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Falanx – argues platform development ‘delight’… but a 50% share price rise?

2021-01-13 16:40:00

“Triarii to include Microsoft Azure Sentinel”-titled announcement from ‘cyber security and strategic intelligence services group’ Falanx (FLX) and the shares currently 50% higher in response, to 1.425p. Does that seem justified?...


Falanx – “successful fundraising” ‘thanks and now big screw you’ to the smaller investor...

2020-09-29 12:04:58

“Confirmation of successful fundraising” announcement from Falanx Group (FLX). With the shares having reached 1.9p last month and last closed at 1.175p, what are the details of this “successful fundraising”?...


Falanx – trading statement suggests now recovering strongly, remains a buy…

2020-08-08 07:45:51

Provider of cyber security and strategic intelligence services, Falanx (FLX) has updated its long-suffering investors with news including “sales orders were lower in April and May but began to accelerate from June onwards as organisations respond to Cyber security issues of working from home and its increased risk profile. The board is pleased that this increase in sales has continued into the second quarter of the financial year”


Falanx – trading update, cyber security spending soon to resume materially?...

2020-04-04 11:49:39

Cyber security and strategic intelligence services group Falanx (FLX) has updated we long suffering investors with news including that it “experienced strong trading with circa £1m of significant new orders between December and mid-February in the Cyber division” and “discussions with our customer base indicate that they expect to resume spending on cyber security-related measures once they move away from their immediate crisis planning, and their home-based working infrastructure has bedded in”. The shares have currently responded higher, to 0.825p…


Falanx – sale of cash burner brings cashflow breakeven closer to view…

2020-01-03 14:25:36

Falanx (FLX) has announced it “has sold its serverless stream processing platform, Furnace, to a team led by Falanx's Chief Strategy Officer and Founder, John Blamire. As part of the sale, John Blamire has resigned from the board with immediate effect”


Falanx – disappointing results but now looks set to benefit from the foundations it’s laid

2019-09-22 11:39:26

Falanx (FLX) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2019 and that its “sales pipeline continues to grow with our enhanced cyber security offering”


Falanx – new Nomad broker – an upgrade: STRONG BUY

2019-03-23 01:59:29

This is good news. Falanx (FLX) has made it clear that it does not need to place again to execute its business plan and to get itself into material profitability. We would hope for a formal trading statement within the next month or so very much confirming this and an improvement in profitability.


Falanx - unimpressive interims & placing, though shares to still more than double?

2018-11-15 04:30:08

Forget all the blather about how Falanx (FLX) will use the £4 million net raised at 3p to grow its business. Interim results for the period to 30 September show that it was almost out of cash. It is thus quite infuriating for the company to state that it has raised the cash “in response to institutional demand”. Whoever wrote that should be hung, drawn and quartered and have their head placed on a spike outside the Stock Exchange as a warning to others who sput such obvious bollocks via RNS. To the results first...


Video: Falanx presents and is grilled at Nigel Wray UK Investor City Forum

2018-10-21 06:25:03

I gave Falanx (FLX) a hard time as did a number of other shareholders present last Tuesday. But after a confident presentation I thought Mike Read and John Blamire coped well. If the Solarwinds deal pans out as expected then these shares really could be incredibly cheap. 3.3p-3.5p is certainly very much the wrong price and the stance has to be STRONG BUY. Enjoy...


Falanx – is this a denial of placing rumours?

2018-10-18 07:20:53

Tom Winnifrith writes: Falanx (FLX) has offered up a statement which looks like good news. I shall write more having grilled the company at the Nigel Wray shindig, but the release comes in two parts...


Falanx: has the company and Nomad Spark employed a medium to speak to the dead?

2018-08-22 11:53:49

Noting last week’s double announcement of pitiful boardroom buys, I see that the finance director of AIM-listed Falanx (FLX) hasn’t put his hand in his pocket again whilst shuffling his enormous holding of 221,359 shares (about £8,300 worth) into his ISA. Bully for him. But the company seems to have had to employ a medium in order to get the RNS signed off. Why? Well, if you look down the RNS you will see this….


Falanx: director buying - "That Don’t Impress Me Much"

2018-08-15 14:12:48

A day after pretty poor results from AIM-listed Falanx (FLX) and we have two RNSs announcing that the boardroom has been buying shares. Is it good news? Er… quite Shania Twain, that don’t impress me much.


Falanx - full year numbers not entirely impressive, but...

