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Keyword results: climate change


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: No Giles McDonogh falling house prices is good news

I start with a slam dunk political bet in the wake of Donald Trump's looming arrest - a clean sweep for the Republicans in 2024, as I explained a couple of weeks ago HERE. Then onto why house prices falling at the fastest rate for 14 years ( a misleading headline) are to be welcomed but not if you are long Purplebricks (PURP) or the housebuilders. Not that I'd necessarily go short either. Today's ouzo is sponsored by Asimilar (ASLR). I also cover Genedrive (GDR) and the placing it will not 'fess to although it is clearly underway. Then I look at Pensana (PRE) where yakking on about climate change and hiring stacks of lesbians from Islington seems not to have prevented a bit of a looming cash crisis. How, I wonder, do folks in London N1 describe a fat lady in a woke way? Hey Magna Carta, guess what I forgot to mention today? HERE is a clue

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This Mighty Metal Mickey of a Company Could Soar When Commodities Start to Get Scarcer.

Hello Share Twiddlers. One of my first suggestions of the New Year is a Footsie giant that, in a very long career, I can’t recall mentioning before. But in these days of very little choice for stock buyers, this well-known jumbo looks safer than most. 
  • 271 days ago

I smell panic from arsehole CEO Gerry Brandon of Deepverge – non news today

Last week’s interim results from Deepverge (DVRG) demonstrated how it had misled investors as to its lack of, even EBITDA, profitability and its near insolvency in the run up to the June 7 £10 million rescue placing at 30p. Now wonder the shares have been sliding ever since, they are now just 26p to sell. Anyone holding this stock is insane in backing a company that, through omission not act, misleads folks as to how it is trading. Good companies just don’t behave that. Only bad companies run by scumbags like Gerry Brandon.

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Orcadian Energy- MSM and a history lesson ( corrected version with right Attenborough)

It has come to my attention that Steve Brown, the CEO of Orcadian Energy (ORCA) is the latest victim of the MSM obsession with closing down debate about climate change. Steve has deleted his twitter account following a report by Channel 4 ( that his personal twitter account expressed views about climate change and global warming which did not accord with the worshiping of Greta. History informs and teaches us and explains why my blood boils at this latest manifestation of the “cancel culture”.

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Of course I’d never sack Malcolm Stacey but if I was going to do so it would be today

I would never fire Malcolm or indeed any writer here for what they write (within reason). This website believes in free speech so folks can say what they think even if it involves a brutal attack on a company in which I own shares. That is why, I think, our writers enjoy working here rather than on other sites where they would, I am sure, earn more. However… for a brief millisecond today, Malcolm pushed me hard…

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We warned about SIX high profile mini-bond schemes – now another of the suspect six goes bust, another FCA fail

The pattern has always been the same. We issued explicit warnings about London & Capital Finance,, Blackmore Bond, Bassett and Gold, Buy 2 Let Cars, The High Street Group  and Wellesley Finance. Companies such as my beloved West Ham United screwed over their fans and continued to support these rogues. The FCA was too busy publishing papers on the gender pay gap, Brexit, climate change or LGBT awareness to do anything until tens of millions of pounds had been lost. But heck it is was only the great unwashed who suffered.

Another Rare Word to Highlight A Bouyant Company whose Shares Could Soon Bubble Up

Hello, Share Shakers. We often say on this startlingly good website that a beleaguered company’s shares are defying gravity. But there are some outfits unfairly held back by the same unreliable force. One such firm, I suggest, it is condign to consider is Water Intelligence (WATR). And just like companies that suddenly stop ‘defying gravity’, a reverse process could take place for this enterprising venture...


Now this is an online conference which they should use at Guantanamo bay

I will be doing some painting at the Welsh Hovel on the 3-4 June. I shall set up a webcam so you can watch the results of my work dry over a 48 hour period. But if that sounds just far too exciting, the Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association, PIMFA, has something designed for you.

Oil Companies May Be Vulnerable to Climate Changes, but I'm Not Dumping My shares Just Yet.

Hello, Share Changers. As someone who owns shares in oil giants, like Shell (RDSB) BP (BP.) and Tullow (TLW) not to mention a few smaller plays, it hurts to write this modest article. But I really do fear that we may be looking at the beginning of the end for fossil fuels. While two economists at that huge bank J P Morgan have interesting related views on the subject. 

There's a Hole in My Bucket Company Could Stream Ahead on Climate Change

Hello Share Prinkers. The more imaginative sci-fi fans among us claim that water is the gold of the future. It will become such a valuable commodity because it’s going to get much scarcer. And while this notion may seem fanciful, that some areas will become more drought-prone is borne out by present-day facts. Consider California and Australia, for example. One company which I brought to your attention last year should benefit hugely from growing water scarcity...

LightwaveRF – I having reminded just yesterday results to likely show quite desperate financial times…

Having updated on latest quarter trading yesterday and stated that it “expects shortly to release its audited final results for the year ended 30 September 2019”, now “LightwaveRF plc (LWRF), the leading smart home solutions provider, is pleased to announce its audited final results for the year ended 30 September 2019”. Didn’t it know yesterday the “shortly” was going to be today?!...

One of the World's Top Funds Warns About Investing in Carbon Fuels. But Should We Take Notice?

Hello, Share Pickers. As a shareholder in Black Rock’s Greater European Fund (BRGE), I take account of what the company’s supremo has to say about the future. And the interestingly-named Larry Fink says climate change worries will cause a "fundamental re-shaping of finance”. And that it’ll come a lot sooner than expected.


A Bevy of Headwinds Could Outweigh the Tailwinds for this Budget Airline

Hello Share Twiddlers. Airlines are a difficult area for me. Not since I ditched my old British Airways shares yonks ago have I dabbled in the sector. As a pilot might say: there seem to be more headwinds than tailwinds. The budget operator easyJet (EZJ) is a company which currently performs above City expectations. But for how long?...


UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Keith Allaun of Powerhouse Energy Group

I rather like Mr Allaun although as you know I am not heavily into this green malarky but the world is and thus I see the merit in the shares. Anyhow Keith can explain the Powerhouse Energy (PHE) story better than a climate change denier like myself so over to him. 


Notes from Underground: Boxing Day Rebellion

Today's edition comes from the banks of the Ottawa River in the bucolic Gatineau region of Canada. Unusually for this date, there is no snow and the river is unfrozen. Ciimate change denier Tom Winnifrith will probably put the blame on Canadian pot-smokers warming the air in anticipation of looming legalisation.


Don't Worry Gang, Oil Will Be Well.

Hello share sharpers. I don't think I will be alone in saying that my share portfolio has been decimated by the falling oil price. This is because the Footsie is dominated by big oil shares – BP (BP.) BG (BG.) Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) et al.

Pants on fire

Are cows to blame for global warming?

I think that global warming a giant hoax. The world has been getting cooler for almost two decades and there is absolutely no correlation between the level of man-made carbon emissions and global temperature. But to humour the climate change freaks and carbon trading crooks for a second I bring you, c/o one of the City’s smarter brokers,  news of a Japanese Study that explains who is to blame…cows. 

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