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Seraphine – further lack of investor confidence could be significant...

Previously writing on maternity and nursing wear group Seraphine (BUMP), earlier this month with the shares down towards 30p I remained bearish. The shares last closed at just above 29p but why are they currently a further approaching 7% lower just today?...


COMPETITION TIME: The Great ShareProphets New Year's Eve Red Flags Sweepstakes - Enter Now!

It is time once again for our New Year competition. There are, of course, no prizes but the kudos for the winner will be immense. The question is how many dodgy RNS announcements will there be on New Year’s Eve? Who is holding back bad news for a day when no-one is watching? Post your entries below in the comments section.

Filthy Forty Walcom – fat lady delayed again, but CEO still hasn’t coughed up

And so the Wagnerian opera that  is AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) continues. To recap, it is out of cash and dependent on yet more loans from its CEO for survival which as yet had not been forthcoming….


Filthy Forty Walcom – six days to the fat lady. Why is this not suspended?

The forecast death of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) seems to be stretching out long enough for your average Wagnerian opera. But yesterday the company announced that the fat lady is, at last, on her way.

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CDialogues – CDOG a complete dog? Another unhappy Greece-originating AIM story

Provider of mobile marketing to mobile network operators, CDialogues (CDOG) has announced that “following the announcement made by the company on the 25th January 2016, the company now expects that EBITDA for the year ended 31 December 2015 will be less than €1.6 million” and that its “existing contracts have generated revenues in the first quarter of 2016 less than the board anticipated”. And it possibly gets still worse…

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