2018-08-15 10:48:24

Cynics will say that Falanx (FLX) delayed its results until August so that it could sugar the pill of not exactly sparkling numbers for the year to March 31 2018 with news that it achieved EBITDA profitability in July. Perhaps there is another reason. Certainly, no-one could describe what has been served up as sparkling and we shareholders will only be hitting the ouzo to dull the pain not to celebrate. The shares are down by 14% to 4.15p-4.4p, valuing the company at £11.1 million at mid. Is that an over-reaction?


Falanx – and the CEO resignation that was clearly not...

2018-08-14 13:17:39

I have already covered results from Falanx (FLX) in bearcast but there is one matter than niggles me in the annual report – the “resignation” as a director of CEO  Stuart Bladen. Let me explain…


Falanx - contract renewal, so what? But still a Buy

2018-08-02 09:10:01

With its shares dipping towards 4p, Falanx (FLX) has announced that its recently acquired SecureStorm unit has enjoyed a renewal of a “critical managed cyber security services contract.” So what?...


Falanx – another itty bitty acquisition don’t impress me or Shania much ...but

2018-07-20 07:40:27

The management of Falanx (FLX) are nice guys but do themselves no favours. Issuing, albeit small amounts, of shares at rock bottom process for small itty bitty acquisitions is rarely a strategy that is value accretive. Delaying your results does not impress anyone although the company has a plausible excuse. Doing a major placing at 4.5p when not long before your shares were 9p really f**ks off we loyal shareholders. Suffice to say, the statement accompanying those results in a couple of week’s time is going to have to be pretty hot.


Falanx – results delay a cause for concern? We think not, still a strong buy

2018-07-12 08:00:00

Falanx (FLX) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2018 will be on 14th August this year. That compares to 10th July last year. So a cause for concern? We think not…


Falanx - Major contract wins underpin forecasts: strong buy

2018-05-17 02:03:36

A series of contract wins announced mean that Falanx (FLX) is clearly beyond that inflexion point where a ramp up in sales means that it is beyond breakeven. That means there is no more need to place shares which is good for we long standing and supportive shareholders. Moreover, with a high gross margin of 50%, it means that operational gearing can now kick in and that will start to drive a sharp ramp up in profitability. This good news is far from discounted in the share price, at 5.6p-5.7p the market cap is still less than £15 million. So the latest news...


UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Mike Read of Falanx

2018-05-10 00:36:33

I defy anyone who spoke to the Falanx (FLX) team at the show not to have come away a bull. I did and thus bought more shares post show. At 5.2p offer the shares are really very cheap IMHO. If you doubt here is chairman Mike Read to say more.


UK Investor Show Dragon's Den 6 Video: Tom, Gary Newman & Steve Moore invest another £3,000

2018-05-03 00:15:50

At the UK Investor Show there were six Dragon's Den sessions. As a result of each £3,000 of my real money was invested after each dragon picked one of the 4 companies doing an elevator pitch. In session six the Dragons were me (Tom Winnifrith), Gary Newman and Steve Moore. The companies pitching were: Falanx,  Thor Mining, Karoo Energy and Bezant Resources


Falanx – operational update, all positive

2018-04-20 01:30:00

Falanx Group (FLX) has been “pleased to provide an operational update regarding the integration of the March 2018 acquisition of First Base Technologies and progress with its Cyber Security monitoring platform”


Falanx - management changes but it is the numbers that matter, Buy

2018-03-14 04:29:46

Post last week's placing and acquisition of First Base, Falanx (FLX) has completed, what we hope will be, its last reshuffle at the top. The key men, executive chairman Mike Read and COO John Blamire stay in situe. And that is what really matters.


Falanx - Placing & Acquisition: Strong Buy

2018-03-07 02:00:00

As we write the RNS states that an accelerated book build to raise £4.6 million is underway at Falanx (FLX). In fact the placing has been done and management is putting in about 7% of the funds with chairman Mike Read on the hook for £250,000+. This is a very good deal.


Falanx is now at breakeven - major contract win news: Buy

2018-02-09 03:01:50

Recently folks have been panicked into selling shares in Falanx (FLX) as market abusers spread some clear and silly lies about the company. Falanx has answered in the best way possible with a massive contract win which, we reckon, means that it is now operating at very close to breakeven or better. And it will soon get much better than that for we shareholders.


