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Keyword results: Technical Analyst


Video: Junior Gold Stocks will go Nuts when GDXJ Breaks Above 2016 Highs

He is the only technical analyst we have any time for and now Jordan Roy Byrne has another big call for you. 


Video: Jordan Roy-Byrne: Gold to Hit $20,000, Silver to Reach $1,000!

Jordan is the only technical analyst we take at all seriously but this call from the guru at Palisade Capital is surely a tad extreme?


Precious Metals Video Update: New Highs in Gold & Major Producers, an Important Signal

Jordan Roy-Byrne is, as you know, the only Technical Analyst with an IQ into three digit territory and as such we do listen to his words. In his latest video update for Palisade Capital on gold and precioyus metals, he sees every reason to be ever more bullish. This is for Nigel Somerville. Enjoy. 


It’s time to buy Gold Stocks, says ShareProphets fave Jordan Roy-Byrne

Technical analysis may not be flavour of the month at ShareProphets but we make a bit of an exception for Jordan Roy-Byrne of Maybe it is because he has made a series of excellent calls, or perhaps it is because he is more than just a technical analyst. Whatever, this week he put his neck on the block: it is time to be buying gold stocks now.

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Podcast: More upside still to come in gold and silver

Technical analyst JC Parets has been bullish for the last year on precious metals, and a part of his thesis was a call for a weaker dollar. However, the dollar index has been flat while gold and silver have shown a great deal of relative strength. If the dollar weakens, that would likely boost the uptrend in metals while if it strengthens that may weaken gold.


Podcast: The 1 technical analyst we rate, Jordan Roy Byrne sees gold going to $1700 short term

He is the one chartist we rate and he is clearly still bullish on gold and precious metals. In his latest podcast with Palisade Capital the great Jordan gives us an overview of the latest COT results. The Net spec position is currently at an extreme.  He cautions that gold may keep running up in spite of the COT spec positions.


Podcast: Massive six year base will lead to higher move in gold - $1800 on the cards

Technical analyst Louise Yamada makes the observation that twenty years ago there were more stocks on the market than today. This is due primarily to companies buying back shares. Recently companies have cut back on buying back shares but that is a significant reason for the market moves over the past decade.


Podcast: We Are at the Beginning of a Three Year Up Cycle for Gold

Technical Analyst ( I know, groan) Tim Ord says he studies long-term market cycles, and there are 8 and 16-year cycles within precious metals. These cycles picked up the 2000 low and the 1987 low. Currently, both cycles are headed up and show a possible top around 2022-2023. That will likely be the next major point where gold consolidates. The trend is definitely upwards, and we will most likely test and possibly break all-time highs. He expects a powerful rally over a one to two-year time frame.


Gold – Jordan Roy-Byrne still very bullish after Fed rate cut and Ariana is a buy once again.

I commented three weeks ago that the one technical analyst rated by ShareProphets, Jordan Roy-Byrne, was very bullish as we headed for this week’s well-advertised rated cut by the Fed. Well, the Fed duly delivered but Roy-Byrne is still bullish.

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Podcast: We are in a Gold Bull Market that may well last 20 Years

As the only technical analyst with any credibility at all, we listen to Jordan Roy-Byrne. Jordan is not sure how long thislatest bull move in gold will last, but it could be a big one that lasts at least the next six months to a year. 


Precious Metals Video Update: Gold Stocks Oversold but its too Soon to Buy

Jordan Roy Byrne is the one technical analyst we take remotely seriously on this website and in his latest Palisade Capital video he remains bullish on gold but with a caveat...timing.


Podcast: The Long Term Gold Chart is Really Exciting

As you know, Jordan Roy Byrne is the only technical analyst we take seriously ( sorry Sith Lord Zak Mir). As such we note that Jordan  points out that the signs are close for declaring a new bull market in gold. The indicators are all showing positive. Both GDX and GDXJ have surged in their long term moving averages. We still need to rally up to the resistance levels but we are so close and the evidence is mounting. Lastly, he is looking for the ratio of gold compared to the stock markets to rise which is a classic bull market sign. All this is explained in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital.


