-styled “leading innovator (and thus, natch, a Woodford pick) in sustainable specialty polymers”, Itaconix (ITX) less than a month ago. However, it has already since announced “Introduction of New Detergent Polymer”“New BIO*AsterixT Product Line” and today “New Supply and License Agreements with New Wave” – the latter currently seeing the shares at 1.50p, up more than 7% on the day…


Itaconix – Woodford “leading innovator” considers “a healthy sign of an effective collaboration is”… termination!

2020-01-17 14:40:59

Updating on Woodford “leading innovator” Itaconix (ITX) last week as the shares fell further to 1.55p, I concluded with the cash crunch ahoy funding situation also now from a market cap heading towards £4 million, natch still currently avoid / sell. Now “Termination of Chelates Agreement”


Itaconix – “Trading Update”… but why doesn’t it detail the loss & cash burn from this Woodford “leading innovator”?

2020-01-09 11:36:47

Itaconix (ITX) states it is “pleased to announce” a trading update for the 2019 calendar year and CEO John R. Shaw that “the acceleration in our revenue growth reflects growing commercial validation and consistent progress with customer projects across all of our products and application areas… our pipeline continues to strengthen as we maintain our focus on accelerating key revenue opportunities in the first half of 2020”. The shares have currently responded to 1.55p – er, 6% lower…


Itaconix – argues significant milestones… but beware of what’s another of Neil Woodford’s ‘leading innovators’…

2020-01-08 11:20:29

Former Woodford pick, Itaconix (ITX) has followed a “First order to Croda for new odour control polymer” announcement yesterday with a now “New patent issued for detergent compositions” and these have helped the shares up from a prior 1.525p to currently around 1.7p – although down (natch, for a recent years Woodford pick), for example, from more than 4p at the commencement of 2019 and approaching 16p at the commencement of 2018…


Itaconix – Woodford dog ‘showing the potential and value of using smart partnering’? Er…

2019-10-25 11:39:00

Having only on Wednesday announced “Introduction of New Odour Control Product Line”, ‘sustainable specialty polymers “leading innovator”’ (so - despite that description self-styled - natch Neil Woodford was a key investor) Itaconix (ITX) has now also announced “Expansion of Croda Supply and Joint Marketing Agreement”


Itaconix – a new product line… but beware it’s another of Neil Woodford’s ‘leading innovators’!

2019-10-23 13:02:44

Itaconix (ITX), ‘a sustainable specialty polymers “leading innovator”’ (so, despite that description self-styled, natch Neil Woodford was a key investor), has announced a new product line – emphasising “our rapid response and development show both our customer focus and the strength of our proprietary technology platform”. Hmmm…


Itaconix and Hvivo – All very cosy but……WHAT”S THE POINT?

2018-07-13 07:08:29

Just following up on Steve’s piece on Itaconix yesterday (HERE) with a couple of further observations relating to some interesting interactions between Woodford and its partner-in-crime in many of these early stage biotech / tech plays, IP Group, (IPO), but more importantly to ponder why on earth either of them are bothering.


Itaconix – Woodford pick which states it is “a world leader… with break-through economics”, so why the proposed fundraising?

2018-07-12 11:20:35

Previously writing on Woodford dog Itaconix (ITX), it was Q1 trading update, ‘More cash please, Neil’ indeed!. Subsequently, the shares have been suspended due to “as a result of the requirement for further funding, the company will not be in a position to publish its annual audited accounts for the year ended 31 December 2017 by 30 June 2018, as required by AIM”. Today results and “Proposed Fundraising” announcements…


Itaconix – Shares suspended as Neil Woodford’s week takes a turn for the worse

2018-06-29 01:00:11

I suggested yesterday that things were looking up for Neil Woodford but we can all relax again as matters return to normal with disaster looming around every corner for the star fund manager as Itaconix (ITX) has suspended its shares this morning pending a potential fund raise.


Itaconix – Q1 trading update, ‘More cash please, Neil’ indeed!

2018-04-16 03:30:26

Self-styled “a leading innovator in sustainable performance polymers”, Itaconix (ITX) has announced a trading update for the first quarter of 2018 trumpeting “despite adverse currency movements, group revenue has increased 8% year-on year in the first quarter of 2018”. Sounds decent enough so far…


Itaconix – a bit more to add on this classic Woodford dog case study

2018-02-16 06:35:45

I appreciate that Steve covered the highlights HERE but it is worth providing a bit more information on yet another yapping Woodford pug as the tale is all too familiar and one that will no doubt be repeated again and again in the future.


Itaconix – a “proprietary process with break-through economics”… as the shares break-through an 18% decline

2018-02-13 04:50:43

Itaconix (ITX) states it uses a “proprietary process with break-through economics to produce unique or enhanced ingredients for the homecare, personal care and industrial markets”. ‘Break-through economics’ hey, let’s take a look at its trading update for the 2017 calendar year – with the shares currently ‘breaking-through’ an 18% decline on the back of it…


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