Falanx shares to double & video interview with CEO Mike Read

2018-02-08 01:48:54

As it happens, I reckon that Falanx (FLX) shares, which we own, are a stand out buy as well after yesterday's superb news. My thoughts will follow in due course. First up is the joint broker, Beaufort, with its thoughts and its video interview with boss Mike Read. 


Falanx - Bulletin Board Morons and lies - what should a company do?

2018-02-02 01:25:02

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from a fellow who had bad news about Falanx (FLX). But it was fake news. How does a company react to fake news, I don't know is the answer. So what happened?


Falanx Group - contract win & an FD we like appointed

2018-01-18 02:36:22

Falanx Group (FLX) has appointed a new Finance Director at last. Ian Selby was at Westminster Group (WSG), a perennially cash-strapped omnishambles, until he had enough and walked last summer.


Falanx shares to double to 10p

2017-12-22 01:16:07

You know that I am bullish on Falanx (FLX) after its recent trading statement, I explained why and gave hard forecasts HERE. House broker Beaufort is p;aid to be bullish so take its words with a pimch of salt. However...


Falanx partnership with Stone Group - hang on tight, more to come!

2017-09-21 00:37:46

Falanx (FLX) has announced a partnership with Stone Group, a major supplier of IT services to the Education sector and Government. Stone provides the hardware to all these money tree-funded bodies and will, in future, promote Falanx Cyber Defence as its sole cyber security partner.


Buy Falanx at a 7.5p offer - target to sell 10p+

2017-09-15 01:04:55

First the disclosures. No 1. We own stacks of these shares (bought at 4p) but will not sell until the shares are north of 10p. No 2. Hotstockrockets tipped them at a 4.25p offer and has them as a STRONG HOLD -I think certain colleagues are too cautious. Now over to cybersecurity play Falanx (FLX) which has recently served up a cracking trading statement and a cute little acquisition. Falanx says that in the run up to its half year end  (30 September) it has won "significant new sales contracts with recurring revenue... Remains on course for operational breakeven this financial year." It repeats that "business on track to reach breakeven during the financial year with sufficient cash to see all current operations through to profitability."


Falanx - trading statement, Told y'all! UPGRADE

2017-09-06 00:43:09

We hope that you bought shares in Falanx (FLX) at sub 6p the other day as we told you to do. Even though that was well up on our 4.25p offer share tip level. The stock closed previously at 6p-6.5p, but we have now had a cracking trading statement. Told y'all!


Falanx share price decline - not warranted: BUY and watch this space (soon)

2017-08-20 06:16:44

Shares in Falanx (FLX) have slipped and slipped most of the summer. The reality is - as we noted with Optibiotix (OPTI) the other day  - that sensible folks are sitting on beaches and this means that there is a bit of an absence of buyers. Well let us clarify there is certainly an absence of buyers for small cap stocks where there has been no news and Falanx fits that bill.


Falanx - upgrade stance to BUY, share price decline baseless

2017-08-03 00:46:02

Shares in Falanx (FLX) have fallen back to 5.25p -5.75p which is very frustrating indeed for we shareholders as there is no fundamental reason for a sell off. We have spoken to the company and are told:


Falanx Results - Really what is not to like?

2017-07-12 00:31:15

Falanx (FLX) has finally released its results for the year to March 31. The numbers were in line but it is the forward looking statement that is the dazzler. That is not reflected in the share price which came off by more than 10% on the session at 6.75p-7p. We think the market called that wrong and here is why.


Falanx - small bolt on announced but not the big picture - that's next week

2017-07-06 01:49:46

Falanx (FLX) has announced that it has bought Cloudified Limited for £180,000. This is a small beer deal.For what will really get the shares to sizzle higher we must wait a few more days.


Falanx - very odd share price moves ahead of results date: upgrade of stance to BUY

2017-06-25 00:43:15

Shares in Falanx (FLX) were almost 10p a month ago. The other day they were 6.25p to sell. What on earth happened? What fundamental event caused the company to lose more than a third of its value? Of course there was no such event. Price does not equal value.


Not all our share tips give readers 12 day profits of 77% some take longer - catch next hot tip TODAY for just £5 + the Falanx excitement and will we make another 100% on Obtala

2017-05-26 06:57:51

Four times in the past three or four months we have advised our readers to bank big gains on shares we tipped - the one before the one before last was a 77% profit (offer to bid ) in just 12 days. But though we target quick gains, most tips take rather longer to make money for our readers. take Falanx (FLX) we tipped it last year at a 4.75p offer - it is a solid cashed up fast growing cyber security play. We like it so much we own a few shares too but won't be selling any of them till after our readers bank big gains. The shares are now 9.5p -10p! That is a potential 100% offer to bid profit!


