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SHOCKING: – another disastrous 2021 IPO unravels – is anybody on the board not resigning?

It is only ten and a half months since online furniture seller (MADE) listed on the Main Market, raising £100million by issuing new shares at 200p while existing shareholders lobbed out a cheeky £90 million of stock onto gullible institutions. Today, after a dismal profits warning, the shares are just 56p to sell. Meanwhile another rat has left the sinking ship as it burns through its ill gotten IPO gains ever more rapidly.


This Fiesty Furniture Firm with a Firm Cash Pile Should Rally Now Stock is Back on the Road

Hello Share Dabblers. This old punter has never recommended a furniture purveyor before. My own modest gaff doesn't have much woodwork less than 100 years old and some of it is Elizabethan. The modern equivalent can't hold a candle to it, in my predjudiced view. But most of the world doesn't agree and plain, simple and chunky styles of new furniture seem to be selling well. Especially as Covid has kept more folks at home for longer. They've decided to pep up their living and bed rooms with newer-style furniture.

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