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James Bond to the Rescue at Cineworld? I Don’t think so.

In the last week shares in Cineworld (CNE) rose 25% from 66p to 83p, adding around £230 million to its market cap. To put that number in perspective it represents more that its entire profit before tax in 2019, the last full year without Covid.

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The ShareProphets Sunday Pub Quiz #41

This has nothing to do with shares or investing or anything. It's the end of the weekend and we've organised a quick pub quiz. Grab your own beer, there are no prizes, and for Pete's sake, no Googling! Only I get to do that. If you are so inclined, please enter your score in the comments. The highest score still won't get a prize.


Aston Martin needs much more help than even James Bond can offer

The comedy that is life as a publicly listed stock of Aston Martin Lagonda (AML) continues apace. I see Nigel was moved a few weeks ago to highlight the lunacy around rumours about a big potential new investor into the business. Meanwhile, I observed in my latest bearish update in November that 'my favourite line for insight remains the x5.5 net debt to adjusted ebitda multiple'. Well I must apologise for the conservatism of my comments back then...because today's update places it squarely in the x6s...

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