Falanx & the Cyber attacks & the £100 million political scandal

2017-05-15 01:51:59

We own Falanx (FLX) shares and are currently well over 100% up on our investment with stock at 9.5p mid. HotStockRockets readers are now 100% ahead on the share tip too. So with the stock surging on the basis of the massive cyber attack that started on the NHS on Friday what to do? First realise that this is a political scandal. 


Falanx - placing and trading statement: shares go up! We upgrade (again)

2017-05-07 02:40:00

How often do you see a small AIM company raise a good whack of money relative to its market cap (in this case the new shares issued are just under 20% of the enlarged total) and still see its shares go up on the day? Once in a blue moon. Well it has happened with Falanx (FLX), whose shares closed at 7.5p-8p.


Video: Stuart Bladen, CEO of Falanx Group, speaks at UK Investor Show 2017

2017-04-16 01:48:12

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Stuart Bladen, CEO of  Falanx Group (FLX), is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.


Falanx - MidGard launch and massive name tie ups

2017-03-29 00:26:36

You would not have thought that Falanx (FLX) had, yesterday,  served up some cracking news but it has. The shares rose just a fraction tpo 6.5p-7p. The market is missing what is going on for now, here but the import will sink in. We are well ahead on our 4.5p offer share tip but there is plenty more to go for.


Falanx - new CFO, check out that CV

2017-03-12 04:00:48

At 6.25p-6.5p cyber security group Falanx (FLX) is capitalised at just £8.2 million. We think it will go higher. It is well up on our share tip  at a 4.25p offer so the stance is hold but this should be trading at well over 8p to sell ( our target) post the year end trading statement in a few weeks. But pro tem we were told last week that it has appointed Craig Dawson as Chief Finance Officer with immediate effect - check out his CV.


Falanx: New business unit - so what? Grrrrr - still a buy (or hold at worst)

2017-02-17 06:37:37

In a very strong contender for non news of the week Falanx (FLX) has announced the creation of a new business unit, Falanx Cyber Technologies. Right. 


A hat-trick of announcements from Falanx, hold very tight

2017-02-01 03:15:17

Like London buses in days gone by, announcements from Falanx (FLX) do not happen for what seems like an eternity then three arrive on one day.


Falanx - share option awards, the structure is bloody good news: another winning share tip

2017-01-26 02:27:52

Normally we do not like share options for management. They are one way bets and are not structured to incentivise but merely to reward the board by diluting those who actually have to put cash up front, mug punters, ordinary investors such as you and us.


Falanx - very cheering AGM Statement Indeed

2016-12-19 04:10:24

The AGM of Falanx (FLX) on Thursday was a cheerful affair. We tipped these shares at a 4.25p offer in May. They are now 6.75p-7.5p. ot only were all the usual tedious resolutions passed but there was an upbeat trading statement.


Q&A with John Blamire of Falanx Group

2016-12-15 02:56:18

There is a very strong AGM statement today from Falanx (FLX). I must declare that we own shares in this company. What follows is a Q&A I have just done with Mr Falanx John Blamire.


Falanx interims - looking good for material re-rate by Christmas

2016-11-03 02:49:40

Intelligence, security and cyber defence group Falanx (FLX) has announced results for its half year to 30th September 2016 and a “continued drive to positive cash flow from operations next year”.


Falanx Upgrade - canny share buyer takes stock up to 6.875p: more to come

2016-10-27 08:21:12

Shares in Falanx (FLX) have "melted up" to 6.75p-7p. The spread used to be enormous but has narrowed pleasantly and the trend is clear. You may have spotted that one investor, Steven Myers, has been buying aggressively and now holds 12,701,000 shares, 10.17% of the equity. Who is he?


Falanx - so much news and its all good

2016-10-18 03:52:29

So much news so where to start? At the top perhaps? Falanx (FLX) has appointed a new CEO Stuart Bladen. He will work alongside John Blamire who stays as an executive director which is good news.


