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Video: Bond Market is Going to Force the Fed to Pivot - an 80% correction in equities on the way

This is a cheery way to start the weekend. Analyst David Hunter does not mince his words. He discusses how:


Video: Fed Will Be Caught Between Inflation and Market Crash

A final melt up followed by an 80% market crash? This David Hunter chap is a cheery fellow is he not?


Video: Leverage will Create the Largest Global Financial Crisis in History

Asset manager David Hunter does not mince his words. Equities are in a late stage melt up but will then, he predicts, fall by 80% as we go from a global deflationary bust followed by an inflationary recovery cycle. We will see dollar weakness now followed by a big dollar rally during the bust.


Video: 1970s Style Inflation Will Set Gold on Fire

Analyst David Hunter of Contrarian Macro Advisors warns that we are now nearing the end stage of the current secular bull market in equities. He notes that markets move from excess to excess, and in the last stages, they can go parabolic. He expects a deflationary bust and a new debt liquidation cycle to begin in the first half of 2021.


Video: Volatile Selloffs Expected Before $10,000 Gold and $300 Silver

And you thought that our own Nigel Somerville was nutso. Meet macro strategist David Hunter. Hmm, now what are my shares in Ariana (AAU) & Xtract Resources (XTR)worth on a DCF basis with gold at $10,000 oz? I am only kidding; this is quite literally insane.


Video: Gold and silver miners to be the next dotcom bubble

Investment analyst David Hunter of Contrarian Macro Advisors has views that are controversial and not in any way mainstream. In terms of shares in general, David expects a rebound this summer and fall followed by another pull-back in the market. The market should rally for a few more years due to massive money printing by the Fed and central banks.


Podcast: I’m Still Bullish on Precious Metals & My Gold Target is $1800

Analyst David Hunter says that he is one of the more bullish analysts on the street for gold. Gold reached $1560 this year and is nearly finished a consolidation phase. A further rally could happen soon, and he has raised his targets for gold to $1800 and $26 for silver.


Podcast: I'm calling for $1500 gold and $26 silver and shares to crash next year

Analyst David Hunter is sticking to his target of $1550-$1600 for gold, which he predicts will be reached around early September. For silver, he feels that $26 is still a definite possibility. He says, “When people become more interested in gold silver will head higher. Silver usually underperforms on the downward moves in gold and outperforms when gold rallies.”


Podcast: big moves (up) are coming for gold and silver

Analyst David Hunter notes that Gold and silver peaked in 2011, since then we’ve been in a long consolidation period. He is very bullish on gold, and he is calling for $1550 for gold and Silver to $26 by mid-year. The dollar is likely to roll-over soon, and he expects the US dollar index to decline to around 86.

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