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New Home, Forced selling, Crafty Directors and Bears on the Prowl.

Hello Share Squeakers. This old punter is hunkering down in a new arts and crafts gaff soon. Fear Not there is an outlet of the Punter'sd Return chain near my new residence. But this means I’m having to sell a load of shares in an unseemly hurry to raise the cash. What a time to do it, eh, as we’ve had something of a bear market in the last few weeks? Never mind, it could have been worse. And here’s why.


Why I Never Consider a Share Tip from These People.

Hello Share Fanciers. With markets closed, I venture to open a subject that might seem now't to do with shares and rather self-indulgent. But it is indirectly relevant to share shifters, so please bear with me. Brought up in a straight-laced home in the 1950's I never swear. But I don't object to it in others, like Uncle Tom, for instance.


Father Christmas

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Christmas Santa Rally Everywhere I Go...

Hello, Share Shoppers. Uncle Tom has, sarcastically, remarked that every year I predict a Santa Rally. But should I do so in a covid year like this one? You bet I should. And despite the fact that new daily cases are fast approaching 100,000 per day, the Footsie has not fallen very much from its year high of 7,380. That, I cheerfully submit, is because the traditional Santa Rally has cushioned the blow.

Why You have a Moral Duty to Invest in Some Companies Like These.

Hello, Share Scrumpers. As Uncle Tom kindly reminds you from time to time, I’m of a great age. This leaves me prone to a few minor health issues that require small-time surgery. But I have to endure discomfort until the covid-ravaged waiting lists at my local hospital push me to the top. But what has this to do with buying and selling shares?


This could be Time To Invest in Clean, Mean, Green Machines.

Hello Share Chums. It won’t surprise you to know I favour green shares. About a third of companies I feature in this modest column are set to take advantage of the alternative revolution. This old punter believes many share prices will rise strongly in this area.

How do we Trade Our Shares Now, Spock? - when Life after Covid Won't Be as We Know it?

Hello, Share Sharpers. When the market’s closed it’s always worth reflecting on the macro picture. What’s likely to befall all of us who own shares in the coming months? Nobody can tell. Who foresaw the present plague, for example? But we can make educated guesses. And ‘educated’ is the world here, not ‘optimistic’.  As you know, we can’t lose dough by guessing right. For what it’s worth, here are a few of my thoughts.


Don't Be Faineant, Part with £2.99 for Insight into one of the Most Risky, but Just Possibly Fastest Ways to Make Money in Shareland.

Hello Share Chasers. You'll know that Uncle Tom has arranged a new online share show for next weekend (Saturday, July 18). This one is dedicated to mining. And, being Tom, he’s managed to assemble a collection of friends and colleagues, who happen to be the country’s best mining investment experts. This is good because, just like oil exploration used to be, choosing the right miner to invest in can benefit your portfolio valuation possibly more than any other strategy.


Why I'm Not Buying Shares Until the Pandemic Is Further Along the Road to Destruction.

Hello, Share Chompers. Once again, I include in my article a word you probably don't know. See if you can identify it. Now, nobody need tell armchair tycoons like ourselves that nothing travels in a straight line. The most promising share will take two steps back for every three it rises. We also know that everything in Shareland takes longer than expected. Now I agree with Uncle Tom (a fairly rare event) that before long the virus will become far less common and will no longer trouble the world’s economy. But the threat is not receding as fast as we might have expected.


How British Shareholders are Missing a Trick for the Sake of a Few Quid.

Hello, Share Scudders. As the markets closed I take the liberty of reminding the non-subscribers on this legendary website that they’re missing a trick here. With most of us expecting a share surge once the crisis is in full retreat, there’ll be much share choosing going on. But we won’t take full advantage if we pick some wrong uns. I often pull out of shares because Uncle Tom or other keener analysts than I spot some horrible red flags which cannot be seen at first blush.


It's Showtime for the Biggest Share Event of the Year. Don't Miss it Just to Save a Few Quid!

Hello, Share Flingers. This is a big weekend for Uncle Tom has brought together probably the best line-up ever for diamond advice on how to make more money from our share portfolios. He can do this because of the sheer respect the City has for his fraud busting analysis.  Now, there will be some who seek to save a tenner by not tapping into this treasure trove. Even though the tiny fee is less than one trade with your broker.


Treat Yourself to Saturday's UK Investor Show - and Possibly Save Thousands of Pounds.

Hello Share Mates. If you don’t plan to go to our UK Investor Show this Saturday (April 30), then may I humbly suggest that you should give it a go. And may I quickly say that I have no percentage stake in the event, so the numbers attending make no difference to me. But I hope you grab a free ticket HERE and let me explain why you'd be mad not to.


Don't Short The Big Short. This Film Is A Master Class in How Top Traders Work.

Hello Share Swishers. Unlike most other share shifters I know, I’ve never seen Wall Street, the Michael Douglas film. Nor the Wolf of Wall Street. The reason is that I usually found films like this are dummed down and thus not as interesting for people who know a bit about investment.


This Yorkshire Airline's Share Flew This Week - But Could Dart Further Ahead.

Hello Share Flingers. For quite a few months now, I've abandoned my earlier practice of looking only at the stocks I hold, in the conviction that I should not put commebdations your way that I haven't the courage to invest in myself.

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