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As Miners Make a Comeback Why Not Look at this Snapper-Upper of Mining Royalties

Hello Share Scrunchers. Mining being a high risk area, I’ve previously commanded a company that spreads the risk by having its fingers in many mining pies. Trident Royalties (TRR) is on a roll at the moment and I think the trend may continue.


Johnson Matthey plummets on news of its exit from battery materials - but this is a buying opportunity

This morning Johnson Matthey (JMAT) issued just the sort of news that investors will not have wanted to see, announcing its intent to exit the battery materials sector and as a result its share price has plummeted.

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There's Gold in Them Thar Hills and this Canny Outfit Snaffles a Piece of the Action

Hello, Share Moppets. Looking back at my records, I see my biggest losers over many years have been exploratory miners. My immediate thought is that I should never invest in mining tiddlers again. On the other hand, when they do strike it lucky, the rewards can be glittering. One way out of this dilemma is to invest in a company which has fingers in several mining pies.


Video: Gold now set to take out all time highs

Author Jeb Handwerger claims that now testing $1700 oz gold is set tio breach all time highs soon.


Berkeley Energia – commences initial battery & EV metals drill programme

Berkeley Energia (BKY) “is pleased to announce the commencement of its initial (six hole) drill programme to test for critical battery and EV metals across its large licence holding in Western Spain”

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