Video: gold and silver not in a bull market yet

The one technical analyst we take seriously, no not the Sith Lord Zak Mir but Jordan Roy-Byrne, sees resistance levels on the charts for gold and silver which indicate that we are not in a bull market yet and indeed we may see some short term weakness. Courtesy of Palisade Capital, over to the great man...


Video: Gold & Gold Stocks are moving closer to a bull market

The only technical analyst we rate, Jordan Roy Byrne explains why he is getting ever more excited about gold and gold stocks. His thesis:


Video - gold stocks could crash

Or they might not. But the potential is there warns the only technical analyst/chartist on this planet we pay any attention to, Jordan Roy-Byrne in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital.


Video: Gold and gold shares rally but there is more to come

Gold and gold shares have had a good mini-run/recovery. But there is more to come claims Jordan Roy Byrne, the only technical analyst who is not a complete saddo/fool. All is explained in the latest video from Palisade Capital


Video: Gold due a relief rally but bigger move is on hold

In this week's video update from Palisade Capital and the only technical analyst we give any time to at all, Jordan Roy Burne discusses where the market is and why it failed to break-out. Traders were anticipating a breakout, and many are likely disappointed. The dollar is consolidating and now above the long-term moving average. Concerning GDX and GDX.J, things are still pretty dull. Jordan warns that “Silver is also on the verge of breaking down out of a triangle.”


Video: Setup for a Breakout in precious metals but When?

Over to the only technical analyst not to be dismissed out of hand, Jordan Roy Byrne who argues that gold failed at resistance Wednesday but remains in position to break out anywhere from very soon to in the summer. Its increasing relative strength has brought it very close to a breakout. Meanwhile, the stocks are trading in tighter and tighter ranges and are set to move up aggressively and sustain it if Gold can close above $1360-$1370. It is all in the latest video from Palisade Capital.


2018 is Likely to Set Off Large Gold Rally

That raraity, a credible technical analyst, Jordan Roy-Byrne accepts that gold has been quite subdued of late. He is not predicting an imminent breakout although one should be looking to take advantage of the value out there. Juniors are unlikely to get much cheaper than where they are now, so there is minimal downside risk. Her argues that the market will improve it’s just a matter of timing. There is still a bit of time before we make the run up to $1375. Now is the time to do your research and find the best companies.


Is Gold About to Breakout?

Gold has rallied back close to trendline resistance. Will it push through this time? That will depend on if Gold can breakout in real terms (against stocks, currencies) as its strength over the past year has been driven by only US$ weakness. This is the question answered by the only half decent technical analyst on this planet, Jordan Roy Byrne in his latest Palisade Capital podcast.


Video: Gold & Gold Stocks Set for Major Breakout in 2018

Gold is positioned for a major breakout in 2018 and the gold stocks and Silver are not far behind. That is the claim of Jordan Roy Byrne the Technical Analyst at Palisade. In the video below he demonstrates his thesis  by analyzing 6 different charts and the key resistance levels these markets could test very soon.


2018 Likely to Set Off Large Gold Rally

Technical Analyst Jordan Roy-Byrne's latest research unearths some interesting similarities with gold stocks compared to historical three-year bear markets. He found three that compare well; they are the S&P 500 during the great depression, the housing market during the global financial crisis, and Thailand in the mid-1990’s which had a huge bust. He describes how all of the recoveries afterward seem to follow a specific pattern and he sees that behavior in gold stocks. Those patterns ended after 14-24 months with prices moving upwards by 133% to 200%.


July Is Going to be Very Ugly for Gold & Gold Stocks

This is not the normal fare from gold bulls Palisade Capital. The firm's technical analyst Jordan Roy Byrne is uber bearish warning that July will be awful for both gold and gold stocks. Watch the latest video from Jordan, for a TA saddo he is better than most. All we need now is the Sith Lord Zak Mir saying that the charts look bullish and the bear case would be complete.


Zak Mir NOT Fired – thanks to antiquated voting system, calls for electoral reform grow

Under a single transferable vote system Zak Mir would undoubtedly have been fired by ShareProphets at midnight. But our poll operated under first past the post and so he survives – it seems our readers just could not agree on why he should be fired.

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