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Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending 14 May 2022

These are the most-read articles and most listened-to Bearcasts of the week. The most read non-Tom article is Ferrexpo looks like a good recovery buy with large upside as long as its operations in Ukraine continue uninterrupted by Gary Newman at a sexy Number Six or Number 11 if you include Bearcasts.


The Sheriff of AIM gets yet another scalp – Patrick Abbott & Versarien: GOTCHA!

The demented Bulletin Board and twitter followers of Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Rickets claimed the court documents I published HERE covering two fraud charges were false. Or that I had the wrong Patrick Abbott. Or that I was just making it all up to please my masters in the global shorting conspiracy.As ever the morons were wrong. Versarien has finally bowed to our pressure and let Abbott, who was only appointed a few months ago, go as head of its US operations.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - the culture of corporate lying as I say GOTCHA to Telit

Following today's bombshell there can be no doubt that Telit Communications (TCM) is toast. Companies that lie and deceive so industrially in the way I demonstrated earlier HERE will always end in tears.  In this podcast I look at the culture of corporate lying and wrongdoing and what it means for you as an investor. I look at rent boys at BP then at Quindell (QPP), Globo (GBO) and of course, in the main, at Telit

Listen to the Bearcast:

Kerboom! Gotcha! Sinophi statement up throws massive spanner in Advanced Oncotherapy works - Timber!

Advanced Oncotherapy's (AVO) much ramped JV with China based Sinophi is falling apart in the most embarrassing of ways. Advanced announced its first deal with Sinophi on March 25 2015, a statement made by Sinophi should have the FCA and AIM regulation crawling all over this one.

GOTCHA Andy Carroll: Mosman admits to misleading investors after weekend expose

That was an easy pull down of the shysters at Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) lead by Andy Carroll. Is it too early for a celebratory ouzo? Perhaps hapless Nomad SP Angel should send a case of ouzo to the Sheriff of AIM to thank me for doing its job for it? At the weekend I exposed how Mosman has mislead investors for more than a year HERE. This morning it fessed up:

Angus Forrest of Tern time to fess up on another AIM Rule breach? Or just lack of transparency?

Oh deary, deary me. We still have not fully cleared up the mystery warrant issue (thus far we have simply been told that the exercise was all done correctly, but there is no explanation of the statements in the 2013 and 2014 annual results RNSs, nor the relevant Annual Reports which contradict this) when along comes another difficulty. I fear that this next wee problemo may be rather more clear-cut.

Optimal payments – is this the big fat Mama Sow? ( and another RNS lie)

Taking a look at Optimal Payments (OPAY) 2013 Annual Report has been an interesting experience. Having looked at the remuneration of Andrew Austin at IGas (IGAS) – which looked generous to a fault – I wondered what sort of package Mr Joel Leonoff might be on. I have thus far clocked up no less than seven different routes by which Optimal has been rewarding Mr Leonoff. Now I have no quibble with top-notch work getting suitably rewarded - don’t get me wrong. But the value of his packages does seem to me to be right up there with the best of the snouts-in-the-trough merchants. But first, a big fat porkie pie Gotcha!

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