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Nine Bumper Reasons Why you Should Buy Rather than Sell Just Now.

Hello Share Shunters. That old saw: Go away in May and come back on Leger Day has rarely worked in the past. But it’s been spot on this year. On the share markets we’ve had the most boring summer of all time. But will things change at the start of September when the classic race is held?

The Sheer Beauty of Shareprophets.

Hello, Share Twiddlers. When this stunning website was free to view, funded by adverts, we had zillions of readers. But due to what we regard as shortsightedness, the number of punters plummeted and now stands at a faithful few. Well, quite a lot of savvy investors really, but not the huge army we used to have.


BREAKING: Accounts for Woodford Investment Management Out Part 1 - Did Neil Woodford tell the Telegraph Porky Pies?

In his soft interview with Lucy Barton of The Daily Telegraph on 13 February of this year, we are told that Neil Woodford claimed: From the moment of the fund suspension Craig [Newman, his sidekick] and I received absolutely no income, or dividends or any remuneration from Woodford Investment Management, none, and indeed haven’t received any for the best part of two years. The accounts of Woodford Investment Management for the year to March 2020 are now out (two and a half weeks late). So was the disgraced fund manager telling a whopping lie? What do you think?

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The Hairy Pros and Cons of Going Down Penny Lane.

Hello Share Treaters. The maths of penny shares can throw up some interesting stats. And it’s one reason why I invest some of my assets in them. Of course, there are some downsides to the calculations. So let me try and list both the advantages and the snags.


How I'm Playing the Brexit Crisis In the Hope of a Rally of Relief

Hello Share Screeners. You can always tell something is seriously wrong with British shares when the Footsie falls and the Dow rises. Normally they work in tandem. But the fear of Brexit is causing extreme nervousness among the big traders. Home-grown investors don’t like uncertainty. And foreign investors in our shares become fewer, as these difficult weeks roll on. So how should we play it?


Professor Stacey's Famous Easter Lecture. Should a Christian Trade Shares?

Hello Share Mashers. Yonks ago I bought a book telling how a Christian could still trade shares. A bit of an insult, I thought, as that implies the two disciplines are incompatible.  But I soon realised that some investors go against Christian principals. Here’s how Christians might conduct their share activity.


Professor Stacey's Christmas Lecture

Hello Share Jinglers. Look at a cat’s face.  Next, picture snow softly falling on a wood. Now imagine the Big Bang. All those zillions of bits and pieces flying through space. Then falling exactly into place to produce a world like ours in all its complexity and wonders of nature, for example: a spider making a web


Gold to hit $1.050 then bounce strongly

Gold investors are a little worried in the last week. On election night, gold shot up $60, while the DOW went down 800 to 900 points. In the morning, gold was down and the DOW was way up! Some people are thinking we are back in a bear market, we need to sell everything- gold is done. Jordan Roy-Byrne argues that this is exactly the wrong kind of thinking. He says:

Mosman Oil & Gas: Misleading investors?

I am now aware that the FCA has been asked to investigate whether Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) has been misleading investors in its RNS releases with regards to the Murchison permit operations. The matter does seem pretty black and white to me.

Tesco Shares Soar - But is the Joy Justified?

Hello Share Twiddlers. Tesco (TSCO) published its first-half figures this week and the shares rocketed by 12%. That pleased me as I still hold a load of its stock - though I wish I could get round to dumping it. You see, I’m not sure that the leap in share price was justified. Yes, revenues were up, but pre-tax profit was down (including a £200m foreign exchange loss).


If You Return Some Shares to Sender, You Might Post Lower Profits

Hello Share Trundlers. There are folk who think investing in Royal Mail (RMG) is doomed to failure. They point to falling numbers of letters coming through our doors and the possibility of big companies like Amazon to arrange their own deliveries.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the curse of the tipster, commercial suicide

In this podcast I discuss pruning here in Bristol, an update on the Gooseberry crumble and then the lessons about how folks behave as investors or rather gamblers we can learn from the Worthington (WRN) fraud which must now be brown bread as explained HERE earlier today following news on Friday. That section also mentions Cloudtag (CTAG) and tech stocks. Then I look at commercial suicide, the curse of the tipster and Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV).

A Brexit 'Yes' vote would be bad news for Foxtons

I’ve been fairly bearish on property in general for the past year or so, and whilst I was possibly a little premature in covering a couple of the larger estate agents as shorts, they have ultimately fallen since then.


Follow the Fellow Who Follows Tullow.

Hello Share Bunnies. Tullow Oil (TLW) shares I've held a long time. Too long, as it turned out. Not many years ago they doubled my outlay in a year or two. Then, like nearly all other big oilers they were hit a year ago, or so by the big black stuff crash. Actually the share had been on the back foot before that. But I reckon Tullow could be on the march again. Over the last few days, the advancing oil price has decided to take a rest. But not for long, I fancy. You can see my reasons in a few recent examples of my modest Shareprophets column.

