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BREAKING: ADM Energy – to fall for one fake sheikh is understandable but to fall for two looks like carelessness

This latest expose c/o Winnileaks is why shares in ADM Energy (ADME) should be suspended first thing Monday. Not only has the company and its hapless Nomad Carin sit on news of a major legal claim against it as I revealed yesterday but it seems to have met its second fake sheikh, a letter from whom is below. And to have used this fake sheikh to ramp the shares ahead of placings.


BREAKING: Winnileaks Special - ADM Energy and the $1.75 million legal threat it neglected to mention

During the next 24 hours I shall be publishing a number of articles showing that AIM listed ADM Energy (ADME) has consistently misled investors as to the state of its finances while raising money in new placings. I shall look at where some of that cash went and who was aware of it, including former Tory MP Sir (now Lord) Henry Bellingham of the the 3DM fraud infamy who is a NED. At the end of the series you will be in no doubt that this company's shares are utterly worthless and that those hawk like watchdogs at AIM Regulation, the folks fomerly referred to as the Oxymorons, should be swooping to feel collars both at ADM but also acting against its advisors. I start with a letter sent to the Winnileaks service which ADM received on 9 July 2021.


Letter to Nomad Cairn Financial re ADM Energy: why were you party to deception and are you contacting the FCA

Shares in ADM Energy (ADME) are almost certainly, more or less worthless, as Gary Newman explained here. Those who paid c20p at peak “Sheikh on the Make hype”  for the shares must be spitting nails. The object of their anger should be Nomad Cairn Financial, of Cloudtag infamy, to whom I have written today cc’ing in AIM Regulation and the FCA. The letter follows.

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