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Sainsbury had a Merry Christmas and Makes Changes that could Lead to a Merrier Share Price

Hello Share Placers. I sang the praises of Tesco (TSCO) recently. But I also rate the chances of Sainsbury (SBRY) improving its share price. Like Tesco, it did well before Christmas with trading better than expected by the City. My local store has had a few gaps on the shelves caused by the general transport supply problems, but it’s not too much to worry about as customers will find alternatives.


J Sainsbury - an Income buy?

Recently-announced results from J Sainsbury (SBRY) included “sales (excluding VAT) down 1.1 per cent” and “loss before tax £(137) million”. The shares responded lower – but that after recently rising and they are now back on the rise again and we can see why…

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Now the Big Deal's Off, What Will Happen to Your Sainsbury Shares?

Hello, Share Triers. Sainsbury (SBRY) has been in the news lately. Unfortunately, that news was worthless in the end. The powers-that-be decided that food bills could rise if a merger went ahead with Asda. So all bets are off...

Sainsbury Turns in Better Numbers, but Foreign Competition Still Threatens the Share Price

Hello Share Bashers. Though still holding shares in Tesco (TSCO) and Morrison (MRW), I’d rather I didn’t. Only inertia is keeping these unexciting shares in my bag. Yes, the share prices are generally on the upward march, but progress is oh, so slow.

Though Sainsbury Tries Harder, the Competition is Just Too Much - sell

Hello Share Peggers. The latest set of figures from Sainsbury (SBRY) show that sales in the last four months improved by 2.3%. Which is not too bad, considering the huge challenge from the competition these days.


Why Supermarkets May Not Be a Super Investment in 2017

Hello Shares Casters. Though I’m bullish about UK shares generally, and while I hold quite few shares in Tesco (TSCO), Sainsbury (SBRY) and Morrison (MRW), I am worried about the ability of supermarkets to shine in Shareland in 2017. I suppose of all three stores, I’m most optimistic about Morrisons.

The technical reasons why the Cloudtag rebrand is a joke

In order to see if the claimed technology of Cloudtag (CTAG) as part of its rebrand relaunch holds water I went to an expert. In terms of "the pitch" this is what he writes: 


Tom Winnifrith BearCast - 26 June

In today's podcast I relay my experience of Argos, there is always something new in life. Anyhow I now have new headphones so I hope the sound quality is better. Then onto Daniel Stewart, Rob Terry, Imaginatik, Mwana Africa, ValirX, biotech in general, Auhua Clean and IGAS

Listen to the Bearcast:

Falklands Oil Companies in Focus – Part 1

It has been some time since I reviewed the prospects of the two main companies on the Falklands Oil scene, Rockhopper Exploration (RKH), and Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL) where, in both cases, the future looks bright. And so I revisit the two stars but also the two dogs of this stable, Borders & Southern Petroleum (BOR) and Argos Resources (ARG). 

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