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Omega Diagnostics – how close to tits up? Placing process surely now underway - Why not ‘fess up?

You do not need the brains of, the amazing, Rachel Riley to work out that Omega Diagnostics (ODX) needs to do a placing PDQ or it is in serious danger of going tits up, But for those Bulletin Board Morons who, having the brains of a park bench, are in denial here are the maths:

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Christmas Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest - can you beat this poltroon?

I doubt that this poster will be challenging the wonderful Rachel Riley on Countdown. If you are bored over the Christmas break and can’t get enough thrills from watching my Great Aunt in the Sound of Music try to find any comment on any Bulletin Board more moronic than the one below, from the LSE asylum Supply@ME Capital (SYME thread natch. Post your entries in the comments section below. The deadline is midnight on Boxing Day.

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