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DS Smith remains much more glass half full than glass half empty for my pension fund

The thing about being an investor is that not everything goes your way. However, like any challenge or issue in life, what really matters is how you react. I have been a fan of DS Smith (SMDS), a leading multinational packaging business, I last talked about at length a few months ago. It has not been the greatest year for many stocks and DS Smith is among them. However I am not surprised that following today’s update in respect of the period since 1 May 2022, the shares are up this morning. Even more importantly, I think it is still a key FTSE 100 position for me.


Footsie Jumbo that Thinks Inside the Box could See its Shares Shine

Hello Share Catchers. Like me, you’re probably fed up with the amount of over-packaging that still goes on. Look at those silly Easter eggs we’ve recently scoffed. But we still need some packaging. And D S Smith (SMDS) is a company that’s big in cardboard boxes, cartons and paper, both of which are recycled. Furthermore, it’s on a mission to reduce plastic packaging and carbon footprints. This Footsie member has so far replaced over 170 million items of single-use plastic from its customers’ supply chains with recyclable alternatives.

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