Falanx shares starting to motor - hang on, price target increased

2016-10-13 02:21:26

Back in May, we tipped Falanx (FLX) at a 4.25p offer and a 6.625p limit buying price with a target to sell at 6.5p by August. There have been a few delays caused by a stock overhang and the placing needed to clear a death spiral. But the shares are now starting to motor ahead. They now stand at 6p-6.25p. Do not sell. In fact...


Falanx Placing - Death Spiral loan notes cleared: here we go

2016-10-05 04:47:12

Falanx Group (FLX) has raised £750,000 at 4p in a placing organised by new broker Turner Pope. It was Turner Pope that approached Falanx and we know most of those who put up the cash and they are firm-ish holders not flippers. Turner Pope will get its commission and also 468,750 shares with a six month lock-in.


Falanx Group - Dismal Results but that is no shock - future bright: Buy

2016-07-21 00:27:34

Falanx Group (FLX) says that its results for the year to 31 March 2016 were in line with expectation. Put another way, they were predictably dire with sales coming in at £1.81 million, down from £1.92 million) and the loss before taxation hitting £2.65 million, up from £2.20 million. However...


Falanx: Buy at 3.25p - target 8p: broker Whitman Howard initiates coverage

2016-07-14 01:10:26

We own these shares so clearly we are not impartial in what we say about the most incredibly brilliant and perceptive broker report in history. That was my little joke before Wildes reports me to the FCA again. Anyhow Whitman Howard has published a detailed not on Falanx (FLX) as it initiates coverage. Analyst Christopher Furness says:


Buy Falanx at a 4.5p offer to sell at 6.5p by August

2016-06-06 23:59:48

The shares were 4.25p offer when we tipped this but they are still cheap. Naturally our paying customers got in at lower levels that you can today. However the thesis stands. Falanx (FLX) has not covered itself in glory since its AIM admission just under three years ago. There have been a couple of profits warnings and, just over a year ago, there was a change of strategy, a shift from profitable but dull traditional security to dealing with cyber security. It sounded sexy but it meant huge losses and the shares have slumped to 4p-4.5p. But they are now a buy. Why?


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Falanx, Flybe, Oilex

2015-11-02 05:14:42

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares of Falanx (FLX), Flybe (FLYB), Oilex (OEX) and offer some share price targets.


Zak Mir's Bull Call of the Day No.1: Falanx: 20p Gap Target

2015-10-27 01:25:19

As can be seen from the daily chart trace of Falanx (FLX) over the bulk of the past year, it has generally not been a happy time for the longs, with a deeply entrenched bear run ruling the roost for much of the period.


Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No.1: Falanx Group: Initial 18p Destination

2015-09-04 03:54:32

For some reason it did actually seem that Falanx Group (FLX) shares had been treated rather unfairly by the market going into this week, although it should be said that the subsequent move to the upside will have surprised the bulls in a pleasant way. There is now an interesting share price target. 


Falanx – worth a nibble at 47.5p

2014-07-02 15:46:44

Security group Falanx (FLX) is potentially a classic value investment with “cloud” upside. At 47.5p it might be worth a nibble. Here’s why.


Falanx Group – places at a deep discount, yet market willingly pays a huge premium

2014-04-17 10:00:29

Falanx Group (FLX) is a bit of a mystery. From the release of its interim results on November 19th last year through to a generic announcement concerning the exercise of warrants on March 13th this year, the company didn’t provide the market with a single update. Yet this didn’t stop the share price rising from 13.2p to 30p over the same period. In the month since, the stock drifted. Suddenly today, the company announced a deeply discounted placement “without the assistance of corporate brokers”. If you find this a bit odd, it is because it is, but should you write this off as a stock to buy?


Falanx Interims - still a buy

2013-11-20 14:46:09

Security and risk management consultancy, Falanx Group (FLX) has announced a maiden pre-tax profit (£35k) on revenue of £2.18 million for the six months ended 30th September 2013, with Chairman Karl Barclay stating that, “given the expected expansion of work in the Middle East and North Africa, and the new opportunities offered through consolidation of cyber security services, I am confident that the group has a sound base on which to grow the business over the coming months and beyond”. The following updates on a stock added to the Penny Share portfolio on my Nifty Fifty website at a 12.25p offer price last month.  The stock is now 14.5p.


Buy Falanx at a 12.25p offer price

2013-11-07 11:20:39

Investment Case: International security and risk management consultancy with clients including blue chip corporates and governments, Falanx Group (LSE:FLX) only listed on AIM in June, raising £0.595 million at 12p per share on admission – the shares are now 12.25p to buy.

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