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Get the new ebook by Tom Winnifrith out next week, 22 Mistakes ALL investors in shares must avoid (Don't be a Bulletin Board Moron). ORDER NOW FOR DELIVERY WITHIN 24 HOURS


Independent Resources - you are being spoofed, do not fall for this trick

Independent Resoures (IRG) is almost bust and will do a placing to keep the lights on very soon. But its shares are up by 185% today at 0.3p thanks to an RNS which is a spoof aimed at fooling mug punters. It has worked, never underestimate the stupidity of AIM investors.


Pacific Tycoon defies gravity, yeah right: its a Norfolk

I have noted before that Pacific Tycoon, the scheme promising mouth-watering returns from investing in Asian freight containers is a ponzi. I have been asked by the company withdraw my comments but refused. Checking its website it continues to make the same outrageous claims. But hang on...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast special: Silver Falcon - City greed and white collar crime makes me feel sick

From failed ISDX investment company Black Eagle, c/o Peter Redmond, to Silver Falcon (SILF) this is a tale of City greed and white collar crime by private investors. It makes me feel utterly sick. All the usual suspects feature: the scumbags at Optiva, Peterhouse Corporate Finance, Redmond, Geoff Dart. Vomit, vomit, vomit


Golden Saint Resources Live Execution Day 9 – Gollum covers up how investors spoofed

It goes without saying that there live execution of insolvent AIM listed POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) via a crowd funded debt death spiral is not going well. The past 24 hours has seen another £0 raised meaning that on day nine net proceeds are still MINUS £1938.50. But an eagle eyed reader has flagged up a weekend change, as CrowdforAngels tries to cover up how investors are being spoofed.


"We are moving into a stock picking dream period" says Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit

The latest Financial Orbit Speaks reviews the past week's financial news including discussion on the latest economic data, poor sentiment but also opportunities for investors due to the high correlation of sectors and stocks plus the general pessimism of investors.


Financial Orbit Speaks: What volatility means for investors

In the latest edition of Financial Orbit Speaks, focuses on market volatility, the response of financial markets and what investors prospectively should be thinking about. 


Software Radio Technology plc – further contract momentum, but already in the share price?

Developer of maritime domain awareness systems, Software Radio Technology (SRT) has announced an “approximately $5 million” contract for an “initial phase of a long term programme” for a national AIS Maritime Domain Management system. Is a share price rise to circa 30p, a fair reflection of current developments here?


The best news is that investors are less bullish

In the glow of the US jobs number on Friday (don't hold your breath for a quick interest rate rise in my view)...let's get back to some realities: the S&P 500 index is struggling to decisively break the 2,000 index point level. Looking longer term, I look back to 1500 for charting evidence that inflation – and thus rate rises – will come back before that long.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 December - Lessons from Citi Link

Citi Link went tits up on Christmas Eve. In this podcast I examine how management behaves when on the precipice and then suggest that there will be a raft more administrations in the coming weeks. Finally I suggest that this shows the perils of blindly following celebrity investors.


Tom Winnifrith's BearCast - Time to revolt against the Crony Capitalist nomads, brokers, PRs and boards

I was thinking, as I rode home through ghostly olive groves illuminated by a full moon, about the mindset of Daniel Stewart employees who want to beat me up. My crime is to point out the fact that they have earned vast sums by floating and raising money for frauds, so screwing ordinary AIM investors. 


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast special - That Quindell "contract loss" explained

Quindell (QPP) denied on Friday that it had lost a contract with a leading North West based Claims Management Company. Hmmmmm. In this podcast I look at the nature of what that contract originally meant and why the contract has not been terminated (yet) but what is really going on. The reality is that the cash crisis at Quindell and the need to fiddle its stated cash position is forcing Quenron to take actions of which investors have no idea. Let me enlighten you all.


Afren suspends two more for backhanders – boy do I applaud Afren

I am currently working on exposing two well-known figures in mining who took far more than backhanders from two separate AIM listed companies. I know what they did I am just awaiting the documents to prove how they stole millions from shareholders. I will get them but one objection I get is “if we help you expose these crooks it will make ALL resource stocks look like they are run by crooks.” Au contraire and that brings me to Afren (AFR)


Gold Stocks are Like a Fuelled up Rocket, Very Soon Someone Will Press the Ignition Switch – Mike Swanson

Mike Swanson is the founder and chief editor of WallStreetWindow and author of the book Strategic Stock Trading. Mike ran a hedge fund from 2003 to 2006 that generated a return of over 78% for its investors. Hence my colleagues at Palisade Capital interviewed him on his controversial thoughts on gold stocks. He is a bull.


Alliance Pharma AGM - Good News

Alliance Pharma (APH) has updated investors attending its AGM that “trading in the first four months of 2014 has been in line with expectations” and that “we continue to work towards delivering further earnings enhancing acquisitions to outperform those plans”

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