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Kinovo - letter to AIM Regulation, suspension & enquiry into Canaccord needed now

After my weekend revelations, following on from Friday’s bombshell admission of rank dishonesty, I had expected Kinovo (KINO) shares to be suspended by now. For those weekend reports suggest that, very soon, the company will be reliant on its banks for its survival. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, about what is a major scandal of non-disclosure.


BREAKING: Kinovo – how is this anything other than outright deception as a Birthday Present to me

Surely, AIM Regulation must publicly censure Kinovo (KINO), and possibly its Nomad and broker, Canaccord Genuity. One - or both - of them has grotesquely misled investors to the tune of £8 million and rising, only fessing up to the scale of that deception today, which has sent the shares tumbling.

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