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Don't Go Down the Lazy River. Get 'Em Sold!

Hello Share Mates. One of the seven deadly sins is sloth. And while it doesn't necessarily lose shareholders a lot of money, it stops them making it. The major manifestation of laziness in Shareland is allowing companies which have been going nowhere for a long time to rot in your portfolio.

  • 48 days ago

When Dire Results on Reporting Day Can Help Us to Make More Money in Shareland.

Hello Share Mates. It's natural, isn't it? We're warned about most of the dodgy companies on this blistering website. And we begin to think many more listed companies are suspect. They have incompetent mangers or worse still, there is some chicanery going on.



Your Share Keeps Rising Like a Rocket on Lucozade. So What Do you Do Now?

Hello, Share Monkeys. In this weekend’s lesson I look at the possibilities when finding yourself with a share where the price is rising rapidly. Should we sell, hold or buy more? It could depend on the qualities or failings of the individual share. But more likely it’s the momentum, timing and your own personality which are the more important considerations.


Exclusive: Malcolm's Seminar on When it's Best to Sell.

It’s Spring cleaning time. And with the markets closed, it’s an ideal time to condemn stuff you don’t want, as charity shops faced with a 17% rise in donations are finding out. And it’s also time to divest yourself of shares which are dragging down your portfolio. It’s been shown time and time again that holding onto duds limit your performance more than finding winners. Nothing is guaranteed in the chaos that is Shareland. But there are a few guidance notes, if not rules, for keeping your portfolio in a tidy and profitable state. Here they are.

The Agony of the Big Decision. When in the Day to Sell, Buy or Walk Away.

Hello, Share Trusters. One of the most uncomfortable aspects of our great game is ‘The Big Decision’. That’s exactly when to buy, sell or hold.  We can be driven mad. My son has a portfolio worth £1500. Not much, unless you’re just starting on a career path when losing a few hundred quid can be tragic. He decided to sell his biggest winner this week: the very speculative Avacta (AVCT).


If Warren Buffett Can Join the $100 Billion Club, Well, So could You.

Hello, Share Diggers. People like us who invest in shares are a fortunate minority. It’s likely that most folks reading this will have done well out of our pastime year by year. Even at times when the Footsie stumbles, we should, by acting on experience and instinct, beat the market. For example, buying shares in Covid-linked medical companies will have cancelled out the pandemic losses we’ve suffered in oilers and banks.


Shares Will Ride Again, Just You Wait and See.

Hello, Share Diggers. When I was looking for a hotel in the Smoke last month, I was shocked that Premier Inn, a so-called budget hotel, wanted £360 for two nights, a huge increase on my room last year. I bet they’re not charging that now. This brings me no joy, especially as this family has shares in Whitbread (WTB) which owns Premier.


Why Investing in Big Dividend Payers is Not Always the Right Thing to Do.

Hello Share Chewers. As its the non-trading weekend, let’s take the opportunity of searching the pros and cons of investing in companies with high dividends. As poor interest rates continue to rule, does it not make more sense to buy shares for the yield than to hold loads of cash in the building society?

Tern – new 5 year contract for DA (well done) but….

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced that its principal investee, Device Authority (DA) has landed a contract. Hooray! But it is only worth $80,000 in the first year and I expect Tern to announce further funding for DA in short order.


Still Worried About the Brexit Bogie on Your Shares? Well I'm Not.

Hello Share Clumpers. Whether or not you voted for Brexit doesn't matter. What we supporters of this magnificent website want to know is how will our shares be affected. Both in the run-up to that scary March 29th date and afterwards.


Blighty is Losing the Fight Against Most of the World. But that Doesn't Matter.

Hello Share Chewers. If your portfolio is anything like mine, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. All those years of waiting for things to really pick up, after the crash of 2008, are at last bearing fruit. The Footsie has been breaking records for days now. And, if you’ve wisely spread your eggs around loads of baskets, you will be well up. 


How to Judge a Company by What Its Big Cheese Says to Interviewers.

Hello Share Pippers.  There are all kinds of tricks you can use to maximise your profits. Some of them may seem to make little difference, but over the long haul they’ll put thousands of pounds in your pocket.


A Few Jolly Good Reasons to Return to BP

Hello Share Rattlers. On checking the number of BP shares I hold, I was rather shocked. It’s one of those shares I’ve been gradually building up, whenever I find myself with a bit of share cash and no clear company currently worthy of investment.


Shares Should Shoot Past 7,000, Despite what the Gloomsters Say.

Hello Share Shapers. I've had a very eventful week. My ARM (ARM) and IQE (IQE) holdings, both rather similar companies, both shot ahead. One on a take-over probability (ARM) the other on a bullish trading update. Such are the possibilities of our golden game, that a whole year of lacklustre performance for my portfolio was suddenly bounced back into the black. That's why we should never despair, gang. There is always a good story for us lurking round the next corner. And the rewards we accrue can sometimes be nearly as good as winning the pools.


Why Your Shares Might Not Fall For Much Longer - Ref: The Big Brexit Vote.

Hello Share Schemers. I read a very recent piece on this glittering website from Terrers the Frenchman. Readers of his occasional, but very well researched and detailed articles, will know that he usually takes the gloomy view. And this is what happened in Thierry’s latest interesting piece which points out that the Footsie is once again on the back foot. In his opinion things may just get worse before they come better. And yet, as he also mentions oil prices have risen and the S & P has been trading near highs. So what’s holding the Footsie back? Well, I think we all suspect it is the uncertainty over Europe.


Fyffes – I am 42% ahead but the shares will still double from 91.5p or I’m a banana

I often get stocks in my portfolio being bid for. Let me explain why. Shimple Peoples…if you buy a company when its shares are cheap, you are not the only one thinking that it is a good buy. Private equity can come calling and so can a competitor. 

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