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Why You have a Moral Duty to Invest in Some Companies Like These.

Hello, Share Scrumpers. As Uncle Tom kindly reminds you from time to time, I’m of a great age. This leaves me prone to a few minor health issues that require small-time surgery. But I have to endure discomfort until the covid-ravaged waiting lists at my local hospital push me to the top. But what has this to do with buying and selling shares?

Medical Pioneer with Artificial Intelligence Factor Set to Treat its Share Price

Hello, Share Placers. This old punter is constantly searching out new medical pioneers to have a crack at. If things work out, you have the profits and the added bonus of helping to move medical technology further forward. But the risks are more than normal because new treatments and cures have to be carefully researched and then licensed. And quite a few horses never leave the stalls.

Could Avacta Lose Race Against Time to Market its Instant Virus Tester?

Hello Share Keepers. As wise Shareprophets contributor Periotlunaire rightly observes: trading shares in Avacta Group (AVCT) is a poker game. While Uncle Tom says we should sell this small medical pioneer because the company is grossly overvalued and the current share price won’t last much longer...

Avacta Shares More Than Double in a Few Days, But Virus Kit May Whack Up an Even Better Performance than that.

Hello, Share Trundlers. A few days ago, I suggested a small medical pioneer might see a share rise because of its association with a substitute for human antibodies. This proved to be a correct assumption as the share has doubled since then.

Phew! My Priority Penny Share Tip Scorches Ahead on a Successful New Trial

Hello Share People. It’s all looking chipper for medical pioneer Avacta (AVCT). When Tom interviewed me fairly recently for his scintillating radio podcast, I gave this company the dubious award as my favourite penny share. And so far, luckily, I am proving right. The latest news is pretty exciting and, as I write, has propelled the share up by 15%...


Company Becomes a 3-Bagger in 1 Day To Show that Medical Pioneers Can Win Through.

Hello, Share Greeters. One probably goes on a bit too much about one’s long-held belief that a monitor investment in a pocket pharmaceutical venture can reap huge rewards very quickly. At the same time, we must acknowledge that a medical share can fall like a lead anvil from a church tower when, for example, a line of research comes to naught.


The Compelling Case for Investing in the Growing Health Market.

Hello, Share Folks. Allow me to suggest that there’s a compelling case, getting stronger by the week, for investing in pharmaceutical companies. For the more cautious among us, this will be the giants, like GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and AstraZeneca (AZN). Share prices in both are already buoyant and the divis are handy. But the more speculative investor will be trying for the huge rewards that a pharma mini can achieve if it strikes lucky with a drug it’s researching.

The Appliance of Life Science Looks Exciting for this On the Nose Medical Explorer

Hello, Share Troopers. Previously, I’ve written on the huge potential of life science companies which explore antibodies and antibody substitutes in the fight against serious conditions. Allow me to put another such firm before you. Tiziana Life Sciences (TILS) is biotechnology outfit which uses antibodies to find new treatments for inflammatory diseases and cancers...

Take a Peek at this Battler Against Liver Cancer - It's Just Reported Encouraging Results

Hello, Share Schemers. Some of us have a warm feeling when we invest in a company which hopes to push back the onslaught of awful conditions like cancer. But it helps if the medical pioneer has a treatment under review which may have a good chance of working. So may I bring to your attention a company on both AIM and the Nasdaq...

The Man at the Global Group UK Investor Show Encourages Me to Stick with Avacta

Hello Share Turners. There were loads of small companies hoping to attract your attention at the legendary Global Group UK Investor Show at the weekend. And it’s likely they wouldn't expose themselves to your criticism if they were not confident in their future. One of a phalanx of medical pioneers which takes a stand every year is Avacta (AVCT)...

Sadly, My Big Disappointment for Medical Pioneer Comes with the Territory

Hello Share Tasters. I now always add a warning to any piece I do on medical pioneers. Rewards can be huge if a new drug comes on the market, but the licensing authorities have understandably to be very cautious. A share which I commended to your further research a month ago has just suffered a huge disappointment. US regulators have currently rejected the company’s new iclaprim drug…

I Can't See Why New Deals Won't Be Struck by Avacta - and if they Are, Expect a Perky Share Price

Hello Share Charmers. So far, one of my pair of 2019 official tips on this magnificent website, Avacta (AVCT) has been charging ahead. But I think the success story could only just be starting. A trading update just released is firmly positive...

Good News Keeps On Flowing for this Yorkshire Medical Pioneer

Hello Share Swashers. This may be the first time I’ve written three wall-to-wall articles about any company. But yet more positive news has broken from Avacta (AVCT), the medical pioneer. And I think it makes considering this interesting share even more compelling...

Big Funding from Korea Could Mean a Sizzling Future for this Modest Medical Pioneer

Hello, Share Bouncers. As the big shares continue to topple on the Brexit mess to end all messes, I still find myself in decent shape. And that’s because penny shares have a mind of their own, not usually affected by dodgy events of the day. Yes, I’m a big believer in the cheapos. My jumbo winner so far this week surged 32% in a day...

Feedback's Shares Doubled Last Week And the Future Looks Bright

Hello Share Bottlers. Yesterday I took a look at Avacta (AVCT). Now I bring to your notice another medical pioneer, Feedback (FDBK).

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